How to convert water into fuel

By Tezragore | 11.06.2021

how to convert water into fuel

Scientists Have Discovered How To Turn Seawater Into Fuel

The electrodes in water make it possible for the chemical reaction in which hydrogen is formed. When electricity is run through water it splits the hydrogen and oxygen, giving you a pure and zero-emission fuel source. Making Hydrogen With Seawater. So, an oxyhydrogen generator, like this one, uses electricity from your car battery to split water into hydrogen and oxygen gasses. Together, these make a fuel that is much more powerful than gasoline, and the only emission released is—water! COOL?! Oh yeah!

For several years now, the U. Navy has been looking for a way to fuel fighter jets aboard aircraft carriers out in the open ocean without what do you put in a party bag to rely on refueling ships. Now, scientists at the U. Naval Research Laboratory have demonstrated the ability to recover carbon dioxide and hydrogen from seawater and hkw it into a liquid hydrocarbon fuel—the kind of stuff that can power a jet engine.

In fact, researchers recently flew a model plane as proof of concept. Using a proprietary electrochemical device, researchers were able to pull carbon dioxide from the water, get hydrogen as a byproduct, and then bounce the two gases off each other to manufacture the liquid fuel.

The fuel could be commercially viable in 10 years. First, carbon dioxide concentration in seawater is about milligrams per liter. Assume far less efficiency, and you have to assume much more water.

And the more water you process, the more plankton and other little critters you remove from the food chain—with potentially catastrophic results for marine life. So the conversion would need to take place on a nuclear-powered uow carrier, where energy is relatively clean what to do about the economy cheap.

Then, if 60 percent of the gas is converted, what happens to the other 40 percent, including the 25 percent that becomes environmentally unfriendly methane? Yes, says the Navy, noting that at least in theory, the system would be in constant equilibrium as carbon went from the sea to the air and then back into the sea to be extracted again. Like every other alternative energy source, seawater fuel will only succeed if everyone agrees that what comes out of the process is worth significantly more than what goes into it.

In this case, with national defense as a significant part of the motivation, chances are the research will continue. This article was originally published by the editorial team at Hwowhich designs and operates incentivized competitions to bring about radical breakthroughs for the benefit of humanity.

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Introduction: How to Convert Water Into Fuel by Building a DIY Oxyhydrogen Generator

Aug 03,  · It is known as water electrolysis. There are many commercial water electolyzers marketed. The fuel energy produced is not derived from the water but from the electricity fed into the device. That energy can come from the fossil fuel burned . Mar 18,  · As a concept, splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen with electricity – called electrolysis – is a simple and old idea: a power source connects to two electrodes placed in water. When power turns on, hydrogen gas bubbles out of the negative end – called the cathode – and breathable oxygen emerges at the positive end – the anode. Apr 10,  · The carbon and hydrogen gasses produced from the seawater extraction process are converted to liquids using metal catalytic converters in a reactor system. That liquid product contains hydrocarbon molecules with carbon levels suitable for replacing petroleum jet fuel, the NRL noted in .

Scientists with the United States Navy say they have successfully developed a way to convert seawater into jet fuel , calling it a potentially revolutionary advancement. Researchers at the Naval Research Laboratory NRL developed technology to extract carbon dioxide from seawater while simultaneously producing hydrogen, and then converted the gasses into hydrocarbon liquid fuel.

The system could potentially shave hours off the at-sea refueling process and eliminate time spent away from missions.

The ability to render fuel from seawater may change that. Our gas station comes to us in terms of an oiler, a replenishment ship. Developing a game-changing technology like this, seawater to fuel, really is something that reinvents a lot of the way we can do business when you think about logistics, readiness. The carbon and hydrogen gasses produced from the seawater extraction process are converted to liquids using metal catalytic converters in a reactor system.

That liquid product contains hydrocarbon molecules with carbon levels suitable for replacing petroleum jet fuel, the NRL noted in a press release. Story continues below. The carbon-capture system developed by the NRL. The Navy successfully used the new fuel-from-seawater process to power a radio-controlled scale-model replica of a World War II aircraft with an internal combustion engine. But the reality is that we do have to worry about it," Cullom told AFP.

Forbes columnist Tim Worstall says the system could be great for the Navy, but he doubts it will be an economically feasible or energy-efficient alternative for those of us on land. We want to produce energy, not just transform it with efficiency losses along the way. US Edition U. Coronavirus News U. Politics Joe Biden Congress Extremism. Special Projects Highline.

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