What does a baby need for a passport

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what does a baby need for a passport

Passports for infants

Dec 19,  · The last thing you want to do is wait in line with your baby to get a passport only to have to do it all over again because of a missing document. Here's what you need to bring with you: our baby's official birth certificate: You will need the official birth certificate and, as a safeguard, you may want to bring along a digital back-up and a photocopy of the original as well. You and your child must submit your completed application, including citizenship evidence, photocopy of ID, photo, and fees, in person at a passport acceptance facility. Your child may be eligible to apply in person at a passport agency if you are traveling soon. Please see .

Passport and International Travel. Processing times. Department of State. Consular information sheets. Join now to personalize. By Clark Nortonfamily travel writer. Every U. The U. Department of State issues what does a baby need for a passport. Unfortunately, applying for a first-time passport has become more stringent and complicated in recent years.

No first-time passport applications are accepted by mail. As a parent or legal guardian, you must apply in person on your baby's behalf and you must bring your child with you when you apply. If your child has two parents or legal guardians, both must be present to sign the passport application. If both can't be present, you'll need a notarized Statement of Consent signed by the absent parent or guardian. If you're the sole parent — the other one is deceased or you have sole legal authority over your child — you'll need to provide evidence of that.

If you can't prove you're the sole parent or for any reason can't get your child's other parent to sign the Statement of Consent, you'll have to explain why in the Special Circumstances box on the statement.

You can apply for a first-time passport at any of 9, or so passport acceptance facilities across the country, including many post offices, libraries, local government offices, and courts.

Call ahead or check online to make sure the facility is accepting passport applications on the day you want to go in. Alternatively, if you plan to travel abroad within two weeks, or you need a foreign visa, you can visit one of 14 regional passport centers. These operate by appointment only; call for an appointment. You can pick up an application form at many passport acceptance facilities.

To make things a bit easier, download the application form and fill it out before you go in just don't sign it beforehand.

When applying, you'll need documentation that proves your baby's citizenship as well as your own identity and relationship to your baby. Bring your child's government-issued certified U. It should have a registrar's seal and signature and have been filed within a year of his birth. The names of both parents or guardians if there are two must be on it.

If your baby doesn't have such a certificate — if he was born in a different country, for example — or both parents' or guardians' names aren't on it, you'll need alternate documentation. Your baby doesn't need a Social Security number to apply for a passport. You and any other parent or guardian who appears must also have valid photo identification, such as a driver's license or current U. You'll also need two regulation passport photos of your baby. Be sure to have these taken at a photo shop or facility familiar with passport photo specifications.

The identical 2-inch-square color photos must be recent within six months and meet other specific criteria — for example, your baby's eyes and hairline must be visible. Even payment procedures can be complex. But if you apply at a local passport acceptance facility, you'll need to divide the payment between the U.

Not all facilities accept all forms of payment, so to avoid any hassles, call ahead of time or get payment information online. Apply as far in advance of your travel date as you can. Allow at least six weeks to receive the passport in the mail — longer in summer. When the passport arrives, print your baby's name and then sign your own name with relationship in parentheses on the signature line. Passports for children under age 16 are good for five years.

The bad news is that you'll have to go through pretty much the same process when it's time to renew your child's passport — apply in person, prove your relationship to your child, and what wireless router works best with mac on. So hold on to all your documentation for the next go-round! Finally, the U.

State Department maintains a list of various countries' passport and visa requirements. These can change, so check with the embassy or consulate of the country you want to visit before you travel.

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Do infants need a SSN to apply for passport?

You'll also need two regulation passport photos of your baby. Be sure to have these taken at a photo shop or facility familiar with passport photo specifications. The identical 2-inch-square color photos must be recent (within six months) and meet other specific criteria — for example, your baby's eyes and hairline must be visible. Apply for an Infant's Passport The mother will have to provide a document that proves her relationship to the child (e.g., a certified birth certificate) at the time of application. Passports issued to minors are valid for 5 years. The State Department does not require that passport photos be updated prior to expiration.

Question: We are planning a family trip to Jamaica. My wife's niece is planning on going, but will have her 6 month old baby with her. For a child that young, what type of passport does she need? We were told by a travel agent that she might need a picture of mother, and baby together.

Also the baby is due in August, and we will be going in February. Answer: There is no special passport for an infant. Passports for all United States citizens are the same, except those issued to military personnel or diplomats.

It is the requirements that are different. For a complete list of requirements to get a child's passport and to download the application form, click the link below. Apply for an Infant's Passport The mother will have to provide a document that proves her relationship to the child e.

Passports issued to minors are valid for 5 years. The State Department does not require that passport photos be updated prior to expiration. Click here to read or post comments.

If the minor has one when you apply for the U. If the minor has not been issued a SSN, enter zeros in box 5 of the passport application form DS that you are completing. You can download the application for a Social Security Number and mail it to the Social Security Administration in order to apply. It can take up to 12 weeks to receive because the child's birth record must be verified. In this case, it usually take a lot less time to process. How to Get a Child's Passport.

Question: I am expecting this month and will need to get a passport for my newborn shortly after. Do I need to provide pictures even though the baby will change in looks drastically over the next few years? Other than a birth certificate, are there any other documents needed? Answer: Yes, you must provide a passport photo of your infant. Other documents needed are listed below.

Completed, unsigned form DS 2. Birth certificate Serves as both evidence of U. Parent's ID valid driver's license 4. Copy of each identification document 5. Two passport photos 6. Payment for fees For complete instructions, click the link below. Apply for Child's Passport You should make sure your child's eyes are open in the photo. One way to do this is to drape a white sheet over one sitting parent, who also holds the baby's head and neck upright under the sheet while the photographer takes the photo.

Question: Father's name not on birth certificate due to mother not being married to father and he was not in the state to sign paternity form. Mother believes her baby would not be allowed to enter Saudi Arabia because father is not listed and she is not a citizen. Is this correct? Answer: It is difficult to determine from your question if you are asking about a U. If your question concerns an U.

Passport, then the baby is considered a U. Constitution including the right to have a U. For full details about how to apply for a child's passport, click the link below. Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia Any other questions concerning entrance into Saudi Arabia can be directed to the consular services of the Saudi Arabia embassy.

Click here to post comments. Question: We are wanting to apply for a US passport for our two month old son Andrew. I am a US citizen born here, raised here. His father is a UK citizen, born and raised UK. Andrew was born in Kansas City, MO where we both are currently living. We are waiting for fiance visa application submission before the father is able to come here.

I am wanting to know the proper procedure and paperwork regarding what his father has to do to give permission for the passport? I am actually applying for it so we can all go to see all of the family in England. Is the special circumstances form sufficient with just my signature?

I was talking with Mark and they do not have notaries in England, so I do not know how to handle this. Or does he not really have to do anything since he is not a US citizen? Answer: If only one parent appears at the time the application for a minor's passport is submitted, then a notarized Form DS must also be submitted for the non-applying parent.

According to the U. Embassy in London, the form can be notarized by a U. The U. Embassy in London can also notarize Form DS In addition to the Form DS, the absent parent must provide proof of identity.

Question: I have a 1-month-old baby. I need to travel to India and will be back within 3 months. Can I take my baby without a passport?

Instead of a passport, can I take her birth certificate for identification? Answer: All U. You can access the instructions for obtaining a U. How to Get a Passport for a Child For information on getting a visa, click the link below. How to Get a Visa to India. Question: We're traveling in early July and our son will be under 2 months old. We have not received the birth certificate yet to apply for a passport.

What would you recommend we do? Can we travel with him by adding his name to our passports? Thanks for the advice in advance. Please advise asap. Answer: Yes, your newborn must have a passport in order to exit and re-enter the United States. You cannot add the name of a baby to a passport. Each U.

What you can do is contact the vital records office of the state in which your child was born. This is the state agency that issued birth certificates. You can request to know the status of your baby's birth certificate and ask whether the process can be expedited or not. Many states expedite birth certificates for an extra fee. For more information, click the link below. Where to Get a Birth Certificate For a complete list of passport requirements for an infant, click the link below.

Apply for an Infant's Passport. We can only provide our UK passports and driver's license as proof of ID. Will these be acceptable documents? Adsense: Your child's original or certified birth certificate will serve as both evidence of his or her U.

Concerning proof of identification , the State Department requires the document to be from the same state in which you are applying. If you apply at an Acceptance Facility and submit out-of-state primary identification, you must present a second ID, as well. The second ID must contain as much of the following information as possible: your photo, full name, date of birth, and the document issuance date.

Click the link for complete details. If you do not possess a SS card, you can learn how to get one by clicking the link below. Social Security Numbers For Noncitizens Finally, you can click the link below for a complete list of requirements for obtaining the passport for your baby.

Get Passport for Infant. I'm pregnant and going to give birth in NJ with my family. I want my baby to be an American citizen. How long will my newborn's passport take to process? I want to go back to South Africa as soon as I get her passport. Does she need a visa to enter her parents' country South Africa or just the passport? Answer: Your child will have dual citizenship at birth and, therefore, will not need a visa to enter South Africa.

Your baby will need both a South African passport and an American passport.

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