What is bun creatinine ratio mean

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what is bun creatinine ratio mean

All About BUN and Creatinine: What They Are and What a High Ratio Means

Oct 31,  · A high BUN/Creatinine ratio indicates an underlying disease/disorder and will usually be accompanied by the symptoms of this underlying disorder. The causes shown here are commonly associated with high BUN/creatinine. Work with your doctor or other health care professional for an accurate diagnosis. A BUN/Creatinine ratio above the normal range can be caused by: . A BUN creatinine ratio is a blood work done to detect acute or chronic renal disease/failure. Both BUN and creatinine are filtered in the kidneys and excreted through urination and they are a perfect parameter for identifying the overall functions of the kidneys. (1, 2) Image 1: The standard unit of measurements for BUN and creatinine.

The principle behind this ratio is the fact that both urea BUN and creatinine are freely filtered by the glomerulus; however, urea reabsorbed by the tubules can be regulated increased or decreased whereas creatinine reabsorption remains the same minimal reabsorption. Reduced renal perfusion, e. Increased urea formation also results in an increase in the ratio, e.

In most cases of chronic renal disease the ratio remains relatively normal. A decreased ratio may be observed with liver disease and poor diet. Temporary levels that are high or low may not be a cause for concern and should be retested to confirm. An increased ratio of BUN to creatinine may be due to conditions that cause a creatijine in the flow of blood to how to bypass gm vats system kidneys, such as congestive heart failure or dehydration.

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Creatinine Test

BUN Creatinine Ratio. BUN Creatinine Ratio can help a physician to decide what has caused your renal failure or if you have renal failure at all. This generally is only helpful if you do not already have chronic renal failure, and are just having an acute episode of renal disease. Normal BUN:Creatinine ratios are to What Does High BUN Creatinine Ratio Indicate? The BUN/Creatinine ratio is useful in the differential diagnosis of acute or chronic renal disease. Reduced renal perfusion, e.g., congestive heart failure, or recent onset of urinary tract obstruction will result in an increase in BUN/Creatinine ratio. Apr 24,  · The BUN creatinine ratio is the ratio between the BUN and Blood Creatinine. The ratio is used by health practitioners to determine changes in your kidney health. The ratio is mostly used to find out the causes of dehydration or acute kidney injury. BUN Creatinine Ratio Low Levels.

It forms as a result of body metabolism and breakdown of protein from eaten foods. Usually, it is removed from the body by the kidney. When kidney function reduces or in case you consume more protein, BUN levels rise. Creatinine is a natural product generated from muscle metabolism.

Creatinine is then transported through the blood to the kidney where most of it is filtered out and disposed of in the urine. Both creatinine and BUN are filtered in the kidney and then excreted in the urine.

Therefore, Creatinine and BUN can be used together to help measure kidney function. The ratio is used by health practitioners to determine changes in your kidney health.

The ratio is mostly used to find out the causes of dehydration or acute kidney injury. A low BUN to creation level is below The ratio may decrease as a result of decreased urea formation and malnutrition. A high BUN: Cr ratio is the level above An increase in this ratio can result due to a decrease in the flow of blood to the kidneys. For instance, is you have a BUN Creatinine ratio 24 , it means you could be slightly dehydrating.

In case you have a BUN Creatinine ratio 22 , you may be just fine as it is barely above the normal range. The normal ratio range for the BUN to creatinine is commonly between and To maintain a normal BUN: Cr ratio you may have to take medication or to alter your diet. A normal level is important to avoid kidney related diseases. For overall healthy kidney ensure that you keep your cholesterol , sodium, potassium, and protein in check. This can also help to slow the progression of kidney disease.

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