What is a static page

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what is a static page

What is: Static Front Page

Mar 24,  · A static Web page is a page that is built using HTML code and features the same presentation and content, regardless of user identity or other factors. Static Web pages are easier to code and assemble than dynamic Web pages, which may feature customizable content according to a user's identity or other factors. Static Web pages are also known as static websites. Apr 20,  · A static web page is an Internet site that displays the same content for all users, rather than providing personalized content tailored to each user, and which is not updated often.

Traditionally, bloggers showcase posts listed chronologically on their homepages. Much of the content on these pages can be customized, so you can add taglines, a navigation bar, or whatever else you need to establish your brand. It might include headlines, images, or text blurbs that encourage your audience to further connect with your site. The WordPress. However, there are plenty of reasons why someone might want to switch to a static front page instead.

For those who want to use their front page to welcome visitors or showcase specific information, a static homepage is an excellent choice. Static homepages also offer what is baking soda for in cookies ability to add attention-grabbing features, such as a slider.

While anyone can choose a static front page for their website, some will benefit more than others. Here are some examples of websites that work especially well with static homepages:. Build, publish and grow your blog, website or podcast with on-demand go-at-your-own pace courses taught by WordPress experts.

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What is: Static Front Page. A WordPress website can have a dynamic blog-like front page, or a static front page which is used to show customized content. By default, WordPress uses the first option by showing your most recent posts on the front page. Some users prefer the second option which is also known as a “splash page” or a “custom home page”. 8 rows · May 23,  · Static Web Page Dynamic Web Page; 1. In static web pages, Pages will remain same until. Sep 06,  · A static home page is a custom-designed page that does not change every time you publish a new blog post. Instead, it points to certain pages that you dictate, and provides a clear path for your website visitor if they land on your home page. It .

Skip to content. Related Articles. Last Updated : 15 Jun, Static Web pages: Static Web pages are very simple.

For static web pages when a server receives a request for a web page, then the server sends the response to the client without doing any additional process. And these web pages are seen through a web browser. In static web pages, Pages will remain the same until someone changes it manually. NET, etc. In dynamic web pages, the Content of pages is different for different visitors. It takes more time to load than the static web page.

Dynamic web pages are used where the information is changed frequently, for example, stock prices, weather information, etc. In static web pages, Pages will remain same until someone changes it manually.

In dynamic web pages, Content of pages are different for different visitors. Static Web Pages are simple in terms of complexity. Dynamic web pages are complicated. In static web pages, Information are change rarely. In dynamic web page, Information are change frequently. Static Web Page takes less time for loading than dynamic web page.

Dynamic web page takes more time for loading. In Static Web Pages, database is not used. In dynamic web pages, database is used. Static web pages does not contain any application program. Dynamic web pages contains application program for different services. Static web pages require less work and cost in designing them. Dynamic web pages require comparatively more work and cost in designing them.

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