How to stop heavy menstrual bleeding with herbs

By Mezitilar | 29.04.2021

how to stop heavy menstrual bleeding with herbs

One Of The Best Herbs To Stop Heavy Bleeding With Fibroids Is Cinnamon

Jan 13,  · Boil ginger in water for a few minutes to provide relief and stop the menstrual flow, and take the infusion up to three times a day. Cinnamon as an herbal remedy for heavy flow Make a cinnamon tea by steeping one cinnamon stick in a cup of boiling water to stop heavy periods. You can also take 3 drops of tincture of cinnamon back twice a day. Nov 28,  · Herbs that stop heavy menstrual bleeding due to fibroids are called uterine astringents or anti-hemorrhagics. They contain chemicals that act on proteins to form a protective coating over the mucous membranes, reducing blood flow. Uterine tonics .

Whatever the case may be, this post is here to help by giving you some herbs for heavy menstrual bleeding that provide real relief. Herbs are one of the best natural remedies for heavy menstruation because they address underlying issues like hormonal imbalance, inflammation, toxicity and much more.

So, whether your heavy cycles are due to a specific condition like PCOS, fibroids or endometriosis or your body is transitioning through perimenopause…or you have a hormonal imbalance without a specific label attached to it, these herbs should be in your period care kit.

Note: this post contains affiliate links and I earn a commission at no additional cost to you if you use them to make a purchase. Now, the reason why there is such a diverse selection of herbs for heavy menstruation is because there are many different factors that contribute to a heavy menstrual flow.

NOTE: most of the herbs listed below come from this scientific review which was published in the Journal of the Canadian Chiropractic Association. Also known as St. James Wort or St. All astringent herbs contain tanninswhich are bitter compounds that are particularly effective at curbing heavy blood loss.

In addition, depending on your specific health history, it can take weeks or months for the herb to really kick in. Now, when it comes to the research around cinnamon for heavy menstruation, most of it actually focuses on cinnamon essential oil. For tips and recipes for how to use cinnamon oil safely, be sure to read this post on essential oils for heavy periods.

When it comes to folk remedies for excessive blood loss from any part of the bodycypress is one of the most popular. The main reason why cypress is able to do this is because it supports blood clotting source. Now, just like cinnamon, the research and anecdotal reports about cypress all focus on the essential oil.

Ever since the Middle Ages, yarrow has been used as a home remedy for menstrual irregularities, including profuse bleeding. In addition, yarrow acts as an astringent and fights inflammation. To learn more about nettles and how to make a nettle infusion quite different from a standard tea read this post on nettle for hormones.

Since estrogen and progesterone keep each other in check, they need to be in harmony in order for our menstrual cycle to be in harmony as well. This herb is an astringent and uterine tonic i. Heavy menstrual bleeding is mainly caused by an excess of hormones known as prostaglandins. As how to install floor ceramic tiles levels of prostaglandins increase, inflammatory symptoms like cramps and heavy bleeding pop up.

And one notable study shows that ginger is very effective at preventing the production of prostaglandins source. So, by preventing prostaglandin synthesis, ginger is able to function as a natural remedy for excessive menstrual bleeding. Also known as Angelica Sinensis, dong quai is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to support the female cycle throughout every stage of life, from the reproductive years to menopause.

The one thing that the review mentions is that blue cohosh root acts like a uterine tonic when used in combination with astringent herbs. As for black cohosh the Science Direct database classifies it as a uterine tonic source. And as we already saw with other herbs on this list, uterine tonics can up or down-regulate blood flow to the uterus.

Then try this ready-made Healthy Cycle blend from Traditional Medicinals. It contains red raspberry leaf and stinging nettle, along with other period-friendly and hormone-balancing herbs. In addition, most of these herbs are not suitable for pregnancy because they can cause uterine contractions and lead to miscarriage.

As for the few that can be used during pregnancy such as red raspberry leafthey should be used under the supervision of a qualified health practitioner. This is because some of them are only appropriate for specific trimesters of the pregnancy. A period is considered too heavy when you lose 80ml or more of blood.

In addition, having a period that lasts more than 7 days is seen as having excessive menstrual flow source. Periods can get heavier as we age, especially if we live with chronic inflammation and hormonal imbalance. As a matter of fact, heavy periods are a common symptom for women during perimenopause because estrogen dominance can occur during that transition phase into menopause.

By using the herbs listed in this article, you can start to address the underlying causes of your symptoms. And to support your body even more, you can use these tips for creating a hormone-balancing diet plan that will help you have healthier menstrual cycles. Live Well Zone is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees how to take care of shark fish in aquarium advertising and linking to amazon.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. The earnings are at no additional cost to you. Maybe you: have to wear a super tampon and an ultra pad just to barely make it through the hour. Grab my day detox program or get your own custom recipes to kickstart your transformation today! Amazon Associates Disclosure Live Well Zone is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed how to wipe samsung galaxy s3 mini provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.

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Mar 12,  · How to Stop Heavy Periods: 22 Options for Treatment Medically reviewed by Debra Rose Wilson, Ph.D., MSN, R.N., IBCLC, AHN-BC, CHT — Written by Stephanie Watson — Updated on March 12, Home. Aug 25,  · Herbal options – studies show ginger capsules, pomegranate flower capsules, and myrtle fruit syrup can help slow down heavy periods. Medicines – The nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like aspirin, naproxen sodium, or ibuprofen are some examples. Caution is needed while using. Aug 07,  · Ways to manage or stop heavy periods. Use a menstrual cup. A person using a menstrual cup may need to change it less than a pad or tampon. Menstrual cups are small silicone cups that sit Try a heating pad. Wear period panties to bed. Get plenty of rest. Exercise.

Some of the products discussed on this website may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn a commission.

In addition, for any Amazon reviewed products, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. As always, we greatly appreciate your support of this website. The bleeding can be so severe that it depletes the body of iron leading to anemia which can be life threatening if not treated promptly.

If you suffer from heavy bleeding associated with fibroids, there are many ways that are effective for the natural treatment of uterine fibroids including the use of herbs. If you cannot get your hands on these herbs, you can easily reach into your kitchen cabinet and use cinnamon which is also another of the effective herbs used to stop heavy bleeding with fibroids.

About 30 percent of women who have uterine fibroids will experience heavy bleeding or irregular bleeding. A lot of this heavy bleeding is blamed on submucosal submucous fibroids that grow just under the uterus lining.

Submucosal fibroids lead to heavy bleeding when they prevent the uterus from being able to close the blood vessels around the uterus due to the location of this type of tumor. Intramural fibroid tumors that grow within the muscular walls of the uterus may also cause heavy bleeding as they increase in number or size.

This type of fibroid tumor is the most common and usually does not produce any symptoms or cause any problems unless as mentioned previously, they increase in size and number. Heavy bleeding from intramural fibroids results when these tumors within the uterine wall interfere with the normal rhythmic uterine contractions and prevent the uterus from closing the blood vessels in the uterine lining as is normal when these tumors are not present in the uterine wall or when the fibroids are harmless and symptom free which occurs only when they are located away from the uterine cavity.

While submucosal and intramural fibroids are commonly to blame for causing heavy bleeding, other types of fibroids may also cause excessive blood loss. By their nature, fibroid tumors require a heavy blood supply to grow. This causes blood vessels to expand with the increased need by fibroids for blood. With more blood coming to the uterus area, heavy bleeding may result. Some of the indications that you have excessive bleeding associated with fibroids include;.

If you are experiencing any of the above or other irregularities signifying heavy blood loss, this could create a state of anemia since you are losing too many red blood cells with the heavy blood loss.

This condition could become fatal if the excessive bleeding is not controlled. Heavy blood loss can also lead to dizziness and weakness. Heavy and prolonged bleeding is one of the main reasons that hysterectomies are performed each year. Before taking such a drastic step, it is important to remember that heavy and prolonged bleeding can be controlled naturally including with the use of certain herbs such as cinnamon.

An anemic state results because heavy blood loss leads to the body not having enough iron due to the loss of iron that is normally carried in red blood cells.

The heavy bleeding is not usually sudden. It will usually build gradually over several months. When in an anemic state, there will be less oxygen being carried by the red blood cells to vital organs. With less oxygen reaching vital organs such as the brain, you may experience fatigue, shortening of breath, ringing in the ears, light headedness, headaches, dizziness, etc.

At worst, heart failure or heart attack may occur. Cinnamon which is also known as cassia, Saigon cinnamon or Ceylon cinnamon is a common spice used in the home but it is also one of the oldest natural healers known to man and is commonly recommended by various herbalists for the treatment of various health conditions including;.

Many herbalists endorse cinnamon for various uterine problems including heavy bleeding. They believe that cinnamon works on the uterine muscle fibers by calming the uterus and its astringent properties help to close the blood vessels and prevent heavy bleeding. Some herbalists do not agree that cinnamon can calm the uterus. They believe that it can cause uterine contractions so pregnant women should only consume cinnamon when it is as part of the normal preparation of various savory dishes.

While powdered cinnamon is generally safe, cinnamon oil can cause vomiting, nausea, kidney damage, etc, when taken internally. Avoid ingesting cinnamon oil for this reason. Cinnamon oil can also cause burning or redness when applied to the skin. Cinnamon can also cause an allergic reaction in some people. If symptoms persist for longer than two weeks or worsen, seek a health care professional immediately. When using cinnamon to prevent bleeding from uterine fibroids, make a warm, spicy and sweet concoction using 3 teaspoons of cinnamon in a cup of hot water.

Steep for about 10 minutes and drink. You may strain this concoction before drinking if you wish. Consume this infusion every 30 minutes until the bleeding normalizes.

If symptoms worsen, stop use. Cinnamon is definitely one of the best herbs to deal with symptoms of uterine fibroids such as heavy bleeding. Give this a try if you are trying to normalize menstrual bleeding. For the best source for organic cinnamon, click here. While experiencing heavy bleeding from fibroids can be frightening, do remember that there are many effective ways for the natural treatment of fibroids including with the use of various herbs to stop heaving bleeding with fibroids including using cinnamon.

You may also want to try MensReduce which is a tincture that contains various herbals remedies that can normalize the menstrual cycle. For a complete holistic program to address the root cause of fibroids, click here.

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