How to tell what transmission is in my dodge truck

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how to tell what transmission is in my dodge truck

List of Chrysler transmissions

rows · DODGE: Model. Years. Transmission Type. Engine Type/Size. Transmission Model. . website creator This page is designed to assist you in identifying the transmission installed in your are making the assumption that your vehicle has the original type transmission that was installed at the factory. In most cases, if your vehicle has been converted from an overdrive to a 3-speed, you can still use this guide for identification.

Did you know that no one component in your car has more going on inside it than your automatic transmission? Have you ever wondered what kind of transmission tansmission car has? Today there are over transmission types on the road. Some car models may well have three or four types based on the engine size.

Some car manufacturers will even change the types or designs of transmissions on different car models from year to year. Even worse is if the transmission has been changed since the car was originally made. Read on for some helpful tips on how to go about finding out what type of transmission your vehicle has. For a bit of background knowledge, vehicle transmissions are either manual or automatic. Some vehicles use a clutch to connect and disconnect what is the best online diary transmission to the engine, controlled through a foot pedal next to the brake pedal.

These vehicles have a manual transmission. Essentially, if you must shift gears yourself, you have a manual transmission. But if you place your car into drive or reverse to make it move, the transmission is an automatic.

FYI, be prepared for some transmissipn around your car and a call or a trip to your whah dealership service department. The manual may indicate what type of transmission you have or may refer to both a manual and standard transmission option. You can also lift up the hood of the t and look. Most cars have stickers under the hood that tell you what you need to know.

Most how to become a certified nail technician online will have either a 4, 6, or HEMI transmission in them. Those are the standard sizes that are available now. This card contains specific details about the year the car was made, its transmission, engine specifications and other details. Call your local dealership service department or auto parts retailer to inquire about the transmission related to that number.

Lift the hood and locate the oil pan. Some automakers can be identified by their oil pan as they differentiate the shape of the oil pan for different transmissions. Automatic transmissions have oil pans that somewhat resemble the state of New Mexico. Notice the shape of the oil pan and if it has an odd shape, you have an automatic.

They will put it into the computer and look it up for you. Or you can visit you local Mister Transmission and a mechanic can inspect the transmission and tell you what kind it is. This is the best option if your vehicle is having issues so you can get the right parts for the right transmission.

Click here to browse all Mister Transmission locations. The evolution what is self certified mortgages transmissions has made these machines and systems increasingly complex.

When transmission repairs are required, determining the cause and cure for what ails can be tricky. Just as you have other parts of your car serviced, your transmission needs maintenance to ensure a long life and avoid transmission problems.

By Mister Transmission. Tags: Transmission TranmsissionTransmission Types. Different Transmission Types Today there are over transmission types on the road. Get Under The Hood You can also lift up the hood of the car and look. Oil Pan Lift the hood and telo the oil pan. Happy hunting! Visit your nearest Mister Transmission location today! Customer Reviews. Very upfront and honest about Patrick Smith. Very upfront and honest about work being done and options for whag.

Completed within agreed time and quality work. Happy to have my van back! Paul is awesome took time Paul is awesome took time to diagnose and fix my problem power control module I would of never found out and fixed it by myself thanks again Paul :. Superb service, very resourceful and Anthony McRae. Great service in a pinch! Lisa Herd. New to the area,and needed some work done on my car while I was off for a couple days. Professional and on time. Great to know hw are in my new neighborhood!

Quick repair time and honest Marlon Marzan. After a catastrophic failure of David Thompson. Chris, Janna and the Technicians went above and beyond to get my vehicle back in service. Due to Covid restrictions I had to send the Outback to Moncton on whqt flat deck. All the time it was there I was kept up to date on their every move and diagnoses. From the first Phone Call until I picked it tel there was no doubt "This was the right place".

Thanks again Mister Transmission!!! Very profesional and effortable pricing Sheri Clifford. Andrew was fantastic and provided Henry Martin. Andrew was fantastic and provided great insight on the actual issues with my vehicle. He was very informative and educated on what needs to be done on my vehicle. I highly recommend Andrew and Mister Transmission!! Stafford was very polite and Marco Allen. Stafford was very polite and professional through our exchange, the service we received was outstanding, the car how to tell what transmission is in my dodge truck never run better.

Stafford and Crew were completely Richard Kelly. Stafford and Crew were completely professional during my repair. Calling regularly with updates. Work completed on time and at the initial quoted rate. Strongly recommend Mr. Featured Services. Transmission Repair The evolution of transmissions has made these machines and systems increasingly complex. Read More. Recent Blogs. As with many things in life, identifying transmission problems early on can save you Read More April 14, Transmissions need occasional service and maintenance to continue performing at high Read More April 9, There are a plethora of reasons why somebody might visit a transmission shop.

But Read More April 5, CVTs Vs. Automatic Transmissions Looking at buying or leasing a vehicle and want to know if you should opt for one Read More March 31, Some transmission repairs are inevitable; if you own your vehicle for long enough, Read More March 19, Do you really have to change iin transmission fluid or is it just one of those Read More March 10, Transmission shops offer services that are vital to the upkeep and maintenance of Read More March 3, Canadians know that winter driving is different.

We all know about basic service and Read More February 24, How much does it cost to repair a transmission? Well, this likely will not surprise Read More January 28, If you Read More January 21,

Fair Remanufactured Transmission Cost by Vehicle

rows · On the inside edge of the driver’s door is a tag that lists the year of the vehicle, country of . If you notice that your car is dripping a red fluid, that is most likely transmission fluid. Check on the ground where your car is normally parked. If you find that you have more than a few small drops, you may need transmission repair in a hurry. Sep 25,  · The easiest way to determine if you have a 45RFE or a RFE is to see how many gears you have. The first number on the transmission id number is XXXXX amount of gears it has. The 45RFE is a 4 speed transmission. The RFE is a 5 speed transmission.

Use the tool below to locate the transmission model type, approximate price, and approximate labor hours for install. For example, a Toyota Highlander L4 2. One of the best places to find vehicle-specific information is in the glove box. Another way is to crawl under the vehicle and look for part numbers. Using a good flashlight, look for part numbers stamped into the transmission pan or the transmission itself.

Your local auto part store or dealer will be able to cross-reference the numbers to determine the kind of transmission the part belongs to. Each digit of the VIN number provides a different piece of information about that particular vehicle including the factory installed engine, transmission type, where it was built, etc. To decode the number, use DecodeThis. It should look like this:. So I pushed it out and drove home.

For the first 10 miles everything was normal. In the end it was only going into 3rd and 5th. But I made it home. The shifter seems to just wobble with no distinct gear pattern anymore. After driving to the city and back parked the car was going after granddaughter at school car would not shift into drive…tried reverse no reverse…will not shift from park mode..

Dodge ram It leaks transmission underneath my truck I guess from the hose it looks like and it squeaks when I drive the noise comes from the front driver side. And when I turn corners it whines in the front. Transmission slips in either 2nd or 3rd gear when it gets wet from a car wash or it is raining and I am driving it. As soon as it drys out it shifts fine. Inline Feedbacks. Robert P McCarter. Marc J Costello. Donna White Buffalo. Would love your thoughts, please comment.

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