What causes white spots on baby skin

By Fell | 21.01.2021

what causes white spots on baby skin

What Causes White Patches On Kid's Face And How To Treat Them?

About 40 to 50 percent of U.S. newborns have milia, small cysts that look white on the skin. Milia usually do not last longer than a few weeks in babies. However, adults can get them too. Milia are tiny white bumps that appear across a baby's nose, chin or cheeks. Milia are common in newborns but can occur at any age. You can't prevent milia. And no treatment is needed because they usually disappear on their own in a few weeks or months.

My daughter had developed similar white spots at 2 months and then again at 6 months. These were on her stomach, shoulder, and a couple on arms and legs. Pediatrician referred us to dematalogist. We were suggested some creams and were advised to not use any soap, fragrance etc on her. Even we were asked not to use deo, cologne, incense sticks or anything which has a fragrance.

There was improvement, however these keep coming back once in a while. Right now she has developed similar fngal infection in diaper area. Log in Sign up. Home Community Parenting Baby months. My LO has white spots on his body since past one month. They oval shaped and are abundant on his butt and few here and there on arms,thighs,back of neck and legs.

Our pediatrician says its a fungal infection and gave us a cream to apply on them. He said plastic sheets and diapers cause these. When we consulted a dermatologist he said its bacterial but was of the same opinion about diapers n plastic sheets. He prescribed multivitamin drops and asked us to use only mild soaps like dove and cotton clothing.

I hardly use plastic sheets now had used to oil and massage him. I use diapers only at night now as a wet nappy disturbs his sleep. But i dont see any significant change in those spots. Also his skin is dry and rough at few places. I use good coconut oil only to massage him. Cud it be my diet as I BF him? Should I eliminate diapers totally? Any solutions anyone? Add a comment. Hi Rash, I have a similar issue with my son. He has a few white patches on his stomach and hands. His Doc said its fungal infection but I dont think so as its not flaky.

The texture is same as that of the skin. Dont know what to do. How old is your baby? Rash15 Original poster. My son is 4 months old. Even this is not flaky. Its just a oval shaped white patch. We consulted a dermatologist and he said its pityriasis alba. They have reduced a bit on the butt, but I can see new ones on the thighs Wonder whats causing these?

Hi Rash, How is your baby doing? Any improvement in the white patches We are still in the wait and watch game. Hi, My daughter had developed similar white spots at 2 months and then what causes white spots on baby skin at 6 months. My baby when 2 months developed some skin rashes. All over his body I tried creams soaps. All showed improvement. But when I stopped using the problem came back.

T hen I started applying breast milk what is open collaborative innovation affected area. The rashes vanished over night. It never came back My problem was different then urs. But wanted to share. My 5 month old baby has similar white spots on her back. Her pediatrician has recommended an anti fungal cream, but said that the spots might take months to go. He specifically asked if the spots are spreading, and I said no.

But now I feel that they are indeed spreading, although very slowly What could be the reason for this? How are all your babies now? Have the spots gone? My 5 month old baby girl has some pale white spots on her stomach and chest. My What are the characteristics of organizational development prescribed cetaphil moisturising lotion.

Applying it for 2 weeks. Still no improvement :. Even my baby had the same problem. I what is modernism in literature definition doctor for that he said its a very common fungal infection and he suggested to apply "panderm" on affected area.

It's seems like fungal. Alway give d baby free time without diaper or clothes. Let them be. D lack of oxygen n urine sweat s ideal ground for fungal growth. Log in or sign up to post a comment! Recent posts in Baby months. Baby sticking out tongue by pgnt.

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What are White spots which appear on the skin?

Sep 27,  · You likely have milia, a skin condition that’s common among newborns — so common, in fact, that up to half of all babies develop milia. Milium (that’s the single form of the word!) happen when dead skin cells get trapped beneath the skin’s surface and form small, hard cysts. Dec 06,  · white spots on baby's skin: My LO has white spots on his body since past one usloveescort.com oval shaped and are abundant on his butt and few here and there on arms,thighs,back of neck and usloveescort.com pediatrician says its a fungal infection and gave us a cream to apply on usloveescort.com said plastic sheets and diapers cause usloveescort.com we consulted a dermatologist he said its bacterial but . Jan 12,  · Reasons for White Skin Patches in Children Pityriasis Versicolor This is a fungal infection.

This is a very common problem in children who are under 16 years of age and causes distress in some families. Although the white patches may have many reasons, we are going to list the three most common reasons for these patches. This is by far the most common reason for white patches on the face. Although the name sounds scary, this is a self limiting problem and causes no difficulty apart from the temporary cosmetic impairment.

It is thought that up to 5 percent of children under the age of 12 are affected by this. It is also very common from years, although the incidence falls slightly. It appears as white ill-defined patches on the face which may appear dry. It is usually not associated with any symptoms.

The white patches may become more prominent in summer due to tanning of the surrounding skin. This can happen in children who suffer from eczema or even in completely normal children. Exposure to UV light, poor skin hygiene and an iron deficiency may all play a role in this condition. The biggest worry of the child's parents is that it could be vitiligo. Diagnosis is very simple and a simple clinical examination can establish the diagnosis.

Managing the condition is fairly straightforward. Patients should make it a point to use sunscreen, maintain skin hygiene and eat a healthy diet. A mild steroid cream or anti-inflammatory cream can be used for a short while.

If left alone, it resolves itself spontaneously in a few months. Reasons for White Skin Patches in Children. This is a fungal infection. It is extremely common in places with hot and humid weather. It can happen at any age, but teenagers are more likely to be affected by this problem. The back is the most commonly affected area, but the chest, arms, neck, face and even the lower limbs may be affected. This appears as small patches that are white in colour, although sometimes they can be pigmented.

The whitish colour is more obvious in people with dark skin tones. People with fairer skin tones may see the white patches after a holiday in the sun, because their normal skin gets tanned and the infected skin stands out.

This only causes cosmetic problems. There is usually no itching or discomfort associated with the infection. A dermatologist can easily diagnose the problem with a simple examination.

An antifungal shampoo or cream is usually prescribed. This needs to be used for about six weeks. An antifungal tablet may also be prescribed if the condition has spread extensively.

The infection can be resolved easily, but it can take up to nine months for the skin colour to come back to normal. Vitiligo vulgaris is the most common form of vitiligo. It appears as white patches anywhere on the body.

It can also appear as white patches on the face. It is still unclear what causes vitiligo. These immune cells destroy the melanocytes and cause the white patches. One is more likely to have vitiligo if a parent or sibling suffers from the same problem. It is also associated with other auto-immune conditions like diabetes, thyroid problems and certain forms of anaemia. The treatment of vitiligo is very complicated. It depends on the extent of the problem, the age of the affected individual and the type of vitiligo.

However, the common treatment options are:. The melanising creams need to be applied on the affected part of the skin and then the skin needs to be exposed to the sun for a few minutes to stimulate the skin cells. These are generally prescribed for people with small areas of involvement. They can be used in combination with oral pills in people with more severe involvement.

This causes stimulation of the skin cells that produce pigment in the skin. These are strong medications and need medical supervision. If no new spots have appeared for six months and the existing spots have not been increasing in size, then surgery and grafting normal skin on the affected areas may prove beneficial. Using a melanocyte suspension can also be effective. Treatment of vitiligo is very complicated. Specialist supervision is required at all times. Videos News India. Latest Stories.

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