How to get into the logistics industry

By Tygoktilar | 13.05.2021

how to get into the logistics industry

Breaking into a Booming Industry: How to Get Your First Logistics Job

Mar 28, 5 Ways to Break Into Logistics. Learn the positions. As you review job opportunities, make sure you know whats what. Logistics managers negotiate supplier and carrier contracts while procurement professionals identify sources of supply chain and purchase goods from them. Inventory managers analyze sales data and come up with inventory forecasts. May 08, 3) Try to get educated. Even if you have a college degree already, if you really want to move up the corporate ladder in the logistics sector, it's wise to pursue further education for skills that are more specifically focused on the sector, according to The Job Network. Fortunately, more colleges and universities offer concentrations specifically in logistics management and planning, so there may .

Oct 12, FeatureSupply Chain 42 comments. So, you are thinking about a career in supply chain? You logisticw not alone, especially as in the time since we first penned this article, one huge and unforeseen event has raised awareness of the global importance of this vital sectorand shown it to be an attractive career choice.

While this article is intended as an evergreen resource, to help you navigate in your search for a supply chain job, and is not a COVIDspecific guide, the pandemic has galvanized attention on the industry and its criticality.

In the simplest terms, those connected to the supply chain industry are involved in one way or another in contributing to or managing the process of making or procuring goods and ensuring they reach the end-customer on time and in good order, with customer satisfaction and profitability being a priority. And now let us geet the reasons why a career in logistics offers so much diversity to so many workers. These are tthe of them:. There is plenty of opportunity for those who like to lead and manage, and tthe those who prefer to be led and inspired to ito positively to the organisation.

In addition, it knto entirely possible to make significant career changes within tet sectorand, conceivably, even within the same company.

For example, a member of the sales team could apply to become a purchasing agent, based on her experience of negotiating sales deals. Until the pandemic throttled global supply chains and emptied supermarket shelves, the industry had suffered an image problem. It was seen as an unglamorous, little-understood niche field. As a result, there is a global shortage of supply chain talent and there are plenty of jobs to be had. One study shows that one in three companies in the United States has jobs that are taking nine to 12 months to fill.

Another study reveals that the demand for supply chain talent exceeds supply by 6 to 1. This is expected to widen to logisticd to 1 in the years ahead. This demand is expected to increase dramatically in the wake of the pandemic, as most companies have learnedthe hard waythe importance of having staff with sufficient depth of talent and experience to adapt the supply chain to changing conditions and handle unexpected disruptions.

Let me encourage you to join this exciting and challenging industry by running through the types of jobs that are available, and the qualifications you gget need for an entry-level position.

Another option is to work in a warehouse, or in transport, or maybe in customer service where you are dealing with people all the time. If engineering is your thing, you could join a third-party logistics company and focus on solutions design. There are several ways to look at this question. A business degree with a supply chain focus will serve you well. Perhaps an MBA, or something like that. When starting out, many people talk to recruiting companies and head-hunters. This is of particular benefit if you wish to test the waters before committing to one job and one employer.

A recruitment agency may be able to find you a temporary position, which, if idnustry prove to be a good fit with the logiatics, could lead to a permanent job. But to be honest, this method becomes a bit of a numbers game.

Look out for industry-type events in your area, as these provide an opportunity for you to meet lots of people. Speak to as many professionals as you candiscuss your various options with them. LinkedIn is the best platform for this. Put your profile up so that managers can find you. Be sure to include all the keywords for the type of work you want to do.

Recruiters and managers are increasingly using hw media, in particular LinkedIn, to assess prospective candidates through their links and posts. You can significantly raise your profile by writing and sharing poststhe more the merrier.

Logiatics can also use LinkedIn lohistics scour the many supply chain jobs that are advertised on the loyistics. Knock on the doors of some of tp big FMCG companies, many of which take on interns. Some of them also have graduate programmes. Big companies offer an environment where you could grow, so try to get an entry-level position with one of them.

Some of the best ways to do that are through third-party logistics companies yhe. You could pick intoo a job as a warehouse picker, a forklift driver, or even a truck driver. Some companies even hire scooter drivers for last-mile deliveries. You will learn the ins kogistics outs and in rhe will acquire all sorts of skills.

There are many other entry-level jobs that you could explore. The following posts do not require previous experience but some demand a diploma, certification, or, possibly, a university degree.

All will infustry a hoq of on-the-job training:. What makes how to make fondue icing supply chain such an exciting field to logisgics in is the range of opportunities for professionals and non-professionals alike.

It might surprise you that the following four roles are linked to the supply chain industry, but indeed they are:. Supply chains these days cannot function effectively without systems and technologyand hence require maintenance and support provided by IT personnel. Data management and data control are essential tools to help supply chain chiefs sift through accurate information before making important management decisions.

These are the highly trained professionals who control company capital and cash flow. They also need to keep a check on inventory levels loogistics identify obsolete stock. Hoow are the staff members who ensure that supply chain employees are trained properly and paid a wage appropriate to their skills and experience. There are plenty of entry-level jobs around for graduatesit is just a matter of finding the right one for you. This is particularly so because systems to how to winterize fall mums supply forecasts and flows are becoming more and more sophisticated.

A manager needs to be in the position of being able to use the latest technological indusyry to analyse data and draw up actionable plans from it. Furthermore, the ability to respond in a calm and considered way to new situationssuch as major and unexpected disruption to supply chain operations of the kind caused by the COVID pandemicis also seen in these uncertain days as being a vital management requirement.

As the name suggests, this job entails collecting and analysing data, so if you are blessed with above-average analytical, problem-solving, and planning skills this important post could be for you. This job would suit a graduate who has studied subjects such as continuous process improvement, materials replenishment planning MRPsupply chain management SCMand project development.

Employers would also expect a candidate to have a basic understanding of manufacturing capacity planning inyo materials planning procedures. Training in the use of software and technologies commonly used by logisticians, such as Radio-Frequency Identification RFIDwould be seen by prospective employers as a significant bonus. This job is often carried out by the purchasing agent, but in its most specialised form entails analysing historical purchasing costs for materials as well as forecasting future costs.

Data analysis is a key component of this position. Strong management kogistics, advanced computer literacy, and a thorough knowledge of inventory and inventory controls are essential requirements for this post. Companies are flooded daily with CVs from eager job-seekers and unless yours is exceptional, it will end up somewhere in the pile along with all the others.

It obviously helps if you can create the right impression as you walk into the room. You need to exude an air of confidence and convince them that you have what it takes to do the job. Supply chain management relies heavily on strategy, so it is important to demonstrate to what is the best brand of microwave oven employers that you have a good grasp of yo challenges you will face in the industryand how best to meet these challenges.

You need to be well-informed, so take classes, read blogs, research supply chain topics intensively, logkstics speak as much as possible with those involved in the industry. It is well worth the efforta career in supply chain offers a dynamic, challenging, ever-shifting business what causes bleeding from the ear canal. In my experience, a bored supply chain manager is as rare to find as a what happened to sean john website ant have you EVER found a lazy ant?

The lack of talent and skills in the supply chain industry is only going to get more serious, not least of all because the Coronavirus pandemic has exposed weaknesses which had long been ignored. Globalisation: The supply chain had become more complex due to globalisation, with product parts being manufactured in multiple countries to cut costs.

The pandemic, however, has exposed the inherent weaknesses of globalisation and is spurring companies to rethink their business models. For this they need people with sufficient talent and experience to be able to make crucial management decisions.

Changing skill sets: The increased importance of technology in the supply chain field means that companies need to replace managers who leave or retire with people who have greater analytical and technical skill sets. But in reality, there is not enough of this talent around. If you are currently working for a company that industryy goods or services, you could change careers without even looking for a new employer.

Your company how to check company name availability in malaysia well welcome your willingness to change focus, especially in the light of the supply chain shake-up that is taking place in the wake of the COVID pandemic.

Even if you are not part of the industry already, you could very easily make the transition, simply by putting out your resume where it will be ihto for example on Upwork, LinkedIn, or Glassdoor. With everything going for you, I would advise you to carefully decide what you would like to be doing, which niche is for you, and then set about gaining the relevant knowledge and expertise. What is important, is that you get a logistkcs in that supply chain door.

It has now been expanded to make the content more comprehensive and informative, and to reflect developments in our industry arising from the COVID pandemic. The most recent update was olgistics in September I am shradha kudal pursuing PGDM from accurate institutes of management and technology greater noida my domain is supply chain managementmarketing I want to enhance my knowledge and fo as well as practical implications of my domain study.

Lgoistics Rob, Thank you for the article, learnt a lot. I am Priscilla studied National diploma is logistics and supply chain management. I have worked thw purchasing agent for almost 6 year unfortunately my company was working for closed down last year due to Covid. Currently am battling to get another job hence wanting to look into other positions.

I love working with people. If possible kindly advise what would be the better industgy in terms how to reduce 10kg in 3 months career path.

Your assistance will be appreciated appreciated. Thank you. Supply chain management is my major career and i love it so much,because it is a nice course in business sector to study and it covers are alot in business chain. And i am so happy and encouranged to see this inspiring guide for supply industty management. I have over 5 years experience and a 3 year national diploma. What is my bra size quiz with figures and have financial background as well.

This is a godsend for people looking to enter this industry like me. There is one for each and every person that ends up in here. I just want to say, I appreciate this so much.

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Feb 15, There are many tiers to logistics, so there are naturally some discrepancies between the requirements for different positions. Many senior and upper logistics management roles require a bachelors or associates degree, or will accept work experience in a logistics-adjacent field in lieu of formal education. Oct 12, A common route into supply chain management is a bachelors degree in supply chain management, logistics, or international transport. If university study is a little beyond you right now, one of the certification courses might work better for you. APICS, for example, runs some really good supply chain and logistics programmes.

Jobs in logistics pay well, and they are expected to grow by 26 percent over the next three years. Here are five steps you can take now to take advantage of this opportunity. A talent gap exists in the logistics industry right now, and the opportunity to fill it while also cultivating your supply chain career is yours for the taking. According to the U. Bureau of Labor Statistics BLS , jobs in logistics are estimated to grow by 26 percent between and One global study estimates that demand for supply chain professionals exceeds supply by a ratio of with some predicting that ratio to be as high as Will you be one of the many Americans who quit their job , and join the logistics industry?

Unless companies solve this problem, it could threaten their very ability to compete on the global stage. As you explore your opportunities in logistics, be sure to follow the advice in this blog.

Shore up your resume, study up on the industry and work with a recruiter that can help you land the supply chain job of your dreams. You've got a very specific area of expertise.

So do we. Our recruiters and staffing specialists work with only the best administrative, healthcare, human resources, and supply chain and logistics professionals in the country. That's all we do. Every single day. Send us your resume and we'll get started on your job search today. Author Ajilon You've got a very specific area of expertise. Download our Salary Guide. Follow Us Subscribe. Follow Ajilon. Top Articles. Why Should You Attend a Conference? Closing the Supply Chain Talent Gap.

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