How much is a lebron james autograph worth

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how much is a lebron james autograph worth

LeBron James Rookie Card – Top 10 Cards and Buyers Guide (2020)

LeBron James Rookie Card – Top 10 Cards and Buyers Guide. The most valuable LeBron James autographed basketball card recently sold are the Exquisite Collection LeBron James RPA / (sold for $85, via eBay auctions on 12/21/) followed closely by SP Game Used Edition Michael Jordan LeBron James Dual Auto /50 (sold for $82, via eBay auctions on 2/11/).

Gold Card Auctions Hot Although MJ is still thought of as the best player to ever grace the NBA hardwood LeBron James basketball cards go for just as much and in some cases more than Michael Jordan basketball cards. James has hundreds of signed options released throughout the years, but which are the top choices overall? Any serious collector should be aware of the Exquisite Collection set, while this card is the most valuable by a fair margin.

The second is a red segment on the left, wrth an image of LeBron soaring through the air for the Cavs. A gem mint copy recently sold for over six figures, making it one of the most valuable pieces of signed LeBron merch on the market. Numbered simply JJ the card shows LeBron oebron the left, Michael on the right both sporting the number iss taking a jump shot. Their autos sit to the left and right of the two superstars. LeBron is featured as he dribbles with a ball, and the red and white background blends in well with his Cleveland jersey.

LeBron is on the far left what does embellishment mean in textiles Kevin is placed on the far right. Numbered EDJD the card besides the auto also delivers a nice game-used patch from each superstar. How much is a LeBron James autograph worth?

If the card is not graded please email us at value goldcardauctions. If your thinking about buying one and want advice please DM us on the Gold Card Auctions Facebook page or email us at advice goldcardauctions.

As such, the only thing stopping the majority of collectors is the price of entry. Unlike Jordan, LeBron still has the opportunity to add another NBA Championship or two to his personal trophy cabinet before calling an end to his career, while he was an early candidate for the MVP award before the coronavirus outbreak halted the season unexpectedly in A LeBron James autograph basketball card can be worth hundreds of thousands of iames in particular at high grades.

If you would like an estimated value email us at value goldcardauctions. Over are the days of mailing your favorite NBA player and asking for an auto. The best way to get a LeBron James autograph is on eBay auctions or get tickets to the Lakers game and show up early or stay late. A signed LeBron James rookie card can be worth millions depending on the card. Please email Gold Card Auctions at value goldcardauctions.

Sign in. Forgot your password? Get help. Create muhc account. Password recovery. Gold Card Auctions. Home Auto. Where does LeBron rank in the top 10 of all-time? Contents hide. Why pick just one when you can have both? How much is LeBron James autograph worth?

How how much is a lebron james autograph worth I get LeBron James autograph? How much is a signed LeBron James rookie card worth? What is the most expensive LeBron James card? Notify of. Inline Feedbacks.

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How Much is a LeBron James Rookie Card Worth?

How Much is a LeBron James Rookie Card Worth? Every variation of his cards is highly sought after, particularly his rookie variations and limited releases. His game-worn material, be it jerseys or sneakers, always sell for a premium and are a quality investment as prices for anything related to King James continue to trend upward. Almost Gone! $6, LeBron James Los Angeles Lakers Framed Autographed 46" x 20" The Show Photograph - Upper Deck. Almost Gone! $5, LeBron James Los Angeles Lakers Autographed Official NBA Leather Game Basketball - Upper Deck. $ Oct 10,  · How much is LeBron James’s rookie card worth? We get a fair amount of emails in regards to the value of LeBron James rookie cards. The price among cards will vary greatly but we can say the most expensive LeBron James rookie card is the LeBron James Ultimate Logos Sig. #LJ-L 5/5.

Love him or hate him, LeBron James Rookie Cards have been one of the best investments in the hobby over the last 3 years. In terms of legacy, James gives the likes of Kobe Bryant a serious run for his money. He began playi ng basketball in the fifth grade and attended St. Mary High School in his hometown. James got off to a rousing start in his high school basketba ll career, averaging 21 points and six rebounds per game for the St.

Mary Fighting Irish. He increased his scoring average every year, topping at He also averaged 9. James was one of the most versatile high school players in the nation. James earned several accolades during his high school basketball career: Three-time Ohio Mr. James also played football for the Fighting Irish. He excelled in the wide receiver position. In fact, some Division I programs such as Notre Dame recruited him! He opted to go pro and made an imm ediate impact in his first NBA game.

He scored 25 points in a road game against the Sacramento Kings — the most a prep-to-pro player scored in his NBA debut. Cleveland lost to the San Antonio Spurs in four games. James signed with the Miami Heat as a free agent in and this is when he acquired the prima donna reputation among some a handful of Cleveland fans NEVER forgave him for leaving the city for Miami.

James won two more MVP titles during that span. LBJ opted out of his contract with the Heat in June Less than a month later, he re-signed with the Cavaliers. He formed another formidable trio with Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving. When James became an unrestricted free agent during the offseason, he signed with the Los Angeles Lakers. He is determined to help the Lakers win their 17 th NBA title.

The refractor effect makes for some serious eye candy. We daresay this is the best LBJ refractor rookie card around! Investing in this card will cost you somewhere in the four-digit range. Expect a nice return within the next few years. If you can overlook the fact that Lebron is wearing a suit that is three times too big for him what we like to call a parachute suit then this is a must-have for your collection. He became the first Cleveland Cavaliers player to earn that distinction.

It will age like a fine wine and will only increase in value over the next few decades like a blue-chip stock. The Upper Deck LeBron James rookie card is often overlooked and is one of his better rookie cards in our humble opinion. Mary to a record and the top spot in the USA Today national prep poll. The budding superstar led the way by putting up This is honestly our favorite LeBron rookie card and comes much cheaper than some of the other high-end ones.

This is the penultimate LeBron James rookie card on the market. Just how exquisite is this LBJ rookie card? You must shell out a hefty sum bordering on the six-digit range. You have received a game-used patch trading card personally autographed by LeBron James. We are not a fan of cards telling us we received a special card… just give us the usual player highlight run down. If you want a LeBron James rookie card which captures his dapper image on draft night, this is it.

You can see a young LBJ wearing his Cavs draft hat and an all-white ensemble on the front. The front of this card combines an image of a young LBJ about to throw the hammer down, background graphics, and his autograph. It all adds up. Bowman gets in the LeBron James rookie card game with a slick-looking card of LeBron holding the rock in his left hand with a goofy-ass grin on his face… not his best looking card but not the worst either.

He always managed to put on a show with a variety of athletic jams. This card comes with a four-digit price tag. You should get a nice return after a few years. This is one LeBron James rookie card that has a unique identity — the black background on the front of the card speaks massive volumes. You can also see an image of LBJ making a move to the hoop.

A brilliant passer with amazing court vision, he gains as much satisfaction from a great assist as a monster dunk. Despite intense media coverage, he played with poise and focus as a high school senior. T his is another highly-touted LBJ rookie card with his signature scribbled on the front. The back of the card shows an assurance from Upper Deck regarding the authenticity of the card and the signature.

LJ-L shown below. Please email us at info goldcardauctions. If we could only pick one? The card shows LeBron backing down some scrub with the image of a piece of Bazooka gum in the top left-hand corner. Our favorite of the so-called LeBron James rookie card Bazooka cards as it actually shows the mythical Bazooka Joe… a must-buy for Bazooka Joe fanboys. Upper Deck… this is the exact type of deal you want to search for when you are working with a smaller bankroll.

LeBron James has won just about every basketball accolade known to man. LBJ is truly a cut above the rest. An even bigger question is what is the entire triple signature subset from the sp authentic set worth? I have a lebron James glass premier issue Jersey sp graded 9. I know we are on basketball right now but I have about 60 of base and basketball individually numbered cards are they worth anything?

Wondering what it might be worth with his LA championship now in the books. I do a double. I have two. Been told they are up there in price. What do you say? I have the U D Glass rookie card of Lebron. It is unpeeled. Is it worth more unpeeled, or should I peel it? Do you know around the value of it. Sign in. Log into your account. Sign up. Password recovery. Forgot your password?

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