What does g i p mean

By Fenrikora | 09.07.2020

what does g i p mean

G.M.F.G.I, C.P.G What do they stand for?

Jul 14,  · I googled G.I.P. definition and this is one page of results I found: Gibraltar Pound (ISO currency code) Groupement d'Interet Public (French) Giudice per le Indagini Preliminari. Glucose-dependent insulinotropic peptide. Gastric Inhibitory Peptide. Global Internet Project. Global Inventory Project. Gross Internal Product. Looking for the definition of GIMP? Find out what is the full meaning of GIMP on usloveescort.com! 'Gnu Image Manipulation Program' is one option -- get in to view more @ The Web's largest and most authoritative acronyms and abbreviations resource.

Post a Comment. Pages Love Try3Steps? Try3Step's Founder:. We don't have salespeople. All we ask is a coffee, or whatever seems reasonable to you today. It's fast and easy to donate on your phone. No minimum threshold! Thank you for inspiring us! Search Another Question. Apr 6, [Answer] What does "G. Step 1 : Introduction to the question "What does "G. Gone in 2. Government issue 3. General individual 4.

Green infantry Step 2 : Answer to the question " What how to start my own boutique business "G. Army, "G. Interestingly, nobody is quite sure where the abbreviation came from; there's no evidence that the army came up with it themselves, and one popular theory links the term to the letters stamped on army trash cans — which were made of galvanized iron hence "G. Whatever the origins of the term, "G.

Eventually, soldiers began using it to refer even to themselves — a cheeky use of the term that eventually became common parlance, which is why we understand "G. Now its your turn, "The more we share The more we have".

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May 23,  · Here’s what they mean! Diamond Grading. The Gemological Institute of America is the leading authority on diamond and gemstone grading. Jewellers, wholesalers, suppliers and buyers all over the world send their gems to the GIA’s laboratories. Their expert gemologists examine them in minute detail and then compile a grading report and. Definition of P.I.G in the usloveescort.com dictionary. Meaning of P.I.G. What does P.I.G mean? Information and translations of P.I.G in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on . Apr 06,  · Whatever the origins of the term, "G.I." quickly came to mean "government issue," and soldiers use it to refer to all manner of government-issued gear and weaponry. Eventually, soldiers began using it to refer even to themselves — a cheeky use of the term that eventually became common parlance, which is why we understand "G.I.s" to mean.

The Imperial Gunnery Forum. Quick question T. G members, The copyright info stamps on figures have a series of letters also, what do they stand for, I did read it somewhere on the net ages ago, but one, I cant remember, and two I'm damned if I can find the site where I read it.

Naturally I remembered L. The others though, C. G and G. I I'm damned if I can remember or re-find out! Any help please :scratch:. G i'm not sure on but the G. Cheers Chris, Kind of seems obvious now you've said it, but I can honestly say I have been scratching my head for a while and would have definately been scratching a bit longer! Wasn't General Mills German? Kenner designed and made the toys, the other companies just distributed them but GM were the big mac daddies.

Edit- I remember seeing the CPG on some Vintage figure patents, so it could be copyright markings but I vaguely remember it meaning something like consumer packaged or commercial products? Can't remember where I have seen it explained. Cheers Joe, Don't know why I thought German, just remember seeing some German carded figure with General Mills written on it or something, not sure, I don't collect carded stuff. G is the stamp on Boba Fett, not sure if it's on any other figures.

Cheers again. General Mills Inc. These sub-categories changed all the time during the toy era, merging one goup with another and re-organizing the company activity.

In , General Mills spins off its Toy and Fashion divisions. Cheers JC, I think that clears it all up nicely. Would you like to react to this message? Create an account in a few clicks or log in to continue. Search Query. Display results as : Posts Topics. Advanced Search. G What do they stand for? Subject: G. Tue Jul 05, pm. Subject: Re: G. Wed Jul 06, am. Sponsored content. Page 1 of 1. Permissions in this forum:. You cannot reply to topics in this forum.

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