What do tire dimensions mean

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what do tire dimensions mean

Tire Size Meaning

Tire Width. Is the width of the tire measured in millimeters from sidewall to sidewall. The first three-digit number in the tire size refers to the tire width. For instance, in . There are two ways that tire manufacturers display tire size, inches and metric. To find the tire size meaning in inches is very straight forward. Example A: 33XR15 The first number is your overall diameter of the tire. In this example the tire diameter or "height" is 33 inches tall. The second number represents the width of the tire.

Diameter : 35 The Diameter of this tire size is 35 inches. The first number in a high flotation tire size is the overall diameter of the tire. Section Width : The second number in a high flotation tire size is the width of the tire in inches. Tire Construction : R The tire construction of this tire size is R for radial. This letter is for how the tire is constructed. Radial how to keep comforter in place inside duvet the standard meab method for almost all tires.

Wheel Diameter : 15 The wheel diameter of this tire size is 15 inches. The tire is designed to be mounted on an 15 inch wheel diameter. Load Range : E Tire load range of this tire size is 'E' which means it has a 10 ply tread. Other load ranges include B: 4 ply, C: 6 ply and D: 8 ply.

Tire Class : P Tire tire class of this tire size is 'P' which means it is a passenger car tire. The first letter in the tire size designates the tire class. An 'LT' would be a light truck class and no letter would be a euro-metric tire. Section Width : The width of this tire size is mm wide. The first number in a metric tire dimenisons is the section width of the tire. Aspect Ratio : 60 The aspect ratio on this tire size is Wheel Diameter : 17 The wheel diameter of this tire size is 17 inches.

The tire is designed to be mounted on an 17" wheel diameter. Load Index : The load index of this tire is - lbs. This number is the load index and the maximum amount of weight the tire can carry. A higher number means the tire can carry more weight. Speed Rating : V The speed rating dimensios this tire size is V - mph.

This letter is the speed rating of the tire and indicates the maximum speed the tire can sustain. There are two ways that tire manufacturers display tire size, inches and metric. How to read tire size in inches is very straight forward. Example A : 33X In this example the tire diameter or "height" is 33 inches tall. The second number represents the width of the tire. In most cases with inch measurement vimensions the width will have a. In example "A" this reads The final number simply is the wheel size what is the body mass index "diameter" of the wheel that the tire will fit on.

How to read tire size with a metric measurement is a little more difficult and usually takes a calculator to get exactly right.

In example "B" this reads mm. There are To convert mm to inches you divide by So the width of a mm tire is The next number represents the percentage of the width mm or To diimensions get the overall diameter of the tire you would add the two sidewalls measurements and the diameter of the wheel. In example dimensionns the last number "16" is the wheel size the tire will fit on. Therefore the sidewall twice would be 8. Remember, not all tire sizes are manufactured in both metric and inch sizes so learning how to read tire size can be a valuable tool for anyone in the market for new tires.

How to read inch sizes: 35X Load Index Max lbs. Learn About Tire Sizes. How to Read Tire Size Chart for How to Read Tire Size Charts by Diameter 21" 22" 23" 24" 25" 26" 27" 28" 29" 30" 31" 32" 33" 34" 35" 36" 37" 38" 39" 40" ". Tire Size Tools. Tire Categories. Popular Sizes.

Understanding ATV tire sizes

What do the numbers on tires mean? Tire service type ratings. Most tire sizes begin with one or more letters -- for example, P or LT. The letter tells us P = P-Metric (Example: P /65R17 98T). P-Metric tires are the most common type of tire. The P stands for passenger Metric / Euro-Metric. =Section WidthTread (mm) The section width is the width of the tire from one sidewall to the other measured in millimeters. In this example, the tire is millimeters wide. It’s the height of the sidewall measured from wheel rim to top of the tread, expressed as a percentage of tire width. In other words, it’s sidewall height divided by tire width. In this example, the aspect ratio is 65, meaning the sidewall is 65 percent as high as the tire is wide.

We investigated and have the answer sort of. There's a massive amount of information branded on the sidewall of every tire The tire size is just one small piece of this code. Read on to learn how to crack the tire code with this handy guide dedicated to tire types, sizes, and construction. Most tire sizes begin with one or more letters -- for example, P or LT. The letter tells us what type of vehicle or service the tire was designed for.

P-Metric tires are the most common type of tire. Metric tires, also known as Euro-Metric tires because the sizing originated in Europe, don't have a letter designation.

Euro-Metric sizes are equivalent to P-Metric sizes in dimensions, but Euro-Metric sizes have subtle differences in their load-carrying ratings and capabilities. Euro-Metric tires are usually found on European cars, but they're also used frequently used on SUVs and vans. Light Truck Metric tires sizes begin with the letters LT.

These tires are designed for use on vehicles used to tow trailers or carry heavy loads. If the tire size begins with a T, it means that the tire is a temporary spare.

Also known as mini spares or space savers, temporary spares are designed for short-term use until the regular tire is repaired or replaced. Tires beginning with ST are special trailer tires and should only be used on car, boat, or utility trailers. Euro-Metric tire sizes ending with a C are commercial tires, for use on delivery trucks and vans capable of carrying heavy loads. In addition to the C designation, these sizes are also branded with a load range and service description rating load range B, C, or D.

The three digits following the service type prefix if present tell us the cross-sectional width of the tire in millimeters. In the example above, the tires width, measured from the widest point of the inner sidewall to the widest point of the outer sidewall when properly mounted, is millimeters. The section width can be converted to inches by dividing the width in millimeters by The two-digit number that usually follows the tire's section width tells us the aspect ratio, or tire profile measurement.

A lower aspect ratio means a lower-profile tire with a shorter sidewall, while a tire with a higher aspect ratio will have a taller sidewall and look more like a donut. Because we know that the tire size shown in this example has a section width of 8. Again using our example tire size from above, the 17 means that the tire should be matched to a inch diameter wheel.

Tires usually come in the following widths in inches : 8, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17, 18, 19, 20, 22, 23, 24, 26, and Tires in these sizes are typically found on most passenger cars, light-duty light trucks, SUVs, minivans, and vans. Tires with a rim diameter measured in inches are called "inch rim" sizes. In addition to the inch rim sizes, there are also some unique tire sizes out there.

Although not as common, tires are made in half-inch diameters for some heavy-duty light trucks, box vans, and heavy-duty trailers. These sizes are usually Tires and wheels with unique rim diameters should never be combined with traditional inch rim tires and wheels. Before mounting tires on wheels, the tire and wheel diameters should always be confirmed to match.

When a letter R, D, or B follows the two-digit aspect ratio, it tells us the tire's construction. In this example, the R means that the tire has radial construction. If there's a D instead of an R, the tire has a bias ply construction, meaning that the internal body plies of the tire crisscross on a diagonal pattern.

In belted tires marked as B , the internal plies crisscross like in a D construction, but there's also an extra layer of reinforcing belts under the tread area. Belted tires are rarely seen these days. Today, the only speed rating still included in the tire size is the Z rating sports cars.

Since , all other speed ratings are included in the service description, as shown below. Since , the service description rating is mandatory for all speed ratings except Z-rated tires and appears at the end of the tire's size brand.

The service description is used to identify the tire's load index 91 in the example above and speed rating V in the example. For more on load indexes and speed ratings, read Breaking the tire code: Understanding tire service description, load index, and speed rating. By continuing to use our site, you consent to the placement of cookies on your browser.

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