What is a laundry tub

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what is a laundry tub

What is a Laundry Sink?

Laundry tubs are found in a laundry room but they are often used for more than laundry. A laundry tub looks much like a bigger and deeper version of a kitchen sink. The depth of the tub provides the space needed to properly soak and rinse clothing. By installing a laundry tub in a cabinet, the plumbing system for it will be hidden. Jan 30, A laundry sink, which may also be called a utility sink or laundry tub, is a useful and not very expensive addition to the laundry room or to rooms like mudrooms and basements. Though the sinks can vary in size, most of the basins are over a foot meters) deep.

A laundry sink, which may also be called a how to ask for discount sink or laundry tub, is a useful and not very expensive addition to the laundry room or to rooms like mudrooms and basements. Though the sinks can vary ia size, most of the basins are over a foot.

The best that could be said of it was that it was utilitarian in purpose. This has changed with a growing appreciation for these sinks. There are now numerous types made in lots of different materials. Materials used can include porcelainglass, and stone. It was very common up until recently, to attach a large laundry sink to a back wall, and it might have a few feet to keep it stabilized. Instead, the sinks can be on pedestals, inset into cabinets or vanities, or they can be vessel sinks on stands.

Though called a laundry sink, installing a beautiful deep vessel sink in a mudroom, which may be the point of entry to a home, can make a lovely design statement. The what sizes of diapers should i stock up on deep sinks of the past are still available widely.

Most people will find the best supply of laundry sink choices at local hardware or home improvement stores, and they can look at the fancier sinks in these locations too.

Choosing the laundry sink whar fairly easy, but installing it may be more complicated. The sink will need to be connected to a water source, which could mean accessing piping behind the walls or figuring out where one can be placed.

The sink also needs os drain, and this may require ia a drain. She is especially passionate about reading and writing, although her other interests include medicine, art, film, history, politics, ethics, and religion.

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Who Invented Concrete Laundry Tubs?

A man by the name of Joseph Monier invented concrete laundry tubs. He was a gardener who started making steel-reinforced concrete tubs and pots because he was dissatisfied with clay and wood pots that would fall apart. This is a magnificent concrete laundry tub thats stood the test of time and can serve many future generations once cleaned up. 26W 40" DURASTONE UTILATWIN Double Laundry Tub - Wall. 27F 40" UTILATWIN Laundry Tub - Floor. 27W 40" UTILATWIN Laundry Tub - Wall. 28CF 40" BIGTUB UTILITUB Laundry Tub - Combo Kit. 28F 40" BIGTUB UTILITUB Laundry Tub. ELM Mustee. West th Street Brook Park, OH Phone: Fax: [email protected] Feb 03, A utility sink or tub, often also referred to as a laundry sink, is a fixture usually found in garages and laundry rooms. Its a type of large sink with a basic that can be as deep as 25 and it can be used in a variety of different ways such as for cleaning various tools, filling and emptying mop buckets, soaking clothes or even bathing small usloveescort.com: Simona Ganea.

This is a great photo of the underside of a concrete laundry tub. This drain assembly just needs to be cleaned of the rust and painted with a rust-inhibitive paint. Copyright Tim Carter. It appears to be made of concrete, soap stone or something similar and has two giant tubs. It's supported by a steel stand that's in pretty good shape with some minor rust. Can you identify it? How long have these sinks been around? How can I clean and restore it?

Also, the faucet holes aren't standard size or distance can I fill and drill new ones? Chris R. Among other things, I'm a master plumber and I've owned and moved several of these monster sinks.

Believe it or not, you're the proud owner of a collector's item. You've got a marvelous precast concrete laundry tub that's nearly indestructible. Concrete laundry tubs were invented and displayed for the world to see at the Paris Exposition. A man by the name of Joseph Monier invented concrete laundry tubs. He was a gardener who started making steel-reinforced concrete tubs and pots because he was dissatisfied with clay and wood pots that would fall apart. Concrete is strong when you try to compress it, but if you try to stretch or bend it, it's weak.

Steel is exceptionally strong if you try to stretch it. You can make beams, columns, suspended slabs, bridges, boats, and even laundry tubs when you combine the concrete and steel in the right configuration! The house I lived in from age 2 until 22 had a double-basin concrete sink. This concrete laundry tub was just on the other side of the wall from where I slept.

I was lucky enough to have concrete laundry tubs in the first two houses I owned. As you might imagine, they came in different models with one, two or three sink basins.

The sinks weigh hundreds and hundreds of pounds. I believe the reason they're so durable is that the manufacturers decided to make the concrete mix quite rich adding a small amount of extra Portland cement. They added enough Portland cement so the concrete probably tested out at 6, pounds per square inch or higher compressive strength. Years ago when the sinks were made this extra cement, probably only cost the manufacturers a nickel since there's not that much cement volume in each sink.

What a wise decision it was! Here's a closeup shot of the underside of the tub's drain. Remove the rust, paint it, install a PVC tailpiece with a flange and a disposal washer and you're good to go!

It's important to realize the top lip of these sinks is made from steel so the edge won't chip. The workmanship that went into creating each of these sinks is of the highest quality. I've seen hundreds of these sinks in my career and all of them are impressive. I feel it's best to repair cracks and crumbled areas with modern concrete epoxy. A point often overlooked is the best method to restore the sink surfaces. Use the best concrete-repair epoxy I've ever used, if you want to repair a crack in one of these grand sinks, or fill in a crumbling area.

I've had the best success with the PC-Products Epoxy in a tube. See it just below in the photo? This is a wonderful DIY foundation repair epoxy. I've used it with great results. I'd start the steel stand restoration process by removing any rust.

If you need a new stand, see below where I talk about hiring a local welder. Use a high-quality paint made to paint steel after the stand is sanded and ready for primer and paint. This is a fantastic spray paint for steel. You can also get it in small cans if you want to brush it on. The stand probably was painted black when the sink was new. It could have been a dark gray as well. Start to remove any paint from the inside of the sink basin walls after you have the steel stand repainted.

Remove paint with common paste paint strippers. Follow the directions on the label and be sure the space is well ventilated if you're using a stripper that contains methylene chloride.

I feel the best cleaner for the sink is a low-grade abrasive cleaner. I would then try to scrub the sides of the sink with Soft Scrub abrasive cleaner.

This is the infamous Soft Scrub. I've used it for years. It contains very fine silica sand or volcanic pumice as the abrasive. Just test it on a small area at first using a scrub brush with stiff nylon bristles. Do not use a wire brush of any type, especially one on a spinning power tool.

That will damage the concrete surface in no time. You'll have fantastic results removing oil stains and any organic stains using a powerful oxygen bleach solution. I prefer Stain Solver, a pure white powder you mix with warm or hot water. Stain Solver is non-toxic and has no odor. Just spritz the sides of the sink with the solution keeping the concrete wet for an hour or more. Don't let the solution dry. Every fifteen minutes, scrub with the brush and see if you're making progress.

If so, keep at it until you get the sink clean. I'd not recommend using acid at all. You can drill new holes in a concrete sink that will work for a modern faucet. It's best to create the holes with a diamond hole-cutting saw.

Realize you'll have to make certain the blade can cut through tiny steel wire that you're sure to encounter in the concrete matrix. Diamond hole saws are affordable and there are many to choose from. Always read the reviews and invest wisely.

Before you do this radical modification to the sink, please consider taking the time to visit plumbing supply houses where plumbers purchase most of their products. These unique businesses can be found in just about every large or medium city. They rarely advertise, but believe me they exist. There's a great chance these supply houses will have a faucet that will work using the existing holes in the sink.

If that doesn't work, I'd be inclined to work with a local welder who works in stainless steel. See if he can't fabricate a mount that has holes for modern faucets. This mount would have small bolts that would allow you to use the existing holes to pull the mount tight to the sink and leave enough space for the water supply lines to feed the faucet. Be sure there's plenty of cross bracing so the stand will not collapse.

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