What is really going to happen in 2012 nasa

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what is really going to happen in 2012 nasa

Nasa explains why the end of the world is not coming on December 21

This is a redirection page In case the javascript redirection does not work, please click on the link below: usloveescort.com NASA is so sure the world won't come to an end on Dec. 21, , they have already released this news item for the day after. Dec. 22, If you're reading this story, it means one thing: The World Didn't End Yesterday. According to media reports of an ancient Maya prophecy, the world was supposed to be destroyed on Dec. 21, Apparently not.

Asked by Wiki User. It is just the Mayan's "Millennium", so to speak, and will wind up being a bigger wet firecracker than Y2K. NASA did not say this, which is what was asked.

No one who knows anything about science thinks that will have a polar shift or anything else. No it won't. Nothing will happen, it's going to what is a society page a regular year. Earthquakes happen every year. The year happened, and the year continued to a normal conclusion, like every other year. The world did not end. NASA is actually planing to go to the moon again by the year People shouldn't be scared about 'Doomsday', as it has been told it was going to happen in too.

And did it happen? I think not. No is not going to be a normal year. Pretty much the same reasons things happen every year. How to record with a microphone on audacity, deaths, marriages, births, seasons, etc.

NASA is planing to go to the moon again by the year No it is not at all going to be doomsday, in the year Yes is going to be a leap year. No, not at all. It will just be another year. Nope, it's a total Internet Hoax. It is unlikely it ever will. Starfleet in entirely fictional. It's probably right. Goggle : This includes locality pay, incentives and bonuses. A simple fact is, NO. Nothing is happening on year and this is all people making some cash to scare people. Don't worry about because all the rumors for the destructions predicted this year The Mayan calander ends on December 21,which happens to be the winter solstice.

I have never heard that anything is going to happen on March 20 of that year. So I guess the answer is I don't know. Nothing happened in March 20 of People think the world will end but they always try to predict the end of the world so I doubt it'll happen No it is not. I believe the year will happen but not the apocalypse. Ask Question. See Answer. Top Answer. Wiki User Answered Related Questions.

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Disclaimer : This page is kept for historical purposes, but the content is no longer actively updated. NASA is so sure the world won't come to an end on Dec. According to media reports of an ancient Maya prophecy, the world was supposed to be destroyed on Dec. John Carlson, director of the Center for Archaeoastronomy. Carlson is a hard-nosed scientist--a radio astronomer who earned his degree studying distant galaxies.

He became interested in the phenomenon in the early 70s when he attended a meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and learned about the lost civilization of the Maya. Where the rain forests of Mesoamerica now stand, a great civilization once flourished. The people of Maya society built vast cities, ornate temples, and towering pyramids. At its peak around A.

The Maya mastered astronomy, developed an elaborate written language, and left behind exquisite artifacts. Most compelling to Carlson was the Maya's expansive sense of time. There are dates and time references in Mayan ruins that stretch back a billion billion times farther than that. The Maya Long Count Calendar was designed to keep track of such long intervals. Written using modern typography, the Long Count Calendar resembles the odometer in a car.

It's a modified base system in which rotating digits represent powers of 20 days. Because the digits rotate, the calendar can "roll over" and repeat itself; this repetition is key to the phenomenon. According to Maya theology, the world was created years ago, on a date modern people would write "August 11, BC.

In the language of Maya scholars, 13 Bak'tuns or 13 times , days elapsed between the two dates. This was a significant interval in Maya theology, but, stresses Carlson, not a destructive one. None of the thousands of ruins, tablets, and standing stones that archeologists have examined foretell an end of the world.

Modern science agrees. NASA experts recently gathered in a Google hangout to review their own findings with the public. Neither is a rogue planet coming to destroy us. Everybody on Earth could see it. You don't need to ask the government, just go out and look. Reports to the contrary are exaggerated. What would an ancient Maya think about all this hoopla? Carlson believes he knows the answer. Many Maya believed that their gods who created the world years ago would return.

One of them in particular, an enigmatic deity named Bolon Yokte' K'uh, would conduct old rites of passage, to set space and time in order, and to regenerate the cosmos. For him, "experiencing Dec. Author: Dr. Tony Phillips Production editor: Dr. Dec 22, Apparently not. A new ScienceCast video explores what the Maya really thought about Dec. Play it. What caused the fall of the Maya? Using NASA data, one archeologist believes he has found the answer.

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