What is the basis of morality

By Taurg | 10.02.2021

what is the basis of morality

The Basis of Morality

Morality- rules of right conduct concerning matters of greater importance than the rules of etiquette. Violations of such can bring disturbance to individual conscience and social sanctions as well as changes in personal relationships. Law-rules which are enforced by society. Nov 13,  · As Christians, all basis of morality is dictated by God and His Word. When rejecting God, we make ourselves the final authority in matters of morality, and there is no basis for consistent morality applied to usloveescort.com: Bodie Hodge.

Philip Pecorino, Ph. The Basis for Morality. How are we to behave toward one another? Morality is a social phenomenon. Iw about this. If a whhat is alone on some deserted island would anything that person did be moral or immoral? That person may do things that increase or decrease the chance for survival or rescue but would those acts be moral or immoral?

Most of what we are concerned with in Ethics is related to the situation in which humans are living with others. Humans are baxis animals. Society contributes absis making humans what they are.

For humans there arises the question of how are humans to behave toward one another. What are the rules to be? How are what causes fingers to crack and split to learn of us Why do we need them?

Consider what the world would be like if there were no traffic rules at all. Would how to open your sacral chakra be able to travel by automobiles, buses and other vehicles on the roadways if there were no traffic regulations?

The answer should be obvious to all rational iis of the human species. Without basic rules, no matter how much some would like to avoid them or break them, there would be chaos. The fact that some people break the rules is quite clearly and obviously not sufficient to do away with the rules. The rules are needed for transportation to take place. Why are moral rules needed? For example, why do humans need rules about keeping promises, telling the truth and private property?

This answer modality be fairly obvious. Without such rules people would not be able to live amongst other humans. People could not make plans, could not leave their belongings how to find out square footage of house them wherever they went.

We would not know who to trust and what to expect from others. Civilized, social life would not be possible. So, the question is : Why should humans care about being moral? Sociological: Without morality social life is nearly impossible. People care about what others think of them. Reputation and social censure. Some people care about doing the right thing. Theological : Some people care about how to say my love in haitian creole will happen after death, to their soul or spirit.

So, that is out of the way. We know that we should be moral and so should what is the basis of morality and without some sense of morality it would be very difficult if not impossible for large numbers fhe humans to be living with one another. Now to the questions that deal with the rules of morality and all the rules which govern human behavior. First, some terms need to be clarified. Mores - baais and rules of conduct.

Violations of such rules may bring social censure. Etiquette deals with rules concerning dress and table manners and deal with politeness. Friendships would not likely break up over violations of these rules as they would for violating rules of morality, e. But they are made up by people to encourage a better life. In each society there are authorities on these matters and there are collections of such rules. Many books are sold each year to prospective brides who want to observe the proper rules of decorum and moraliy.

There are newspapers that have regular features with questions and answers concerning these matters. This deals with matters such as when do you place the napkin on your lap when you sit at a dining table? How long do you wait on HOLD on a telephone call with someone with wnat waiting? Should you use a cell phone at the dining table?

Should you tye a beeper on or a cell phone on in class? In a movie theatre? When the behavior considered undesirable rises to a level of seriousness and concern the behavior may be deemed immoral rather than simply rude or impolite or poor etiquette.

What might cause the behavior to be deemed immoral rather than just impolite? If there is a universal moral sense that is hardwired in all humans as a result of the evolution of the species that is a social moraliy it may be a sense of harm to others.

Bzsis when behavior appears in some way to be harmful it becomes a candidate for review as being moral or not moral rather than simply being impolite or improper etiquette. Morality - rules of right conduct concerning matters of greater importance than the rules of etiquette. Violations of such can bring disturbance to individual conscience and social sanctions as morzlity as changes in personal relationships.

Law- rules which are enforced by society. Violations may bring a loss of or reduction in freedom and possessions.

What is the relation of moraliity to morality? They are NOT the same. You can NOT equate the two. Just because something is immoral does not make it illegal and just because something is baais it does not make it immoral.

You can probable think of many examples to support this view once you think about it. Things that are illegal but are thought to be moral for many! Splitting a cable signal to send it to more than one television. People do not think of themselves or of others as being immoral for breaking these laws. Things that are immoral for many but are not illegal. People can not be arrested or punished with imprisonment or fines for doing these things. What is the relation teh morality to law? Well, when enough people think that something is immoral they will work to have a law that will forbid it and punish those that do it.

When enough people think that something is moral, they will work to have a law that forbids it and punishes those that do it repealed or, in other words, if there is a law that says doing X is wrong and illegal and enough people no longer agree with that then those people will work to change that law. Moral Philosophy to understand and to justify moral principles.

Ethics to establish principles of the GOOD and those of right behavior Ethics morallity with the basic principles that serve as the basis for moral rules. Different principles will produce different rules.

Meta Ethics - discussion oof ethical theories and language. So, mprality and morality are not the same things! A person is moral if that person follows the moral rules. A person is immoral if that person breaks the moral rules. A person is amoral if that person does not know about or care about the moral rules. A person is ethical if that person is aware of the basic principles governing moral conduct and acts in a manner consistent with those principles.

If the person does not do so they are unethical. Os Heights University. I fhe shortened or amplified some of these definitions. Others I have composed based on my own studies. Terms from certain other sources what is the basis of morality indicated in the endnotes.

Psychological: People care about what moralityy think of them. Reputation and social censure Some people care about doing the right thing. Conscience Theological : Some people care about what will happen after death, to their soul or spirit. Drinking under age. Driving over the speed limit. Smoking marijuana. Cheating on a tax return. Can you think of other examples??

Cheating on your spouse. Breaking a promise to a friend. Using abortion as a birth control measure. Moral Basjs to understand and to justify moral principles Ethics to establish principles of the GOOD and those of right behavior Ethics deals with the basic principles that serve as the basis for moral rules. Meta Ethics - discussion of ethical theories and language So, ethics and morality are not qhat same things! Web Surfer's Caveat: How to get tefl certification online free are class notes, intended to comment on readings and amplify class discussion.

“Morality is as firmly grounded in neurobiology as anything else we do or are. Once thought of as purely spiritual matters, honesty, guilt, and the weighing of ethical dilemmas are traceable to specific areas of the brain. It should not surprise us, therefore, to find animal parallels. The human brain is a product of evolution. Dec 30,  · The simplest answer is that morality is the human attempt to define what is right and wrong about our actions and thoughts, and what is good and bad about our being who we are. . Ethics is concerned with rights, responsibilities, use of language, what it means to live an ethical life, and how people make moral decisions. We may think of moralizing as an intellectual.

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You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. What is the Christian basis for morality? Thread starter sbell Start date Mar 9, Prev 1 … Go to page. Go to page. First Prev 6 of 17 Go to page. Mike McK said:. I agree. Too many talking points to be sincere. Whateverman Well-known member. Torin said:. Bit circular, there. Reformedguy said:. Last edited: Mar 9, By using an absolute and objective standard.

Who claims this? Nope, just a guy with Asperger's, with wife suffering from extreme pain and depression, who wants God to reveal Himself in a way that is tangible, who wants to actually experience God, who wants to alleviate some of his wife's suffering, who hears about God finding parking spots and keys for people, but when I pray for my wife's pain to go away, the pain gets worse; who has read through the Bible hoping to find some answers, but comes away with more questions, and found that most Christians don't really like someone asking too many questions, because when they provide an answer it raises ten more questions, so it feels like it's a hydra.

But I won't engage with you guys anymore, it's just like most of the other encounters I've had. Whateverman said:. To my mind, there are Christians here I can deal with easily, because they're honest about what they believe and why they believe it.

They're unlikely to portray their understanding of scripture as infallible, and they concede there are parts of their holy text they have some trouble digesting.

The rest are the ones who demand that non-Christians have an "objective" standard for morality. They do this because they're dishonestly trying to hide their inability to justify their standard for what's right and wrong. Just curious, and sorry to open can or worms, but what do you defined as "objective", concerning morality?

I tend to define it as applicable to all people, in all times, and all cultures, or else it's relative to the people, place or time. Oh yeah, that makes sense. Very good explanation. Thanks for helping me clarify my understanding. Authentic Nouveau Well-known member. Only if you've missed the context of this exchange: No one thinks murder isn't wrong, because it's defined as wrong. Authentic Nouveau said:. Your atheist ring leaders killed million. I recently listened to the most recent episode of The Bible Says What!?

You have no standard of morality. Ok, what about a deist that believes there may be object morals in the universe, and we all have something in us that allows us to muddle through and figure them out to some degree? So, if Yahweh has done this, it seems morally objectionable, and they question if the Bible is the best way to determine to the objective morals that are present in the universe.

Last edited: Mar 10, Reformedguy Well-known member. Backup said:. Go on Manfred Well-known member. J regia Well-known member. Manfred said:. My basis for morality is the Word of God rightly discerned. I am under a new covenant. Turn the cheek, and not an eye for an eye.

Look at someone with hate, and you commit murder in your heart. J regia said:. IOW biblical morality is just man-made. Have you ever read the bible, and how genocide is commanded in Deut 7 and how it was prophesied in Matt , and how Joshua et al butchered all the children and unborn Josh ? Ok, I agree. What is that absolute and objective standard, and how do we determine if that standard is absolute and objective? No one I know, but if there's some laws in the Bible concerning how to be polygamist, wouldn't that imply polygamy is okay as long as it's within the confines of the law.

Leviticus So, is monogamy an absolute and objective standard? Backup Well-known member. Shooting up a school full of kids being morally abhorrent is not something you learn. It's instinctive. It's human nature. Would you agree? We all have a level of empathy and desire for the survival of the species. That is one of places we get our morals from. Carol Active member. So if God commands us to kill the child, then we're morally obligated to kill the child. The question isn't if it's right or wrong to kill a child, the question is who is the one who decides whether the child should be killed or not?

This is one of my favorite responses. If it's progressive, that means it's subjectively moral based on the peoples place, time, and culture. I also love how Christians say, "Well, in comparison to the rest of the people living in that time, these laws were very progressive. I find it to be a weak argument to justify things we find morally reprehensible yet still trying to maintain that Yahweh gives good laws.

And why does it matter what the basis for my morality is? I'm serious about that. And I'm curious as to what the Christian's claim to having an object basis for morality. Is it reason, is it revelation, is it the Bible as a whole even the weird laws about bodily fluids , is it only the New Testament but only the parts we like, because head coverings are weird? I think there is an objective morality, or nature's law, or the law written on one's heart, or something inherent in the universe that dictate how people ought to act.

I'm not convinced the Bible is a solid source for morality, and I'm curious as to how a Christian can read stuff like "I will make them eat the flesh of their sons and daughters, and they will eat one another's flesh during the stress of the siege imposed on them by the enemies who seek their lives.

In one breath, God will make His chosen people into cannibals for their disobedience, then in the next breath, For God so loved the world If the Koran had a verse like "I will make them eat the flesh of their sons and daughters Sorry, you think that. I really did join just today because I so desperately want to flesh out my ideas, and don't have many people to do that with.

My wife tells me I come across as argumentative, probably because I am, but my questions are sincere. I'm not trying to trick anyone or cause them to stumble in their faith, but my belief in a God that loves me or even the world is so weak that in order for me to even trust God, one of two things must happen.

He must reveal Himself in a way that would break through my defenses or I must have good reason to believe He is good and cares about me. I don't have a philosophical basis for good, it's just something I sort of know intuitively, like it is a natural law or written on my heart, but I really do want a philosophical basis for good, and so far the Bible hasn't been the most convincing source for me, and I'm hoping someone has some answers, but I'm not convinced they do.

Philip Yancey, NT Wright, and numerous others hoping for something that makes sense, and my experience is God is only good if I desperately want Him to be good, but how he is revealed in his laws and the Old Testament would be very bad if it was a different character we were talking about.

I believe there is a God or being or something, but I don't know if the Bible is the best representation of this being. You must log in or register to reply here.

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