How to clean white wall tires on a motorcycle

By Vozragore | 15.06.2021

how to clean white wall tires on a motorcycle

Whitewall Tire Brown Buster

Mar 23,  · Cleaning your whitewall tires starts with buying a good, all-natural tire cleaner and devoting time to scrubbing them. Use an SOS pad to clean them thoroughly. Use baking soda or eraser cleaning pads to whiten your tires, or sand them if the yellowing is too difficult to clean%(30). Simple Green. Step 1. Dilute the Simple Green concentrate with water in a bowl according to the directions on the spray bottle. Simple Green makes an all-purpose Step 2. Step 3.

By carbdocSeptember 25, in Technical. Two of the new narrow-stripe whitewall tires I purchased less than one year ago as a set of four are now turning brown. The two other tires remain normal-looking and clean-up just fine when dirty.

One other weird thing: on all four, the black part of the sidewall never seems to look quite "clean" after they have dried no matter how much and how hard I scrub. But at least this I can mitigate by using some Meguiar's tire dressing. Yes, they are cheap tires MileMakers, probably China-builtbut I have had lots of cheap tires in my lifetime and none of them did this. Any suggestions as to how to make my brownwalls gleam white again? What else is there?

Have you tried to buy narrow whitewall tires appropriate to a ss car lately, size ? Has anyone else successfully used something with which they "bleached" or dyed their tires white again?

I've had some success cleaning my brownish whitewalls with an SOS how long to steam frozen lobster tails 4 oz and Simple Green, and others use a Scotch Brite pad, hhow you definitely need some abrasive combined with a cleaning agent.

What's happening is that the liner between the black rubber and the white rubber is either sub-standard and porous or it moves during the casting process. So the brown you see is the black oils from the rubber leeching through the whitewall--it's coming from behind and cleaning it is a temporary solution at best.

When I clean mine, they motorcycke white for about days, then they start to turn again. I can't mention the brand, but it's pretty much the only player in the old car tire game, and even if they don't have this maker's brand on the sidewall, it's pretty likely that if you have an old-car-sized tire, this manufacturer notorious for brown whitewalls was the one who made it.

The bottom line is that they just don't care if their tires suck. Wouldn't hurt to try this, worst case, it peels right off motorfycle. Not sure if the tire movement would cause it to peel off on it's own??? I keep hearing the same problem with the white wall tires. Could someone tell me in the non computer age how did GoodyearFirestoneetc make tires so the white wlal did not go brown? Old car tires are no longer made by the company whose name is on the sidewall.

They make the reproduction tiires in Vietnam and China and whit the original manufacturers a royalty. Unlike Goodyear, Firestone, and other big name tire hwite, [unnamed large antique tire maker] doesn't particularly need to care about quality because, honestly, how to pull curtain strings else are you gonna go?

Such is the benefit of being a monopoly. Every antique tire, regardless of where you buy them and whose name is on the side, is likely made motorcyvle [unnamed large antique tire maker].

I think only Lucas is independent and their selection is pretty slim--it's only a matter of time before this company buys them out, too, and that will be the end of competition in the old car tire marketplace. Quality will plummet, prices will skyrocket, and we, as hobbyists, will pn no choice but to say, "Thank you, sir, may I have another? They called the s "The Decade of Diminished Expectations". I use white shoe polish on my raised white letter tires on my daily driver.

I haven't tried it on white walls. Thanks, J. I finally used a white paint pen on mine. It looks better than it did. What are the average weights for women were bought in I replaced one of my originals and took the "bluing" off the new tire.

After a month or so the tire was brown. The other 3 I bought, but haven't mounted yet, still have the "bluing" on them and haven't turned brown. The Purple Power did the best, but still not very white Hate to use a "painted" sort of product. You aren't going to be able to make them permanently white again. As I mentioned above, after I clean mine, they stay white for days, then start to turn brown again.

I spend an hour cleaning them before every show and have resigned myself to their crappy quality. I'll probably do blackwalls when it comes time to replace them. There's nothing you can just spray on to make them white--the problem is oils from the black rubber leeching through the whitewall.

It isn't dirt on the outside, it's coming through from the back. The problem is widespread--even the cars I've seen at Pebble Beach with this manufacturer's tires on them have brown whitewalls. I think that's about the best you can expect This is the permanent cure for whitewall tires turning brown Yes Bill I agree.

Your Plymouth is looking good! And I was thinking about changing to whitewalls on my Studebaker but this thread makes me think Especially since there are very few options for my 23" rims. Does anyone know if that how to pay with paysafecard on ebay a fact, what Matt said.

If you didn't want to go to the BIG tire dealer for antique tires, is there a company that makes these tire in the United States?

With a better quality control! There has never been a problem with the white walls turning dark. The white stays bright white except for dirt which is easy to deal with. Thank you for the kind words, Cpean, but my car is just a driver that looks pretty fair from 20 feet away. Another harsh reality of our car hobby today is that many highly-effective wyite which were used "back in the day " for various processes are now banned by EPA, etc.

Maybe this has something to do with whitewall tire color durability? We could all give many similar examples, of harsh but effective chemicals and materials being no longer available.

I spent some time on the board of directors of SEMA in the 's, and I was continually stunned and shocked by proposed legislation coming out of California. Anyway, I just wonder if this "greening process" may have anything to do with the problem of whitewall discoloration today? Michelin, Goodyear, Bridgestone still make 'white' whitewall tires. The issue results from inferior materials and third-world quality control. Unfortunately I have the same problem. I found a one and a half inch wide white wall and it is a Chinese manufacturer.

I have never had this problem before. I went back to the dealer and he took some more tires of the same and only brand that he had with that white wall and the blue that was on it to protect the white wall actually got sucked into the white wall and stained the white wall.

O looks like blue Marble. I cannot keep them white at all. I have tried everything that has been mentioned in the above post. The only option is to go with American classics, Lucas, Coker.

Absolutely sucks. So save the extra and buy something that will only take you 10 to 15 minutes to clean all four tires. For me on average it takes over an hour to clean for white walls. Absolutely ridiculous and they never get real white anyway. Never again with cheap shit!!!!!!!!!! The browning issue with new whitewall tires is in the manufacturing process.

The addition of a compound known as an antiozonant to prolong the life of tire is the culprit. This compound continually leeches to the surface of the tire for the life of the tire. There is no amount of cleaning that will halt or eliminate the process. In the tire industry this process is known as "Blooming". The only tire I have found kotorcycle maintains a how to clean white wall tires on a motorcycle whitewall is manufactured by the Diamond Back Co.

In their manufacturing process there is wxll latex layer between the black wall and the oon wall which prevents any discoloration of the whitewall. I have learned all this the hard way and finally have a beautiful set of Diamond Backs on my 57 Corvette. Hope this information helps to clear up the brown whitewall issue. A couple of decades ago or more when whitewall tires were disappearing, and newer, higher performance stickier tires were starting to replace the old standby white letter radials that were popular on musclecarsI asked a tire engineer why the new premium products could not be bought with white letters.

He said that in order to make a white letter tire or a whitewall for that matteryou had to use an older, lower performance rubber compound, and that the new higher-performance compounds would turn the mmotorcycle parts brown. I have a sneaking hunch that some replica tire manufacturers may just be using a standard run-of-the-mill compound of today, probably whatever the tire plant has in the pipe for ordinary street tires, and isn't paying attention to the compound.

Maybe they can no longer get an appropriate one. Your are probably right, Bloo, but I have to laugh at the idea of "higher-performance compounds" used in modern tires. Today we are lucky to get six years out of new tires as opposed to the decade-plus that the older tires would usually hang in there.

I love the blue pre-soaped SOS pads - and used such to clean many a whitewall on a point cars too. I usually use one per two tires and throw away thereafter. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community.

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Feb 12,  · Recently Added Motorcycle Events; How to clean white wall tires. Fred77 July 2, AM PDT. You guys may already know this, but I just discovered a great way to clean and brighten my white walls on my Road King. I use steel wool and dish soap. Now my riding buddies have stop giving me crap about my white walls. Sep 22,  · Simple Green- Uncut (not diluted) Simple Green works awesome for cleaning whitewalls that are just lightly dirty overall. I liberally apply simple green around the whitewall and spray a little on the rag and go around the wheel working the cleaner into the whitewall. Sep 19,  · It is not advised to use products that contain bleach or other harsh chemicals, as this is not good for the white rubber and can lead to problems down the road. For all of our whitewall tires, we use a cleaner called Wide White, and then finish off the sidewall with Big Classic tire usloveescort.comted Reading Time: 50 secs.

Nothing can make a car look better than a nice set of wheels and tires. Wide whitewall tires are the kings of cool when it comes to old cars and they really make your ride standout. But nothing can be a bigger bummer than when they get stained from dirt, grease, or road grime. Whitewalls tend to stain quickly and you need every advantage you can to get them clean again.

If you use a rag that has grease, dirt or a harsh chemical residue on it you could cause more damage than good. I like to use a new white rag or sacrifice a clean white tshirt when cleaning. Shop rags also tend to leave red fuzzies all over the tires afterwards and could drive the OCD side of you nuts! Depending on the severity of the stain I like to couple my cleaning agent with a fine nylon abrasive or scuff pad.

Use light pressure just to break the surface of the stain. Once you see the spot has lightened up or has mostly gone away, switch to a less-harsh cleaner to finish up the rest of the tire. Simple Green- Uncut not diluted Simple Green works awesome for cleaning whitewalls that are just lightly dirty overall.

I liberally apply simple green around the whitewall and spray a little on the rag and go around the wheel working the cleaner into the whitewall. If you do this every time you wash your car or after a day of driving, it should only take a few minutes per wheel and will keep your tires show ready! I have searched the Eastwood website for this item and other venues, however cannot locate it. Could you tell me where to purchase it, or maybe I am searching the wrong name of the item. We love your work and the helpful videos you create.

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