How to order a costco cake

By Shakanos | 06.05.2021

how to order a costco cake

Costco Bakery Cakes

We ask that you order at your local Costco warehouse's bakery, as we don't provide online cake-ordering options. Please keep in mind that you'll need to complete an order form, and our bakers require a two-day notice—this is all to ensure that you're getting exactly what you want! Don't forget to check out cake decorations, too, which may be chosen from a list of available options. Oct 22,  · HOW TO ORDER A CAKE FROM COSTCO. I know this sounds weird coming from us but we get all of our cakes at Costco. Yes, we occasionally eat cake! ?? They are SO GOOD plus you can't beat the price of $ for a cake that feeds 48! However, I had a hard time getting the information I needed to order the cake without having to drive to the store.

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Shop's selection of desserts, cakes & cookies. Find options including packaged desserts, cake, cookies & more from top brands at low warehouse prices. Aug 27,  · Make sure you clearly print the writing on the cake, and enter your personal information at the bottom of the form (member name, phone number, pick up date and time). Then, take the order form to your local Costco. One of the best parts about Costco cakes is that they can be ordered short notice. Jul 30,  · Costco Bakery Cakes, Ready Made. If you’re a procrastinator like myself & you’ve completely forgot to order a cake, not to worry. Grab 1 or 2 or 10 of the pre-made cakes that range between $$18 (scroll for photos). Best part about this is you’re sure to please everyone with a variety of options to choose from.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. I receive a small commission at no cost to you when you make a purchase using my link. Costco sheet cakes are delicious, inexpensive, and easy to order! Use this guide to browse designs and pick your favorite from birthday cakes to holiday cakes and even cakes for sports parties.

I know this sounds weird coming from us but we get all of our cakes at Costco. Yes, we occasionally eat cake! However, I had a hard time getting the information I needed to order the cake without having to drive to the store. I decided to post the information here so that if any of you are looking for this you have it.

See the form below, all you have to do is fill it out, call your local store and get their fax number to send in the form. Please note that this post is not associated with Costco and neither are we, other than we love to shop there!

Prices, selection, availability, and the process to order may vary depending on location so call your local store to be sure your location has the same procedure. Trying to throw a party on a budget?

We made a video for you! This is what the cake design stand looks like currently December at our local Costco. We also share how Costco has pre-made cakes for you to choose from! Watch below. There are very few options but it is available.

I've included the designs and order form below. Below I have included the photos of current cakes at my local Costco. I do not know if they will start selling the half sheet cakes again so I am keeping all of that information on here, in just case. Click here to view the form as a PDF. Below are the seasonal designs available at our particular location.

I will update these as the season changes. Yes, below was the display our Costco had after Valentine's Day. I guess they are getting ready for Memorial Day early! I did notice they had some new designs up top so I wanted to share. This is so very helpful!!!

Thank you so much for adding the cake options and the sheet to fax to Costco. This saves me a lot of time and now I don't have to stop by the store. With much appreciation,. Costco does not but Sam's does! I just ordered a two-tier cake from Sam's for my sister's bridal shower and it was fantastic. You can search for how to order a cake from Sam's Club on our site. Their full sheet cakes are baked at least a week ahead, and stored in freezer.

They don't do licensed characters, but their awesome decorators will often work with your theme. They can match a colored background, trim and writing, or a background scene so that you can just place your own figures on top.

I think this is the best route for those wanting licensed characters. Thank for sharing Addie! Honestly, I'm not sure. I would try calling your local store since they are probably all different. Thank you so much!!! Do they do a picture of you bring one in? My father will be 99 and I would like to have his picture on the cake. Hi Tana, Sorry for the late reply, I'm just now seeing these comments. I do not think they will do pictures like that.

Were you able to find out? What an awesome milestone birthday! Congrats Francisco. Can you make this cake for me? A white cake. Thank you. Hi Raul! I do not think that Costco does special designs but you can order a plain one and put your own decorations on it. I know a lot of people who have done that!

I don't know if all Costcos will but my costco will let you mix things up a little. So if you want a white cake with chocolate filling. Just cross out vanilla mousse and write substitute chocolate mousse please.

I really miss the old like 10 years ago options of different fillings but I guess to keep cost down they had to go away. I do not think that they will do special orders but you could always get a plain cake and add your own logo or items to it!

Semper Fi! Thank so you so much for posting this. I was literally about rush to Costco before a meeting to plan a retirement party for a friend, because I wasn't going to be able to tell everyone how much we had to budget for a cake! And added bonus, I found your blog! I love it. I just saw this comment for some reason. Thank you for the kind words I'm glad the blog helped you and you found our website!

I submitted my form at the store in their order box. Anyone else find this odd? This was very helpful until I called Costco. They said they do not except orders by phone or fax. Thanks anyway. Hi Patty!

That's a great question. I'm not sure about the cakes but I know some of the pies come with pre-scored lines I hope that's the right word! Let me know if your local Costco does this with cakes, I'm sure someone else has the same question! I love a cake from costco because the cake is very nice and soft, the filling is the best not to sweet as like merchant cake.

Cake from costco is the best and cheaper. Hi Nona, My local Costco always has cheesecakes for sale but I would call your local location just to be sure! Hi Wendy! Ours does not but you could check with your local store as they may have more options! Good luck! This post is so helpful!!! Thank you for doing this for everyone. I plan on going to Costco tonight and will stop and see if they have the holidays designs up yet! It is still working for me.

Where do you see that it has been taken down? On the post or YouTube? Hi JB, Yes you can get it at the store near the bakery or you should be able to save it from this post and print it out at home if you would like.

Great post Are the cakes guaranteed nut free and if not do you know if they have any desserts that are but free? I complained to Costco about the fact that they no longer have the different cake options they once had.

They said that if you want something different just write it up and ask the bakery. They will try to fill it. I always get white cake with chocolate filling.

They are fine with that. Not sure how far they will go but b it doesn't hurt to ask. I have had the Costco in Mishawaka Indiana do a custom design it was a design from a baby shower invitation and it turned out fabulous! I also I have asked them to put white buttercream on a chocolate cake a couple times I love chocolate but the chocolate buttercream with chocolate cake and chocolate filling is too much for a lot of people and they have done so.

I do not think they do.

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