What does haute mean in english

By Mikarisar | 22.05.2021

what does haute mean in english

Definition of haute: fashionable, high-class haute interior decorators a store filled with haute kitsch Examples of haute in a Sentence Recent Examples on the Web Within seconds, an avalanche of high . high-class or high-toned; fancy: an haute restaurant that attracts a monied crowd.

Top definition. French for 'high' feminine is haute and masculine is haut. It does not have to be paired with the word Couture meaning sewing The 'H' is not pronounced. Or sophisticatedly made clothing. Apr 21 Word of the Day. Got the covid vaccine. Gaute means "high" in French.

It is pronounced " hote ", NOT "hot". It is used most commonly with the word "Couture" pronounced catore which means "fashion" in French. Thus, Haute Couture means High Fashion. It does not, however, mean hawt, hot, sexy, whatever. People who use haute in place of those words are idiots who seriously need to read the REAL dictionary instead of urbandictionary.

That Vivienne Westwood trench is so haute couture. It means "fashionably elegant " OR " high class " OR simply "fancy" To excel at being fabulous whst every appropriately trend-setting way possible, adapting to the ebb and mran of social consciousness and the popular status quoenhancing ones how to send an email using hotmail beauty in the process.

Used to describe something that is how to use a childrens abacus NOT Paris Hilton 'hot' juss haute; used by people who said the phrase before Paris Hilton banned anyone else saying it.

A friend : "How's this englis look with this micromini? Past hawt, shmexy, seckzysecksy and secksi combined, haute is the only englisg to describe tons of celebrities who are so hot they almost knock you over when you see them.

Also another expression used in the same way as hot; could also be used to describe erotic or semi-erotic situations much like the word hot tends to do. Oh my god, guys, wouldn't it be so haute if those two started holding hands?

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Define haute. haute synonyms, haute pronunciation, haute translation, English dictionary definition of haute. adj. Fashionably elegant: "In Washington, haute gastronomy is at least as important as the national economy". American Heritage® Dictionary of the English. haute translation in French - English Reverso dictionary, see also 'haute couture',haute fidelite',haute finance',haute trahison', examples, definition, conjugation. Haute means "high" in French. It is pronounced " hote ", NOT "hot". It is used most commonly with the word "Couture" (pronounced catore) which means "fashion" .

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However, with expressions like "haute cuisine" high class cooking and haute couture high class fashion it has taken on the connotation of elegance. It means 'high' or 'tall'. You may have heard it in the term 'haute couture', which means 'high fashion'. Trending News.

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What Does Haute Mean. Doethineb Lv 7. It means high or tall. This Site Might Help You. Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.

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