How to use multiple radio buttons in asp net

By Kajigul | 15.12.2020

how to use multiple radio buttons in asp net

How do I validate multiple radio buttons in a ASP.NET repeater in C#

In order to make it work, you have to set property GroupName of both radio buttons to the same value: Personally, I prefer to use a RadioButtonList. Likewise, we can create many radio buttons as per our requirements and add them to our web page. Example of RadioButton in RadioButton is used to allow the user to pick any one of the multiple options. Let’s have a look at a simple program that has a radio button for selecting the color from the list of various colors. Code.

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Please Sign up or sign in to vote. See more: C. I have multiple radio buttons and I'm using a group name to choose at least 1 of the 2 options. I can't seem to get the GroupName so I can validate them with a how to tap an iphone button is clicked.

Thanks for any help What I have tried:. Copy Code. Posted May am Commish Add a Solution. Richard Deeming May pm. Accept Solution Reject Solution. Posted May am Richard Deeming. Commish13 May pm. I'm trying to validate to that 1 of the 2 radio buttons must be selected. You can't pass the GroupName of your control and expect it to find anything. The IDs of your radiobuttons are rdOption1 and rdOption2. Those are the strings you can pass to FindControl.

I understand what your saying. This will validate if the radio button rbOption1 is selected. But, I'm trying to validate if 1 of the 2 radio buttons are selected than it would be valid.

That's why I was trying to use the GroupName. Is there a way I could validate these 2 radio buttons at the same time to ensure 1 of the 2 options are selected? Thank you your second code works great! Vincent Maverick Durano May am. Add your solution here. OK Paste as. Treat my content as plain text, not as HTML.

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Radio button validation in asp. How to get the values of ASP. NET repeater. Validation for radio buttons. Radio Button Client validation. How do I retrieve assigned with radio buttons in ASP. NET by using repeater controls. Help with button radio HTML.

Using radio button in repeater data control. In repeater,On radio button selection,I want radio button text in asp. Validating radio button list. Layout: fixed fluid. Web02 2. Strip HTML. Encode HTML.

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May 22,  · bool itemSelected = false ; foreach (RepeaterItem ri in { RadioButton rb = (RadioButton)usloveescort.comntrol ("rdOption1"); if (usloveescort.comd) { itemSelected = true ; break ; } } usloveescort.comd = itemSelected; NB: This will validate whether "Option_1" is selected in any item. Mar 20,  · JavaScript function to validate Group of RadioButtons (Multiple RadioButtons) in When the Submit Button is clicked, all the RadioButtons inside the Table are referenced using the Tag Name. Then using FOR loop, each RadioButton is verified whether it is checked. If one RadioButton is checked, then the validation is successful else an error message is displayed using . The trick is to use an expression (first parameter to usloveescort.comuttonFor) which contains a value that changes per group of radio-buttons. In your case, it would be an index in the list of questions. Here is some sample code.

If you want multi-select, use checkboxes! NET developers need to be aware of. If you use ASP:RadioButton controls on your WebForm, then you know that in order to get them to behave properly, that is, to define a group in which only one of them can be selected by the user, you use the Group attribute and set the same value on each one.

For example:. BUT, if you user server-side code to manipulate the Checked attribute of these controls, it is possible to set them both to believe that they are checked.

As long as you remain in server-side code, the system will believe that both radio buttons are checked you can verify this in the debugger. Therefore, if you later have code that looks like this. The good news is that if you return to the client with multiple radio buttons checked, the browser tries to clean that up for you and make only one of them really checked.

It turns out that the last one on the screen wins, so in this case, you will in fact end up with rdo2 as checked, and if you then make a trip to the server to run the code above, it will appear to be working properly. And this gets even uglier if you ever set these radio buttons to be disabled. In that case, although the client browser renders the radio buttons as though only one of them is checked the system actually retains the value of both of them as checked, and your next trip to the server will really frustrate you because the browser showed rdo2 as checked, but your DoSomething1 routine keeps getting executed.

After you copy the markup and page-behind code into the appropriate files. Use the Blank Postback button to cause a postback to the server so you can inspect things without making any changes. The moral of the story is: if you do server-side manipulation of the Checked status of RadioButton controls, then you need to set ALL of the controls in a group whenever you want to change one.

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