How to unclog your bathtub drain naturally

By Dujora | 02.03.2021

how to unclog your bathtub drain naturally

How to fix a slow draining bathroom drain not clogged

A plunger will help you unclog the toilet and get rid of the objects that are blocking the pipes, as well as the extra air that’s stuck in there. Make sure to close the shower or bathtub drain, as well as the one in the sink. You should do it with a piece of tape, and you need to be sure that it’s closed tightly so the air can’t go in or out. Another common cause of blocked drains are paints and other chemicals that turn solid inside the drain pipe. Often you will be able to unclog a kitchen sink or clogged bathtub drain yourself. Ways to unclog a drain: Baking soda and vinegar drain unclogging is an alternative and more natural way to remove a blockage from the drain. Vinegar and.

Degreasing a sewer line can be a tough proposition. A clogged sewer line is best attended to by a professional with specialized line cleaning equipment. They will come in, snake the line with a grease-removing head, and your sewer line will run free.

But after that, it's up to you to keep it grease-free unless you want to incur a regular plumbing bill for snaking your line. However, there is a way to effectively degrease your sewer line and keep it running free without having to call in a professional. Access your sewer line in the most reasonable place. Virtually every drain in your home will connect to the sewer line, but a larger access point, like a toilet or a basement drain, will work the best. Mix up a batch of enzyme drain cleaner into a bucket.

Use warm water for the mix. Each product maker may prescribe a specified amount of water to be added to the product for maximum effectiveness, so follow directions carefully. Pour the enzyme solution into the sewer line. Enzymes are natural living bacteria colonies that eat grease. Once introduced into your sewer system, they will continue to reproduce and grow. Repeat this procedure every day for the first week, and then how to block number on myphone to do this once per month thereafter.

Continued regular maintenance will keep your sewer lines fully open and degreased. Pour baking soda into your drain on a monthly basis. Baking soda is slightly caustic and will eat away grease particles that are stuck to the side of your sewer line.

Add white vinegar to baking soda for a bubbly sewer line cleaner. The bubbles will help dislodge stubborn areas of grease buildup and allow the baking soda to work more efficiently.

Pour a cup of washing soda down the drain and allow it to sit. Washing soda can be found in the laundry sections of large retailers. This will break up clogs and attack grease. Washing soda is more caustic than baking soda and, when used on a monthly basis, it will keep the sewer line running clear. Enzymes need time to work effectively. Clogs will need to be tended to first by breaking through them with a snake. A sewer line that is backing up needs to be professionally snaked out before enzymes are introduced to the system.

After that, an enzyme monthly maintenance plan will keep the pipes open and clear. All enzymes are natural and beneficial to the sewer system. They are not chemicals and are nontoxic. They will not harm drains or connections when they are being used. Enzymes and enzyme formulas are available at hardware stores, health food stores and online. Never add commercial drain cleaner when using baking soda or washing soda. The chemical properties of each will react together in a negative way.

Washing soda will deteriorate PVC drain pipes if overused. Although it will be fine to use as preventive maintenance monthly, using it every day will cause the PVC pipes to slowly erode to the point what are the benefits of not smoking cigarettes failure. Always wear rubber gloves when handling washing soda. Dale Yalanovsky has been writing professionally since He specializes in do-it-yourself projects, household and auto maintenance and property management.

Yalanovsky also writes a bimonthly column that provides home improvement advice. By Dale Yalanovsky Updated December 28, Related Articles. Run hot water down the drain and into the sewer line to slightly loosen the grease.

Tip Enzymes need time to work effectively. Warning How to do hair curls with rollers add commercial drain cleaner when using baking soda or washing soda.

How to Fix a Gurgling Bathtub Drain

A slow, sluggish sink drain is a very common plumbing problem. The bathroom sink is the one most frequently afflicted with this particular problem, and several things can contribute to a slow sink drain. Often the pop-up that is used to stop up the sink can collect a lot of hair and debris because the sink is used on a daily basis. Act as early as possible. A slow drain can be a frustrating plumbing problem. The goop and water seem to take an eternity to run out, and what is worse, it always leaves a greasy deposit in your bathroom. The deposits that naturally build-up in the drain pipes over time reduce their size and slow the water flow. Dec 28,  · The Best Way to Unclog a Bathtub Drain. How to Make Your Sink Drains Shiny Again. Vinegar Vs. Bleach for Cleaning an AC Drain. How to Fix a Refrigerator With a Drain Pan Overfilling.

Learn how to naturally unblock a drain without the use of harsh chemicals with this handy and sustainable guide. The next time your kitchen or bathroom sink starts draining slowly, or worse, is just a pool of standing water, then rather than reaching for the bottle of chemically dubious drain unblocker, try these natural alternatives instead.

Moral Fibres may earn a very small commission — at no extra cost to you — on items that have been purchased through those links. This does not affect your return rights, and this income helps keep this site running. It seems logical that using bicarbonate of soda and vinegar to unblock your drain naturally would be effective.

All that fizzing and bubbling when you combine bicarbonate of soda and vinegar has to dislodge whatever is blocking your sink. Cast your mind back to secondary school science lessons, when you learned about bases and acids. In the case of bicarbonate of soda and vinegar, bicarbonate of soda is a base while vinegar is an acid.

Their chemical reaction produces water with a tiny bit of salt in it. Unblocking a drain with salty water is rarely effective. You need something that will break down the fat, and tackle the oil and grease that is lodged in your drain. I use soda crystals all around my home for a variety of natural cleaning purposes.

Soda crystals are a naturally occurring mineral salt, that is soluble in water. Soda crystals are naturally bleach-free. What makes soda crystals a great choice for this job, is that soda crystals have detergent properties, which help tackle dirt and grease.

For sinks that are blocked by fats — for example, kitchen sinks that have been clogged by cooking fats. Or bathroom sinks that have clogged by soaps or oils, then soda crystals are a great option to naturally unblock your drain. Remember to take care carrying kettles of boiling water. Bathtub or shower drains tend to be blocked by hair rather than fat, especially if people in your household have long hair.

You can buy bottles of drain cleaners that specifically tackle hair blockages. It naturally unblocks the drain without the use of expensive and harsh chemicals. And one brush can replace plastic bottle after plastic bottle of drain cleaner, making it a more eco-friendly option. Just take your drain-clearing brush, stick it down the drain, and twist it until you have removed all the hair that is causing the blockage.

You end with big blobs of black slime encrusted hair on your brush, which does make you feel a bit sick. But I promise the effort is worth it when your drain starts running freely again. If, after removing hair, the drain is still slow draining, then do try the soda crystals method, in case there are further soap blockages. I would say that, as in the case of all things, prevention is better than cure. These really help to minimise the need to bust out my drain brush to naturally unblock these drains.

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How to Unblock a Slow Clearing Drain Using Soda Crystals For sinks that are blocked by fats — for example, kitchen sinks that have been clogged by cooking fats. First of all, boil a full kettle of water. Once boiled, slowly pour the kettle of water down your drain. This will help dissolve any fat blockages. Once the boiling water has finally drained away, next, pour a large cup of soda crystals down your drain.

Leave the soda crystals to sit for 5 to 10 minutes in your drain to help break up fat and grease deposits. Next, boil another kettle full of water.

Now, slowly pour the kettle of water down the drain to wash the soda crystals, and broken down fat and grease away. Take care, as you may get splashes of boiling water as the soda crystals get to work on the blockages. Repeat steps 1 to 6 until your drain is clear. You should be able to see an improvement every time your repeat these steps. I'm Wendy and welcome to Moral Fibres, a green lifestyle blog.

I believe that sustainable living should be hip, not hippie. Here you'll find all sorts of easy hints and tips here for living a greener life that won't compromise your sense of style. As well as the blog I've also written a book on natural cleaning - Fresh Clean Home is out now! Want to know more? Check out the about page for more information or explore the archives using the category tabs above. Say hello at moralfibres gmail. Moral Fibres is always free to read. If you want to support the site's running costs you can buy me a coffee.

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