What is meaning of base

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what is meaning of base

KJV Dictionary Definition: base

Medical Definition of base. 1: that portion of a bodily organ or part by which it is attached to another more central structure of the organism the base of the thumb. 2 a: the usually inactive ingredient of a preparation serving as the vehicle for the active . base. the bottom support; that on which something stands; a fundamental principle; basis; foundation: Place the vase on the base. Not to be confused with: bass Ц (pronounced b?ass) in music, low in pitch or range, a bass voice or instrument: He sings bass.

It is base d on the interaction between the sender and the receiver. Especially on the coronavirus, he is playing to his base above all else. Paperback publishers distributed their titles in African-American neighborhoods because it expanded their market base. Huckabee will also need to establish a reliable fundraising basesomething that up until now how to verify tds certificate proved to be elusive. Both are considered marginal figures in the House GOP caucus and have no real base of support for their respective bids.

In the weeks following the Sept. The maening part of the stem is usually unbranched, but whorls of branches occur towards the base. It is a vile world because it is an under-educated world, unreasonable, suspicious, base and ferocious. In ordinary work, however, it is safer to base the distinction upon size than upon structure. If whwt married that base -born creature Dorothy, no respectable person would ever enter the house. There might be in the school how to make windows icons bigger base enough to charge that he lacked spirit in his attitude of armed neutrality.

Any of a number of bitter-tasting, caustic materials. Technically, a material that produces negative ions in solution. A base is the opposite of an acid and has a pH of 7 to A given amount of a base added to the same amount of an acid neutralizes the acid; water and a salt are produced. Alkalis are bases; ammonia is a common base. Save This Word! BotanyZoology. Compare home plate. Also called base line. See under triangulation def. Also called carrier. Compare root 1 def. Stock Exchange. The squadron is based on meanning carrier.

Set some time apart to test your bracket symbol knowledge, and see if you can keep your parentheses, squares, curlies, and angles all straight! Whxt for base get to first base. Base, basis, foundation refer to anything upon which a structure is built and upon which it rests. Base usually refers to a literal supporting structure: the base of a statue. Basis more often refers to a figurative support: the basis of a report. Foundation implies a solid, secure understructure: the foundation of a skyscraper or a rumor.

Words nearby base basanitebas bleuB. Old English Law. Music Obsolete. See synonyms for base on Thesaurus. See mean 2. Words related to base paltrysupportinfrastructuregroundfoundationsourcegarrisoncentercampsiteterminalfieldstationsettlementhome kf, postdepotportlocatedepend. Example sentences from the Web for base It is base d on the interaction between the sender and the receiver. How to Know the Ferns S. Leonard Bastin.

The Salvaging Of Civilisation H. Herbert George Wells. The Soldier of the Valley Nelson Lloyd. A solution of a base in water turns litmus paper blue, produces hydroxyl ions, and has a pH greater than 7. Bases are metal oxides or hydroxides or amines See also Lewis base. Also basr base clause logic maths the initial element of a recursive definition, that defines the first element of the infinite sequence generated thereby.

English history of land tenure held by villein or other ignoble service holding land by villein or other ignoble service. Derived forms of base baselyadverb basenessnoun. The part of an organ nearest its point of attachment. A fundamental ingredient; a chief constituent of a mixture. Any of a large class of compounds, including the hydroxides and oxides of metals, having a how to bake a pizza taste, a slippery solution, the capacity to turn litmus blue, and what to do for sunburned eyes react with acids to form salts.

A molecular or ionic substance capable of combining with a proton to form a new substance. A bas organic compound that combines in such a manner. A substance that provides a pair of electrons for a covalent bond with an acid.

Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. Chemistry Any of a class of compounds that form hydroxyl ions OH when dissolved in water, and whose aqueous solutions react with acids to form salts. Bases turn red litmus paper blue and have a pH greater than 7.

Their aqueous solutions have a bitter taste. Compare acid. See nitrogen base. Mathematics The side or face of a geometric figure to which an altitude is or is thought to be drawn. The base can be, but is not always, the bottom part of the figure. The number that is raised to various powers to generate the principal counting units of a number system. The base of the decimal system, for example, is bbase The number that is raised to a particular power in a given mathematical expression.

In what is meaning of base expression a na is the base. All rights reserved. What is meaning of base Today's Synonym.

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May 06, †Ј A base is a substance that reacts with an acid in an acid-base reaction. The mechanism through which a base works has been argued throughout history. Generally, a base either accepts a proton, releases a hydroxide anion when dissolved in water, or donates an electron. Examples of bases include hydroxides and soap. Base definition, the bottom support of anything; that on which a thing stands or rests: a metal base for the table. See more. The base of a conic section is a right line in the hyperbola and parabola, arising from the common intersection of the secant plane and the base of the cone. In chimistry, any body which is dissolved by another body, which it receives and fixes.

Thou hast magnified thy word above all thy name. Mean; vile; worthless; that is, low in value or estimation; used of things. Of low station; of mean account; without rank, dignity or estimation among men; used of persons. Of mean spirit; disingenuous; illiberal; low; without dignity of sentiment; as a base and abject multitude. Of little comparative value; applied to metals, and perhaps to all metals, except gold and silver. Not held by honorable tenure.

A base estate is an estate held by services not honorable,not in capite, or by villenage. Such a tenure is called base, or low, and the tenant, a base tenant.

So writers on the laws of England use the terms, a base fee, a base court. In architecture, the base of a pillar properly is that part which is between the top of a pedestal and the bottom of the shaft; but when there is no pedestal, it is the part between the bottom of the column and the plinth. Usually it consists of certain spires or circles. The pedestal also has its base.

In fortification, the exterior side of the polygon, or that imaginary line which is drawn from the flanked angle of a bastion to the angle opposite to it. The place from which racers or tilters start; the bottom of the field; the carcer or starting post.

In geometry, the lowest side of the perimeter of a figure. Any side of a triangle may be called its base, but this term most properly belongs to the side which is parallel to the horizon. In rectangled triangles, the base, properly, is the side opposite to the right angle. The base of a solid figure is that on which it stands. The base of a conic section is a right line in the hyperbola and parabola, arising from the common intersection of the secant plane and the base of the cone. In chimistry, any body which is dissolved by another body, which it receives and fixes.

Thus any alkaline, earthy or metallic substance, combining with an acid, forms a compound or neutral salt, of which it is the base. Such salts are called salts with alkaline, earthy or metallic bases. Thorough base, in music, is the part performed with base viols or theorbos, while the voices sing and other instruments perform their parts, or during the intervals when the other parts stop. It is distinguished by figures over the notes. Counter base is a second or double base, when there are several in the same concert.

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Low in place. The base shall behave proudly against the honorable. Deep; grave; applied to sounds; as the base sounds of a viol. Of illegitimate birth; born out of wedlock.

BASE, n. The part of any ornament which hangs down, as housings. The broad part of any thing, as the bottom of a cone. In old authors, stockings; armor for the legs. The lowest or gravest part in music; improperly written bass.

A rustic play, called also bays, or prison bars. BASE, v. To embase; to reduce the value by the admixture of meaner metals. Little used. To found; to lay the base or foundation. To base and build the commonwealth of man. Reduced in value; founded. In a base manner; meanly; dishonorable. Illegitimately; in bastardy. Meanness; vileness; worthlessness. Vileness of metal; the quality of being of little comparative value.

Bastardy; illegitimacy of birth. Deepness of sound. More info Watch demo videos. Can a Christian Lose Salvation? Get our newsletter.

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