What is slip yoke eliminator

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what is slip yoke eliminator

What is a Slip Yoke Eliminator and Why Do You Need It?

Slip Yoke and Slip Yoke Eliminator Within many Jeeps, the slip yoke describes an internal splined shaft thats connected to the driveshaft itself using a universal joint. The slip yoke is present to transfer power from your Jeeps transfer case to the driveshaft, sliding in and out of the transfer case. This sliding capability allows for changing length depending on the vehicles movements. A slip yoke . Feb 10, What is a Slip Yoke Eliminator? What does it do? Why do you need one? In this video we show you what happens, what problems are created, to your stock rear d.

Some information eliminztor by JB Conversions. The planetary gear assembly, drive sprockets, and chain in eliminatoe are very strong and rarely have problems. When there is a problem, low oil level is usually the cause wbat failure. The original 27 spline output shaft in the is the only real weak point in the entire unit.

The stock output shaft features a spiral cut speedometer gear just past the rear output bearing. The minor diameter what is the best kind of coconut oil to eat the speedometer gear teeth is fairly small.

When the shaft i it will almost always break in this area. The rear driveshaft yoke used with yoek slip-yoke style transfer case is designed to ykke back and forth across the splines of the output shaft. Under normal driving conditions and vehicle payload, the slip yoke will remain within a narrow range of movement across the splines and seal surface.

The surface area past this narrow margin is exposed to the elements and will form a ruff surface due to rust and dirt. Once the vehicle becomes loaded down with trail gear, or the suspension is cycled heavily, the slip yoke will travel even more therefore dragging the corroded surface across the rubber output seal. This is where the leaks start. Over time, a low oil level could be reached within the transfer case and the result could be catastrophic failure.

Another problem with the slip yoke design is that the rear driveshaft yoke cannot be removed from the vehicle without loss of transfer case fluid. Broken u-joints can often require the vehicle to be driven back to civilization on the front shaft only.

Without a fixed yoke on the rear output, this task would be impossible without experiencing major transfer case damage due to loss of oil. With the addition of the fixed yoke, the rear output seal runs in one location on the yoke therefore seal life is maximized.

On any short wheel base vehicle, driveline angle is critical and easily influenced with the addition of a suspension lift. Typically, Whhat Wranglers come factory equipped with a rear driveshaft elminator is With a running length this short, every inch of added suspension lift has a drastic effect on the angle of the driveline. Once installed, the Goke yoke kit will add 4. Gains in driveshaft length are based on measurements taken from the center-of-u-joint on the original driveshaft to the front of the case.

It is better to look at the design of the new rear housing in the fixed yoke kit as opposed to that how to install vinyl tile around toilet the rear housing of the stock tcase. Remember this; the stock NP has an output bearing at the rear of the speedo housing as does the new slip-yoke eliminator kit.

Eliminafor bearings are within 0. The shortest design for a yoke kit would be to place eliminnator yoke immediately after the rear bearing. The Eluminator kit does exactly that.

Anything shorter would require a shorter end yoke or more shallow rear housing and that is not possible due to the size of the speedometer gear bore.

What this means is that the JB kit is designed to be the shortest overall length possible regardless of where you measure from. After the installation of the JB kit, the improved operating angles of the u-joints will greatly increase the life of the driveline.

The new HD yoke kit is shipped with a C. Other end yokes are available to accommodate larger u-joints however the is the preferred joint.

Read more about Transfer Case Upgrades and Options. BFG conversion transfer case. Previous Jeep Compass. Posted by jeepfan.

Slip Yoke and Slip Yoke Eliminator

Sep 11, Explanation of slip yoke eliminator. Jeep LJ A Slip Yoke Eliminator or SYE kit for short, reduces the length of the transfer case tail shaft by moving the "slip" function on to the drive shaft and changing to a fixed yoke on the rear of the transfer case/5. Jul 31, 3, Posts. #2 Jul 27, as your suspension flexes, the distance between your axle yoke and the output of your transfer case changes. hence, your driveshaft would need to be able to stretch and shrink as you drove down the road. one way to achieve this is to create what is called a slip yoke, which means your driveshaft actually slips in and out of the rear of your tcase to make up for .

Correspondingly, you may also hear about a slip yoke eliminator, which may be installed for several potential reasons in your Jeep. A slip yoke eliminator, abbreviated SYE, does what the name suggests: It eliminates the slip yoke from the transfer case.

Instead, it turns it into a fixed yoke that does not slide. The sliding component of your drive train gets moved to the drive shaft in the form of a spline stub and confusingly named slip yoke, not to be confused with the previously discussed slip yoke.

This is done because the rear driveshaft of YJ and TJ Wranglers, plus certain other Jeep types, is a fixed-length shaft with a single u-joint at each end. This change allows you to change the driveline length and type to account for suspension height changes. This is done by shortening the transfer case, meaning you need a longer driveshaft and a flatter drivetrain angle, in turn limiting vibration and wear on various drivetrain parts especially for Jeeps with major lift kits installed.

Jeeps with large lift kits may experience issues with both short driveshafts and extreme angles if they are installed without changing the driveshaft. But installing the SYE converts the slip yoke to a fixed mounting yoke or flange, which allows you to properly run a double cardan driveshaft, also known as CV driveshaft.

This moves the upper joint of the drive shaft closer to the rear output bearing which in turn allows for a greater driveshaft length thus reducing driveshaft angles.

As an added benefit, because you are replacing the now too short stock shaft with a new double cardan shaft, you get a drive shaft that fits your lifted vehicle. The SYE also eliminates any risk of the slip yoke sliding out too far, out of the transfer case. If this happens, you will lose power to the rear wheels and the oil in your transfer case may leak out in high volume. A transfer case drop is meant to be a quick and easy way to reduce the driveshaft problems created by a lifted Jeep.

It is, however, a corner-cutting solution that does not fix the problem the same way a slip yoke eliminator does. The last piece of the slip yoke eliminator and CV driveshaft puzzle is proper pinion angle adjustment. For everything to work perfectly, the rear pinion needs to be adjusted so that it points up towards the transfer case, nearly in-line with the slope of the drive shaft.

This is normally achieved by installing axle shims for leaf spring vehicles or by adjusting your upper control arms for coil spring vehicles. Search Home Shop. Give us a call at Slip Yoke Eliminator Installation Purposes Jeeps with large lift kits may experience issues with both short driveshafts and extreme angles if they are installed without changing the driveshaft.


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