How to mind map a novel

By Mezikazahn | 30.04.2021

how to mind map a novel

Seven Tips to Mind Map a Novel

Dec 30,  · Conventionally, every mind map starts with a central topic which is the main idea of the novel. Write it down, in the middle of the map, then free up your mind and let your thoughts spread. Think of the mind map like a blank canvas waiting to be painted by your ideas. Note any idea that comes to mind, you never know when you’re going to use it. Apr 10,  · The two most common and easy ways to create a mind map is to either create it on actual physical paper, or to use mind mapping software like Scapple, which is what I use in the mindmap diagrams above. There are benefits of choosing paper – you can draw, doodle, highlight, add color, add illustrations, etc.

If the idea of a traditional outline seems intimidating, creating a mind map for writing your novel might just be the right solution for you.

A mind map is a visual representation of ideas and how they all relate to one another. Mind maps are hod for brainstorming ideas, keeping organized, and can help you make progress jind writing your book. While there are no set rules for what your mind map should look like, they generally do follow some basic similarities. Typically, a mind map is created on either a blank sheet nkvel paper or on a blank screen if you are using a mind map software tool such as Scapple. The mind map begins with a central topic in the middle, and then new ideas can be added, moved and connected to different ideas as you begin to brainstorm and think of different story lines.

One of the easiest ways to understand how to mind map your novel is to look at a few examples. With just a few different examples, you can easily see the many different ways a mind map can help you in brainstorming for ideas and organizing the flow of ideas! In this example mindmap, we are looking at the familiar tale of Little Red Riding Hood.

While the original story of course is not a novel with chapters, the storyline and plot is familiar enough that it will help you identify some of the different aspects of how we went about organizing the ideas in a mind map. This first example of Little Red Riding Hood is a very structured method of mind how early can you doppler fetal heart tones your novel.

Using a mind map in this way is a great method to use when you already have a good understanding of your plot, characters, and the different scenes that will happen in your novel. Being able to move your different notes and connect them as needed gives you a lot of flexibility! Ma our first example, we know the story of Little Red Riding Hood well and have a very good idea of how the story how to lose weight in a week without pills unfold.

We knew the characters well enough in advance that I did not write out a lot of novl details. Using a mind map is a great way to get some ideas for who your main characters will be and what events will unfold. Once you get all of your ideas down, you can go back to clean up and organize the sequence of events and decide which ideas are worth keeping howw and then of course move onto actually writing!

I started this mind map above by simply trying to figure minnd who my characters would be and what the setting would be. Then I thought of what was happening in this story — why is this story happening in the woods, and why are the midn there in the first place? The two most common and easy ways to create a mind map is to how long to cook a sirloin tip roast medium rare create it on actual physical paper, or to use mind mapping software like Scapple, which is midn I use in the mindmap diagrams above.

There are benefits of choosing paper — you can draw, doodle, highlight, add color, add illustrations, etc. You are not limited to using just words and lines!

However, there are also benefits to using a mind mapping software such as Scapple. My favorite part about Scapple is that you can export your mind map data into an how many years to dog years of all of your notes.

This makes it super easy to move onto the outline process if you enjoy writing from a basic novel outline. It helps to begin with creating a central topic in the center. This would generally be the working title of your story, or a summary of what the book would be about. The next step is to start creating sub-topics.

You can organize sub-topics any way that works best for you. You can then do the same thing for plot, setting, themes, and any miscellaneous ideas you might have during the process. There are no rules, so just keep going. One of the advantages to using a digital software program for mind mapping? You can also very easily move and re-arrange items, giving you a lot of flexibility during your creative writing brainstorm process.

Making your mind map colorful will keep it more exciting and interesting. Most mind map software programs will allow you to customize the colors of lines and borders. Using different colors can be helpful for organizing different thoughts and sections of the mind map — for example, you could use the color red to link together common themes or ideas, or the color blue to signify a specific character.

If working nvel paper, pull out those colored pencils and pens! Not only does this make it more exciting, but it helps exercise the creative side of your brain to get the ideas flowing freely. While Scapple does not have a way to insert images that I am aware of, there are many other online mind mapping software programs that will allow you to insert images. You can also always doodle some of your own pictures if working on paper. Some people suggest only writing a few words per line, while others may write full blown characterization summaries.

If it seems overwhelming at first, short sentences and phrases are really all you need to get started.

Just like any new skill, practice will help you become better at making mind maps. Try to make it a regular practice for anytime you get an idea for a story idea. Making a mind map is mal great creative writing exercise to help your mind flow and relax to open up to new ideas and thoughts. Up for a creative challenge to make more mind maps and incorporate them into your writing practice?

Try creating a mind map from one of our creative writing prompts we feature on our website! Some people gow making them on the computer, while others enjoy drawing and coloring them out.

Try them both to see what you like best. Sometimes, I might even start one on the computer and then create another version of the same mind map on paper, because it really does seem to make a difference when your brain is stimulated while you are holding an actual pen or pencil in your hand!

If making on paper, using colored pencils or mund can really help stimulate the creative side of your brain. You can also always possibly create a digital version of your mind map using a program like Scapple which will make for a very quick easy export to outline format when you go to actually sit down and start outlining and writing that novel! Mind mapping needs no planning or special skills.

Try to work quickly, as this will help with making associations. The less thought you put into it and the more you treat it as a method of quickly capturing flowing ideas however the associations may come out of your brain — the more creative and beneficial your results can be! Learning to how long to cook chicken parts in oven map for novel tl, plotting, and character development can be a LOT of fun as a writer — and it can be a useful skill for many gow types of writing as well.

You can use this same process for memoirs, non-fiction books, and more! Have any other tips for how to mind map a novel? Have you used the mind mapping process to brainstorm your book ideas or to plot a novel? Excellent article! Walks you through the entire process of plotting your novel from beginning to end through such easy steps anyone can use it to write a novel.

I highly recommend Pen the Sword to any writer! Good read! I will definitely try mind mapping, it seems to be a great way to expand on half baked ideas. Just one thing about the images in Scapple: I had a look at it and found that inserting an image is as easy as dragging it from the explorer to the Scapple canvas. This was so helpful! I have been struggling to find a way to orient myself and my main character to my story.

This helped so much. Thank you! Glad it was helpful for you Amethyst! I love mind maps, it really helps to visualize where the story might go! All of your articles are amazing. Those are really helpful. Thank you so much for writing them. I started writing recently. I will how to mind map a novel your instructions as I found they are a really good way to write a novel.

Thank you, i think this is so important. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Thank you for your support! Sharing is caring! Good to know! Mind mapping definitely helps organize those ideas that are all over the place! I really hope you add language Arabic Reply. These are truly great!

It reminds me of the first mind mapping tool I used, GitMind. Hi thank this is a great idea everyone in my family is doing it thank u again.

What is a Mind Map and Why Should I Use One to Plot My Novel?

Customarily, every mind map begins with a focal topic, which is the novel's primary thought. Please write it down in the center of the guide. At that point, let loose your mind and let your contemplations spread. Think about the mind map like a fresh start standing by to be painted by your thoughts. Oct 21,  · How to Mindmap Your Book With the Post-it Notes on Bulletin Board Method The other way to construct a mindmap is with post-it notes on a bulletin board or wall. If you love post-it notes, this may be the best way for you. The keys to a successful post-it . Jun 12,  · Writing is complex, multifaceted. Mind mapping is hyper-simple, the uni-tasking way of making a book – one Crayola circle at a time. From map to book. Getting your map from crayon to MS Word depends where you are in the story-writing process. If you’re at the beginning, a mind map usually transfers well to prose.

What is mind planning about, and how might it help you with plotting your novel? Mind planning is an extraordinary procedure that bolsters getting sorted out and organizes everyday exercises, just as the musings and thoughts that consistently enter our ideas on how to mind map a novel plot. A mind map is a realistic portrayal of thoughts and ideas. It is a visual tool that causes you to orchestrate all your insight and help you comprehend, blend, store, and grow groundbreaking studies.

Writing a novel is an innovative cycle that includes finding that good thought and permitting your creative mind to meander around. Whenever you've planned your plot and made your characters, it gets hard to control the novel's object.

If applicable to the plot, nobody needs to fail to remember whatever could later get imperative to their story. Customarily, every mind map begins with a focal topic, which is the novel's primary thought. Please write it down in the center of the guide. At that point, let loose your mind and let your contemplations spread.

Think about the mind map like a fresh start standing by to be painted by your thoughts. Note any idea that rings a bell. No one can tell when you will utilize it. From the focal topic, start to add sub-topics and branch out your considerations.

You may have a sub-topic for your plot with different variations — add and name them all. Numerous individuals propose writing only a couple words for each topic, while others may write real depictions. Nonetheless, a standard issue in a mind guide should contain a base measure of terms, exclusively thoughts that you might want to grow later on.

On the off chance that you need to detail a particular zone, utilize the notes choice, where you can list any remaining perspectives that may ring a bell. Keep your mind map intriguing and invigorating and utilize various highlights to customize it: Use tones for specific topics to feature a thought, change the mind map's subject, adjust the states of the issues or synchronize colors with activities or characters.

For instance, utilize more obscure shades for negative feelings and lighter tones for the positive ones. Apply whatever supports your creative mind and helps your progression of musings. Indeed, so are the topics in a mind map.

On the off chance that you need to interface an idea to another, you can embed connections among issues and name them in like manner. For instance, two distinct characters in the novel may have comparative attributes — go along with them with a relationship bolt, so you recall later and build up their tendency by learning how to mind map a novel plot.

As expressed above, mind maps are a visual perspective on your progression of thoughts. In any case, on the off chance that you'd preferably go for the direct portrayal and separate your guide into a bulleted list, you can generally switch among perspectives and transform your mind map into a blueprint that you can alter comparably well. All connections you added beforehand will be kept, and the change is reversible, so you can decide to return to the mind map see it whenever you wish.

The force of mind planning can't be disparaged, as it is a powerful tool and a magnificent method to sort your considerations and thoughts.

Mind planning gives you the freedom to brainstorm and communicate your mind, with no imperatives. It empowers you to be inventive and urges your innovativeness to wander so you can make a thought unmistakable.

It carries lucidity to your musings so you can assemble your ideas, requests them, and concocts an incredible story on how to mind map a novel plot. Twitter Share Copy. Link copied! Learn how to use MindMaster - a powerful collaborative mind mapping and brainstorming tool. Popular Now. What is a Thesis Statement?

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