What amp did jimi hendrix use

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what amp did jimi hendrix use

What Amps Did Hendrix Use In The Studio?

Although he did use a few different models, it can be said that the Marshall JTM45/ was the amp that Jimi mostly relied on. He did use a few Fender amps, including a Twin-Reverb that he played on with Curtis Knight circa , and a Dual-Showman that he used occasionally during , and also allegedly to record УVoodoo ChildФ. He also went through a period during which he used Sunn amps exclusively Estimated Reading Time: 7 mins. On stage he mainly used Marshall amps, some times he had Fenders but not often. In the studio and in the bedroom he used Fender Princeton Reverb amps. The Fender with 12 watts RMS that peaks at 30 watts, has a 10 inch speaker, that is what he recorded У Are .

As far as electric guitars, Jimi Hendrix is mostly known for playing Fender Stratocasters. A few worth mentioning here is certainly the early s white Stratocaster Ч which was allegedly the only what amp did jimi hendrix use Jimi had with him when he first came to England. But perhaps, the most notable of them all was the white Fender Stratocaster that Jimi played during the Woodstock festival on August 16, His acoustic guitars collection was however far more scarce.

He was only really filmed playing two Ч a s Zemaitis stringand an Epiphone FT Regarding amps Ч the things were somewhat simpler. He also went through a period during which he used Sunn amps exclusively but returned to how to repair damaged chrome Marshalls soon after. He also experimented with a lot of unusual pedals at that time, such as the Roger Mayer Octavia and a Univox Uni-Vibe. Please note that this is just a quick basic guide for beginners.

To see the equipment that Jimi actually used himself, and all that went into it, refer to the chronological list below. A good cheap alternative would be a Squier Classic Vibe Stratocaster. A good cheap alternative to these tube amps would be a modern modeling amp such as a Fender Champion. These amps are configured so that they emulate the tube amp sound, obviously through modern means.

Pick yourself a set of Fender Hendrix Voodoo Child strings, which are based on the same strings that Jimi used back in the day Ч the Fender s. According to others [Becoming Jimi Hendrix, Steven Rody], that story is actually connected to his second electric guitar, a [Е].

After his Supro was stolen, with the help of his father, Hendrix bought himself a s Danelectro Bronze Standard guitar, making it his second electric guitar chronologically looking. However, Hendrix himself stated that the Danelectro was actually his first guitar, so it is possible that the Supro was borrowed.

After all, he was only photographed playing [Е]. Jimi was photographed playing this guitar only on two occasions Ч at the Pink Poodle Club in Clarksville, TN sometime in mid, and on one more occasion which at this point no one seems to have an exact date on you can see the photo here.

What jb song are you story Things are far from established regarding this particular [Е]. Jimi seemed to have acquired this guitar around earlyaround the time he began performing with King Casuals at Club Del Morocco. In Nashville, the band that two formed landed a gig at [Е]. Just before his nine-month gig with the Isley Brothers inHendrix at the time known as Jimmy James acquired his first Fender guitar.

This was probably just after Jimi was accepted to the band following his audition in February During the latter part of the Isley Brothers tour in late and during the tour with Little Richard in early to mid Jimi was seen playing a sunburst Fender Jazzmaster a quick Google Image search should give you a few photos. Dating [Е]. It is likely that Jimi pawned it some time prior to leaving for London in late since the only guitar [Е].

Given that this is the only time he was ever seen with it, it is possible that the guitar was borrowed. To further point out that that could be the case, note that the strap button was chow thai cafe charlestown ma menu [Е].

This is likely one of the first, if not -the- first, Stratocaster that Hendrix ever owned. The history behind this guitar is however far from established. Based on the photos and the stories from various people, Hendrix only carried one single guitar with him on the plane to the UK in September of By all accounts, it [Е].

According to some sources, Hendrix played a Fender Stratocaster on the night of February 2nd, This guitar was first photographed on February 11that the Blue Moon club in Cheltenham. It was seen sitting on stage while Hendrix played on a different white Stratocaster, likely the one that came with him from the US. According to one of our visitors see comments below the second white guitar was also [Е].

Hendrix was seen using this sunburst Fender Stratocaster starting with late February Based on what can be concluded from photos and research on his other guitars, it is likely that Hendrix bought this guitar upon returning to London after a short North East tour during which a couple of his guitars went missing.

One of the [Е]. This is the guitar that Jimi allegedly set on fire at the gig played in The Astoria, London, England, on March 31, The gig was the first concert of the Walkers Brothers tour, which also featured Cat Stevens and Engelbert Humperdinck. As we discussed in the [Е]. This guitar was first used by Jimi sometime in Marchlikely on the 30th when the band appeared on Top of the Pops TV program.

This is the second of the two red Fender Stratocasters that Jimi used around May Based on photos available, it was likely first used at Saville Theatre on May 7th, but it is possible that it was used at an earlier date. This red Strat was how to get emancipated in illinois at 15 played just during the short European tour in May By [Е].

As [Е]. It was first used probably at the Monterey Pop Festival on June 18, During this gig, Hendrix played the [Е]. It was finished in sunburst, it had a rosewood neck, and it had a large headstock [Е]. Jimi started using this guitar upon returning to the US, in July From then on it was used on nearly all probably all of them at least to some extent, but no way [Е].

The earliest photo of Jimi playing this guitar on stage seems date back to August 15, This, for the time Ч unusual, Strat was used around late Less than ten days later, the guitar was seen once again at the Saville Theater in London.

From then on it was played on a few more occasions, but not nearly as [Е]. The most interesting thing about the guitar is that [Е]. As far as the specs, the guitar, obviously, [Е]. This is the guitar that Jimi switched to from his first Strat. The Guitar [Е]. Jimi started using this guitar around April At that time, the guitar seemed the have been [Е]. The festival was originally scheduled as a two-day event, but the second day was canceled due to a thunderstorm, which prompted the performers to gathered in the Castaways [Е].

Jimi was seen using this guitar on two occasions, one on May 31,at the Hallenstadion, Zurich. Based on the photos, the guitar is a mids Les Paul Special with two pickups, finished in [Е]. This guitar is not all that significant at least when compared to some of the others, but it is nonetheless one of the more interesting ones. Jimi used it for a very brief period of time, most likely not much longer than a month.

It was first seen in Zurich, Switzerland at the Monsterkonzert on [Е]. Hendrix started using this guitar in mid-Octoberand it represented a shift away from rosewood and towards maple neck Stratocasters. Up until this point, almost every guitar that he played had a rosewood fretboard. This is understandable considering the fact that he mostly used early to mid 60s Strats, most of which were shipped with rosewood [Е].

It was used at the Woodstock Festival on August 18, Before Woodstock however Ч things are somewhat unclear. More precisely, November 27,Rhode Island Auditorium gig seem to be the first how to fix bchelper.exe system error to feature this guitar based on the photos. From then [Е]. This is the second Gibson Flying V that Jimi played in his career.

Of the three that he had in total or at least used publiclythis one is probably the least known and most certainly the least photographed. This, of course, makes it much more difficult to research this guitar properly. Although some sources [Е]. Jimi used this guitar only two times, both at the Newport Pop Festival in June Based on the photos and footage available, the guitar was used on both June 20th and June 22nd.

The guitar is one of the weird ones, in a sense that it was without a doubt put together using parts from [Е]. According to Larry Lee, this guitar was purchased by him and Hendrix in when they played in a band called Bob Fisher and the Bonnevilles. When Larry was invited to join Gypsy Sun and the Rainbows ina week prior to Woodstock, Hendrix allegedly gave it to him since he had no instrument of [Е]. The guitar [Е].

This is the guitar that Jimi was seen using from around April Up until that point he used a similar white Stratocaster Woodstock Stratbut photos seem to indicate that a change took place sometime around earlyand Jimi swapped to a different Stratocaster. First photos of this second white maple Stratocaster seem [Е].

Although Jimi was no stranger to Flying Vs, this was the only one specifically made for him to be played left-handed. When the studio was opened, on August 26, an opening party was held. According to [Е]. The [Е]. All that is known about this guitar is that it is currently owned by the Hard Rock Cafe International, and that it can be seen at their restaurant in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

It was purchased by Jimi in and kept at home to compose with. He wrote many things [Е]. Please note that this article is highly speculative, and it contains stories that have yet to be confirmed. It can be seen on a photo of him performing with the King Kasuals.

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Sep 13, †Ј Allegedly, Jimi first came across a Marshall amp, and tried one himself, while sitting in with Brian AugerТs band Trinity Ц most likely on September 28, According to Brian Auger, Jimi turned the amp all the way to 10 and instructed the band to follow him while he played УHey JoeФ Ц of course leaving everybody in the room (apparently including even Eric Clapton) completely stunned. [ Brian Auger Talks of Jimi Hendrix, Marshall Estimated Reading Time: 6 mins. Apr 08, †Ј But he sure did mention the fact that it was loud as hell in the studio when hendrix blasted his marshalls. He may have used a fender amp here and there but to say that a huge portion of his recordings were on fender amps is kinda silly. Jun 12, †Ј What kind of amp has used Jimi Hendrix on little wing on the originl record Axis bold as love? I have played the intro of the famous little wing from Jimi he.

When you think electric guitar, Jimi Hendrix will usually spring to mind. Later he got hold of an electric guitar and started his own band before enlisting in the army. After being discharged, Hendrix moved to Tennessee and formed another band. However, after struggling to make ends meet performing in different groups in different cities, he met Chas Chandler who brought him over to London in This is where The Jimi Hendrix experience was formed.

This performance has been quoted as 'the most iconic moment of the sixties' and live imagery often shows Hendrix stood among a vast, enormous wall of Marshall full stacks. Hendrix had a ferocious, powerful signature sound with howling guitar solos that few could ever replicate.

There were a few key factors to his signature style; firstly, his most commonly used guitar was a fender Stratocaster.

Hendrix would play the guitar upside down as he was left-handed and flip the guitar strings. Due to the pickup positioning this gave him a brighter sound on the lowest string of the bridge pickup. The opening riff of Voodoo Child is one of the most popular uses of a Wah pedal in modern music. He would combine this with a Fuzz and an octave-doubling pedal alongside a Uni-Vibe, which emulates the rotating of a Leslie-type speaker.

Hendrix was also one of the first to use stereophonic phasing effects in recordings. He would perform with a row of Marshall Super Lead Watt full-stacks and was estimated to own between Marshall amplifiers. Resulting in that classic, saturated, overdriven sound. He would commonly use his thumb to fret the 6th string root note instead of bar chords, allowing him to play lines over the top of the fretted root note.

He would also use double stops and open-string voicings to create truly unique phrases. For example, the use of the chord F 7 9 heard in Foxey Lady. Marshall Home Live for music Guitar Heroes. Posted: 6 October Photo: GuitarAficionado. More like this The King of Blues spent 70 years performing his unique blues with his trusty guitar Lucille by his side.

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