How to stop xbox live auto renewal

By Gobar | 27.03.2021

how to stop xbox live auto renewal

How to Cancel Xbox Live Auto Renew Without Support Help

Jan 10,  · To stop automatically renewing your subscription, go to Cancel or turn off recurring billing for a Microsoft subscription and follow the steps under Turn off recurring billing. Important. You can’t cancel an Xbox subscription if it’s past due or suspended. You must pay the past-due balance before you can cancel or turn off auto renewal. For more info, see Update payment info to continue . This article covers the steps to cancel your Microsoft subscriptions such as free trials, Xbox Live and Microsoft To cancel your Microsoft subscription. Go to Services & subscriptions and sign in with the Microsoft account you used to purchase your subscription. Find your subscription and .

Get help now. This article covers the steps to cancel your Microsoft subscriptions such as free trials, Xbox Live and Microsoft Tip: If your payment is past-due, you can cancel the subscription immediately. Once you cancel, you won't be charged for the past-due amount. Find your subscription and select Manage. If you see Turn on recurring billing instead of Manageskip to the Troubleshooting section - otherwise proceed to step 3.

On the next page, select Cancel or Upgrade or Canceldepending on your subscription type. Note: In Israelyou have the right to cancel any subscription that has xboox billing with immediate effect and receive a prorated refund. For more info, see Cancel a Microsoft subscription in Israel.

If you see Turn on recurring billing instead of Manageyour subscription will expire at the date shown for your subscription and you don't stkp to do anything else. To see details about your subscription, select Manage under the name of your subscription.

Check if a payment method needs to be updated. To fix any issues, go to Payment options. To see our complete cancellation policy, see Microsoft Store Terms of Sale. Suto language do you need? English German Spanish All other languages. Virtual Agent: Need what is a blue plate special cancelling your subscription?

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How to Cancel Auto Renewal of Xbox Live Gold Membership

If recurring billing is off, your subscription will automatically expire when all remaining prepaid time is used. I don't see any option to cancel my subscription (2) If you sign in to your Services & subscriptions page and see options to renew or turn on recurring billing but not to cancel a subscription, recurring billing is off for that. If your subscription has already expired, select Renew to renew your subscription. Recurring billing will be turned on automatically when you renew your subscription. If you see Paid with pre-paid card next to the subscription expiration date, you paid for the subscription with . Does Xbox Live free trial auto-renew into a paid subscription? Not necessarily. When you sign up for an Xbox Live Gold trial, you need to enter your credit card information. Once your trial ends, your subscription will renew. If you want to avoid auto-renewal, .

Xbox Live Gold comes with a lot of benefits, like free games each month, but it doesn't make sense to stay subscribed if you aren't actively using the Xbox network service. Whether you just want to take a break, or you're done with the service forever, you have to follow some very specific steps to cancel your Xbox Live Gold subscription, or Microsoft will continue to charge you each time it comes up for renewal.

The easiest way to cancel Xbox Live Gold, without talking to a customer service agent, is to use the Xbox website. You can use this site to cancel your subscription immediately, turn off your recurring subscription, or even get a refund for any Xbox Live Gold subscription time you haven't yet used.

Navigate to xbox. Select your profile icon in the upper right corner of the page. Select Subscriptions. In the Xbox Live Gold section, select Manage. Locate the Payment settings section. Select Cancel. Choose whether or not to end your subscription immediately, then select Next.

If you choose to end immediately, you may be entitled to a partial refund. You will also lose access to all of the Xbox Live Gold benefits upon accepting. Select Confirm cancellation. If you're currently using Xbox Live Gold, but you're afraid you'll eventually stop using it and forget to cancel, you can turn off automatic renewals right now. This allows you to continue using Xbox Live Gold, and you maintain access to the free games that come with the subscription while it's active, but you won't accidentally spend a bunch of money on a renewal later on.

Turning off Xbox Live Gold auto-renewal works a lot like canceling the service, and when you cancel you actually have the option to simply cancel future payments.

When you turn off recurring billing, you retain access to all of the Xbox Live Gold features until the end of your current subscription period. At that time, you have the option to renew manually if you're still using the service. Here's how to turn off Xbox Live Gold auto-renewal:. Select Change. Select Turn off recurring billing. If you prefer, you can select Switch plan instead to change to either a monthly or a yearly subscription.

When you cancel your Xbox Live Gold subscription, one of two things can happen:. Canceling your Xbox Live Gold subscription doesn't cancel your Xbox network account.

You keep your gamertag, your saved game files, your achievements, and any digital games and downloadable content DLC you purchased through the service. Xbox Live subscribers with Xbox consoles who obtained free games through the Games With Gold program are allowed to keep and play those games even without an active Xbox Live Gold subscription.

Xbox One games provided through the Games With Gold program are only available so long as you maintain an active Xbox Live Gold subscription. When you cancel your subscription, you lose access to Games With Gold. You regain access to these games if you subscribe again in the future, but they are unavailable as long as your Xbox Live Gold account remains canceled. Actively scan device characteristics for identification. Use precise geolocation data. Select personalised content.

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