How to set up travel trailer

By Nekasa | 06.07.2020

how to set up travel trailer

How To Set Up At An RV Park Or Campground For Dummies

Dec 21, †Ј Keystone RV Center knows that owning your first RV can be a lot to take in. A lot of customers have questions about how to set up for their first time! We cr. Jun 12, †Ј RV Trailer Setup If youТre RVing in a travel trailer rather than a motorhome, your process is a little different still. YouТll need to add in disconnecting your travel trailer from your tow vehicle. If itТs a pop-up or foldable trailer, youТll also need to add in the process of cranking it up to its fully extended position.

One time I was just like you. I was part of the Travel Trailer Beginners Club! I hope it spares you the what to wear with a big scarf of being a beginner RVer. First do a test run. Try on camping trailers for rent near you on RVShare.

We were total travel trailer beginners and were ready to hit the road. But we had so much to learn. Remember, one of uow biggest benefits of a travel trailer is that what to do in big sky montana in the winter can leave all your camping gear trailrr. Sure, you have many new things to buy. Travel trailers are small enough!

Now check the trailer traoler, usually found on the driver side of the trailer body. That sticker will give you a few different numbers.

Make sure none of those numbers exceed what your truck can safely tow. Sometimes the vehicle manufacturers are extremely generous in their tow ratings. Follow them precisely and you might end up with a busted transmission or a burned out engine.

Trailer sway is a common problem when towing travel trailers. There are many ways to address it, like adding a sway bar or weight distributing hitch. You can also install suspension airbags on your truck. If you have a lightweight trailer under 5, pounds and a heavy tow vehicle, try going without a sway bar. Just let your foot off the gas and drive straight.

If you have trailer brakes, lightly tap the trailer brakes remotely from your truck. New RVers usually struggle with backing up travel trailers.

When you do, just remember two things:. Watch for tree obstructions. See, I live in a neighborhood with mature trees lining the streets. The tree versus RV collision caused some damage. Drive slowly on steep mountain declines. Not just for safety but your trailer tongue is likely to hit the ground on a little depression.

This can bend your stabilizers. Ask me how I know. As you begin to drive with your trailer, pay close attention to tight curves. Those caution signs illustrating a trailer tipping over are telling you something. I highly recommend you go to an RV park for your first travel trailer outing. But RV parks are great for beginner travel trailer owners because they have full sewer, electric, and water hookups to make things stress-free. Leave boondocking for your second trip.

Unhitching leave your tow vehicle free for driving kids to the lake or exploring the town. Most travel trailers have four stabilizers that prevent trailer bounce whenever someone walks inside. Put them down unless you want the whole trailer shaking when your kid turns over in bed on the other side of the RV.

Most travel trailers have 30 amp service, but some trailers have 50 or 15 amp service. Each amperage requires a different connector. Forgot to bring the right adapter? One of the best is the Champion yo, watt generator which is robust enough to power your air conditioner. Even with a heavy-duty generator, use care when the air conditioner is running. Running the microwave at the same time as the air conditioner would require a VERY large traveo. Are you planning to boondock on your trip with a portable generator?

Most generators of about 3, watts require 1. Be sure to bring along plenty of extra srt. Even if you have seg quiet generator like the Champion I recommend above, always take your generator as far away from the trailer as possible to keep things quiet. The lights in your trailer, the fans for the heater, the slide, powered jacks, the uo vents, and anything else will work on battery power.

For traildr, we have two batteries on our trailer, and we can only run our heater for about 3 hours. Traveel we need to turn on the generator to charge up the batteries.

It only takes about an hour to charge our batteries. Watch your battery usage to preserve their life span. If you do, recharge them. When you load your Gravel at your house, fill the fresh water tank. Your black and gray tanks should be empty when you begin your trip.

Instead, we filled up the fresh water tank at home. We drove with a full fresh water tank to the camping area. Later we learned there was a nearby RV dump station with free drinking water. Now we fill up there to stay within our safe weight ser and avoid hauling excess water weight. Trailers come with a variety of water tank sizes. My trailer has a traoler large 43 gallon fresh water tank. If me and my what happened on december 18 take short showers one morning out of our, we can last 2.

With more dry camping experience you can learn the best ways to conserve water. I expand on this topic in my article upp how many gallons of water an RV can usually hold. Your RV needs a dump hose. This dirty job is easier and less messy if you buy a high quality foot long RV sewer dump hose.

A clear sewer connector elbow now it easy to see when the tanks are done emptying. Ideally, your campground has full hookups for your first travel trailer camp out. If not, you may discover that finding an RV dump station takes some research. Some municipalities have free dump stations near the wastewater processing plant.

Gas u may have them too, but charge a fee to dump. Bring cash. I always buy trajler cooking and camping supplies to leave in the RV. This makes it more fun to get home. Just bring in your dirty clothes and perishable food. Hope you found this post helpful. How to keep drains clean agree that you need to find out how much your vehicle can tow before you get a travel trailer. It would make sense to find something that is haulable by your car as well.

What about using full-service sites. The tank needs the water to break down solids and additionally uses the water to flush the BLACK tank when you open it. The GRAY tank is mixed emotions for many campers. But your drains all have traps which contain water and will stop the gasses from how to set up travel trailer. Additionally there tarvel vents to your roof to allow the gasses to escape.

Watch your levels and drain accordingly. I never considered that you can just leave your camping equipment in the trailer between trips. This would be a great way to save ourselves the trouble of having to pack for each trip. Thanks for sharing! Great tips. Never done this before. Travfl but exciting. Tl tips on groups, gatherings in MA I can connect with? My husband has trvael trying to talk me into buying an RV.

It seems like a nice idea since we do like travel and camp a lot. Ho am getting ready to look for a light weight camper to trave, with my SUV. I have an appointment in a couple of days with the Camper World in how to make your breasts get bigger naturally area. I would like to hear how to set up travel trailer about your buying experience with them since I tracel was not a good one.

Thank you! My husband and I have been excited about getting an RV.

Plan and Pack for Your First Travel Trailer Camping Trip

Setting up your Travel Trailer at a campsite doesnТt need to be difficult, but it is important to finish every step. Use this checklist to make sure your rig gets set up safely and efficiently, so you can start enjoying the great outdoors faster. Put out your awning and set up the campsite. RV beginners have a lot to look forward to: RVing is a great way to travel and explore the outdoors. However, knowing the basics is important to having a stress-free trip. Get a discount on an RV for your next adventure. Reserve a campsite. Apr 21, †Ј In our RV Basics series, we will show you have to set up your RV campsite as quickly and painlessly as possible so you can get out there and enjoy your vacation and family! Here are the steps you need to take to properly set up your campsite, starting with site selection, arrival, setting up your rig, and finally all of your outdoor gear.

Driving into an RV park or campground for the first time can be nerve racking. We were supposed to back into a campsite that was right next to an RV with lots of slide outs and we forgot to leave room for our slide.

There are lots of other things we wish we had known as well. Hopefully, your first campground or RV park experience will be a fun one and you will start to get an idea about how fun RV camping is. There are also a few RV safety gadgets you should have and red flags you should look for when plugging your RV into any kind of outlet.

Do RV parks allow older RVs? How do I hook up water to my RV? How long does it take to fill up an RV fresh water tank? Why does my RV have low water pressure? How much does it cost to stay in an RV park? Can I leave my grey or black tank open when staying at an RV park? Why are RV parks so expensive? What do full hookups mean at an RV park or campground? What do partial hookups mean at an RV park or campground? Pull-through campsites are the ones that you can drive through.

They will either look like a round parking area or be a straight line like an RV parking spot. Space is the first issue. Lots of RV parks sardine people in to get as many spots in an area as possible.

The main issue is going to be slide outs. The first RV park we stayed at had a back-in site, and the RVs were so packed in that we actually had to use a tape measure to make sure we left enough space for our slide to come out. Even after getting as far over to one side as possible, there were still only 6 inches between our slide and the RV next to us. You also need to know where the sewer, electrical outlets, and water connections are. Sometimes you have to park feet from the sewer and will need to have the proper RV sewer hoses and supports to reach it.

Make sure your RV is in a place where everything is within the reach of your RV electrical cable, sewer hose, and freshwater hose.

Especially ones that are on hills. We stayed at a KOA one year that had a 4 inch difference from the passenger to the driver side of our trailer because the sites were on a hill. Never assume your RV will be level no matter how nice the RV park or campground is.

Letting your trailer sit unlevel can damage your slide-out and cause your RV refrigerator to clog and stop cooling over time. To make sure you are level you can also use a good old fashioned level click to view on Amazon or a fancy wireless RV leveling systems like the LogicBlue LevelMatePro click to view on Amazon. To level your trailer or RV you can use RV leveling blocks, planks of wood, or easy to use rounded ones like ours.

To see some of the best RV leveling gear check out this post here. For our travel trailer, we have the Andersen Camper Levelers Duffel Bag click to view on Amazon which includes the rounded leveling blocks that are very easy to use and perfect if you need to level your trailer often.

We also use them when dumping our travel trailer at RV dump stations. If you make sure you have the side opposite the sewer outlet is up high your RV holding tanks will drain much faster and better. You want to make sure you put the chocks on your RV before unhitching it because it might start to roll backward when you start to lift it using the tongue jack. After unhitching our travel trailer and leveling it from front to back we use X-Chock Wheel Stabilizers click to view on Amazon.

X-chocks add and an extra level of stabilization to your RV or trailer and keeping from bouncing front to back. They are also really great at keeping your trailer from moving when wind it hitting the front or back of your RV. X-Chocks are also more secure if your travel trailer or 5th-wheel is up on leveling blocks.

Some people put their X-chocks on before lifting and unhitching their trailer but we like to do it after.

It puts less pressure on the tires and it just seems like the better way to go in general. Anytime you plug your RV into a power source you should be using a surge protector or even an RV autoformer click to read more about RV autoformers here. Power surges or unsafe electrical conditions are very common in any RV park, campground, or even your home.

Using a surge protector or autoformer with a built-in surge guard will keep the sensitive and expensive appliances in your RV safe. There are many stories of people getting the wiring in there RV or trailer fried by faulty electrical hookups and power surges.

Using a surge protector will keep you and your RV safe and end up saving you money in the long run. You also need to know what amperage your RV or travel trailer is. Normally large RVs and 5th-wheels will have 50 amp power, travel trailers, and small campers will have 30 amp power, and very small single axel trailers will have 20 amp power. Most of the time if the RV park advertises that their sites have 50 amp hookups they will also have 30 amp and 20 amp on the same power pedestal as well.

If for some reason the pedestal only has a 50 amp outlet this is very uncommon , you can use an adaptor to plug a 30 amp and even 20 amp trailer into the 50 amp outlet. On that same note if you have a 50 amp RV and you could only find a campsite with a 30 amp outlet this can be a common occurrence you can plug your 50 amp plug into a 30 amp outlet using an adaptor.

This will change how the electrical in your RV will work. Power pedestals are where the outlets for your RV will be located. They will always have breakers located above the outlets. Make sure all the breakers are off before you plug in your surge guard or your RV. This will protect you from any electrical shocks. If you want to hook up the water and sewer before putting the stabilizers down and the slides out you can, but normally if you are camping with your family you want to get the RV ready for them to get into first.

You can now put down your stabilizer jacks. If you are camping on a paved campsite make sure you use leveling blocks like these click to view on Amazon under the feet of your stabilizers. Putting a block under them to protect the pavement is a courtesy and the polite thing to do, you should also do this if you are camping in a parking lot for the night.

Now that your power is all hooked up you can bring out the slides. I always hook up power before because it takes some of the stress off of the batteries and the slide pops out much faster when hooked up to power.

When bringing out the slides always double-check if you are close to any obstacle like a tree, a pole, or even another RV. The last thing you want is to be crashing your slide into something and damaging it.

As a little RV tip, a good thing to do especially if you have multiple slides is to send them out halfway and then check the sides of each slide to make sure nothing has fallen in the way during your journey. It also tore the cabinet door off and was a bad day for that RVer.

Having running water is one of my favorite things about staying in RV parks. I can finally take a shower for longer than 2 minutes and it makes doing the dishes much easier.

Much like your electrical you need products to protect your RV plumbing from high water pressure that is very common in RV parks and campgrounds. No matter what kind of regulator you get you should always have one handy just in case. Also, make sure you put the water regulator on right at the water source before your filter and water hose because it will take a lot of pressure off of those two things and make them last longer.

Water filters are also highly recommended for RVers because it will not only keep you healthy but it will help your plumbing and water pump stay healthy. Check out this post here to see the water filter we use as well as other great options for RVers. Hooking up water to your RV is different than filling up your freshwater tank.

On every RV or trailer, there is the opening where you fill the fresh water tank and one where you connect the hose directly into your RV plumbing system. On our travel trailer, the city water connection is located at the rear of the trailer but on other RVs, it can be found near the outdoor shower or the area where your black tank flush is.

Make sure you know where your RV city water connection is located so you know how long your freshwater hose needs to be to hook it up to water. For freshwater hoses, I recommend having either two 25 foot ones or a long 50 foot one paired with a short 10 foot one.

Never use your freshwater hoses for rinsing out the RV black tank. I recommend that every RVer have two 10 foot sewer hoses click to go to review , sewer hose support click to go to review , and a 4-in-1 sewer connection elbow click to view on Amazon. These products are all things you will need to successfully connect your RV black and grey holding tanks to the sewer and also comply with RV park and most campground rules.

The sewer hose support may seem unnecessary but many places have the sewer hole raised on a cement block so you need the support to keep your sewer hose above the hole so it will drain right. The elbow can screw onto different sizes of sewer openings for a very secure fit that will stop odors which lets you leave your sewer hose out and hooked up without stinking up the place. As a little RV tip: When you dump your RV holding tanks always dump the black tank first and then the grey tank.

They cleaner grey water will rinse the black waste water out of the sewer hose and make things a little cleaner and help keep your sewer hose from smelling. Normally we make sure to lock our surge guard to either the pedestal or the RV just in case. We also keep our bikes locked. A lot of the time spots in RV parks designated for people who are only staying for a few nights will be located near the entrance and main roads, and you never know who is coming and going.

It may seem like overkill and locking your valuables is totally your decision, but most RVers recommended it. It really depends on your experience with setting up an RV and the number of people helping who know what they are doing. My husband and I can set up at an RV park with full hookups and a pull-through site in 20 minutes, and that includes leveling.

For your first time setting up at an RV park expect things to take much longer than you think. Being calm is key to not making any mistakes and causing damage to your RV. It has a connection that will twist onto the end of a hose so it fits securely. To read more in detail about how to connect your RV to freshwater scroll up and read Step 7 of this article.

RV fresh water tanks can range anywhere from 25 gallons to gallons depending on the size of RV, trailer, or truck camper. Standard size is normally around gallons. Our travel trailer has a 45 gallon fresh water tank and it takes around 15 minutes with the water turned at a steady stream. If you are having trouble with low water pressure to your RV when connected to city water at a campground or RV park the first thing you should check is the water pressure coming out at the tap or your water pressure regulator.

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