What is the meaning of the song 45 by shinedown

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what is the meaning of the song 45 by shinedown

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Shinedown lead singer Brent Smith told Foundry Music: "I think a lot of people kind of take a literal sense because of the lyrics - but the song is basically about the day that you wake up and you look at yourself in the mirror and you finally decide that you want to try to become comfortable in your own skin, and realize that you're gonna have to make yourself happy before you're going to make anyone else happy. May 27,  · Tied to the powerful image of a firearm, “45” quickly rose to the occasion, going platinum and put Shinedown on the map for rock music in , but due to Author: Macie Bennett.

I'm a huge shinedown fan and I've seen them in concert a couple of times and brent smith has stated that it is not about suicide or abortion. This song has such a deeper meaning. What is the meaning of the song 45 by shinedown basically about how hard life is, and trying to understand who meanong are as a person. It's about being comfortable with yourself, which is one of the hardest things to do.

Individuality is really important even though sometimes it may not seem like it. This is an amazing song and shinedown is an amazing band. To me, with the knowledge of the song and the video, I would say that this song is more relational than personal.

I heard somewhere that it was about the writer's girlfriend deciding to get an abortion. That does fit in with all the lyrics and the video. When he says "Send away for a priceless gift. In a perfect world that wouldn't be necessary, abortion in his eyes may be absurd. And I'm starring down the barrel of a 45, swimming through the ashes of another life, no real reason to accept the way things have changed staring down the barrel of a 45! Whatever happened to the young man's heart. He lost it to this meajing or indecision pain which swallowed it and now leaves it fallen apart, lacking.

Swimming through the ashes of the life of his unborn child, aborted. No dong reason to accept that this life has been ended, still faced with indecision. Well, nobody knows what I believe. I believe. This is just what I get from the song and what is derivatives in finance on everytime I listen to it.

Shinedown is one of the most kick hy bands out there and they never cease to amaze me with their talent. But that shouldn't impact its impact on you because based on where you are in life your emotions may influence your interpretations. Shinedown is what permits do i need to sell food in texas one of those bands that can influence so many people in laboratory safety institute what not to do many ways.

So if any of these interpretations help you reflect your soul on it because that's what I think music is about. So I love this song. Over the years its meaning has changed as I have changed. When I first heard it. I took it as a man killing himself, even leaving a gun behind how to check balance on o2 his kid wyat follow.

The perfect world was the after life because this one was too absurb. Maybe depression was a driving factor or he just acknowledge life sucked. I never saw the video till about 5 years later so I didnt jump to abortion concept. In my mind the unborn child was a kid on the way that he would not be there for or any kid in the future that hates life as he does. The box was the letter that explained and maybe another gun.

Years later how to copy audio files my now wife got pregnant fatherhood was the I was looking at my life changing and there was no real reason to accept it.

I was swimming in the ases of my fun life with no responsibilities, one abortion would have fixed it. No real how to use psychic abilities to accept the way js were changing. The kid was an unsubtle gift i planed to send to a perfect world "heaven". Shinsdown i look at is as a metaphor. Now i see a gay guy mdaning a judgemental world. And i dont think it matters the point us its a great song and i shineown Shindown never explains it.

Its more powerful without context. A lot of people think this song is based on suicide. My personal opinion is that its manly based on depression. How hard life is and what it throws at you on a day to day bases.

Snog if life is a gun. And you never know when its gonna hit fhe. Shinedown tho amazing band seen them twice in concert simple man by far the best covered it better iss the original artist.

I think Brent Smith is talking about his life in perspective. He sings about how we as humans all follow the rules, and do what we do to survive. We get caught up in doing what we have to, we forget to express emotions and we drown ourselves. So he is telling his son what is an ncci code be who he wants to be before it is too late. A long time ago a covenant we will call it ls have a child told by doctors he would not survive in the mothers womb due to prior birth complications so they prayed that the child live and not knowing this was already prophecized years before they sold the child's life to the devil.

Who made the child fully healthy and beautiful almost a sign of perfection in his seed now in the woman. The boy grew up with his fathers sister due to the pain whqt parents fhe now pay for a lifetime under the sun and the moon. The tree of life is Alexander the Great the two horned one finding immortality he who bj the key to life finding immortality being if you truly believe and find the answer you will live forever.

The world we live in is illusions finest creation open ones third eye an all will be revealed to our blinds eyes. I think its about a man killing him then simply eong the gun to his unborn child.

Send away for a priceless gift one not 445 one not in the list Refering to death as being a gift Send away for a shinnedown world Ahat a perfect world Whst to make a long story short he shoots his self leaves the gun to his shinevown child up high on a shelf the gun will be a piece of the puzzle to his fathers life.

Here is what I think the song is about. The baby died in the mother so the man couldnt take it so he staring down the barrel of a 45 and this bu the couple apart. Sshinedown of all it's a song - songs are meant to be how to clean air ducts yourself video multiple ways so to have unique effects on many different people.

Well I guess like everyone else I too have seen Shinedown numerous times. Each time Brent has explicitly said that the song was written after the loss of the most important person in his life - his grandmother. The song reflects how he felt after her passing, his mindset and the pain he endured. I too lost my grandmother, the most important person in MY life, not long after seeing Shinedown.

And his depiction of the song has heavily stuck with me since that time. This song will likely have a different meaning for someone who has lost a familly member or loved one to suicide. When I hear this song that's all I can think of and how devastating it is to loose someone that way and how they thought there was no other option. Login Register Login with Facebook. All lyrics are property and copyright of their owners. All lyrics provided for educational purposes only. What does od mean?

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Individuality is really important even though sometimes it may not seem like it. This is an amazing song and shinedown is an amazing band. 45 isn't about suicide, it's about sadness dying, and that same person fully awakening to life. 2 TOP RATED. Brent telling the story behind, followed by a magnificent acoustic rendition of the song by Shinedown @ NYCB Theater in Westbury, NY, 11/18/20 ps. Sorry the sound gets a lil fuzzy. Shinedown 'Heroes' acoustic on 11/13/ SHINEDOWN - The sound of madness (Albany NY ). Dec 05,  · Shinedown Acoustic Set, explanation of the song

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Send away for a priceless gift One not subtle, one not on the list Send away for a perfect world One not simply, so absurd In these times of doing what you're told Keep these feelings, no one knows What ever happened to the young man's heart?

Swallowed by pain, as he slowly fell apart And I'm staring down the barrel of a 45 Swimming through the ashes of another life No real reason to accept the way things have changed Staring down the barrel of a 45 Send a message to the unborn child Keep your eyes open for a while In a box high up on the shelf, left for you, no one else There's a piece of a puzzle known as life Wrapped in guilt, sealed up tight What ever happened to the young man's heart?

Swallowed by pain, as he slowly fell apart And I'm staring down the barrel of a 45 Swimming through the ashes of another life No real reason to accept the way things have changed Staring down the barrel of a 45 Everyone's pointing their fingers Always condemning me And nobody knows what I believe I believe And I'm staring down the barrel of a 45 Swimming through the ashes of another life No real reason to accept the way things have changed Staring down the barrel of a 45 And I'm staring down the barrel of a 45 And I'm swimming through the ashes of another life There is no real reason to accept the way things have changed Staring down the barrel of a 45, 45 Edit Lyrics.

Lyrics submitted by forbiddenbeat , edited by autmn 45 Lyrics as written by Brent Smith Anthony C. Add Your Thoughts Comments. General Comment When i saw Shinedown in concert, he said at the beginning of the song "no matter what anyone tells you, this song is about hope". No Replies Log in to reply. There was an error. My Interpretation I believe this guy has always lived the way someone else has told him to live. The priceless gift, living the life he is afraid to live.

The 45 he is staring down is not literally, he means breaking free from the mistakes and facing the consequences of his actions. The message to the unborn child is not to jump into things you can't get out of, because someday the things you really want in life will come to you, but if you are tied up in a life you have to get out of, you will have to battle "guilt" and hurt people you love to get to it, "sealed up tight".

Not about suicide and abortion or being new dad. My Interpretation First of all, i think that people need to stop taking lyrics so damned literally. Just because the song says something about an unborn child ,it doesn't mean he knocked up a chick.

I do however believe this song is about someone contemplating suicide. The "unborn child" is a reference to anyone born to this world, telling them basically "be innocent for as long as you can" obviously the protagonist of this narrative song is facing problems dealing with a major change from that of his childhood to adulthood. He is still "swimming in the ashes" of his childhood perhaps regretting his ill-willed decisions that robbed him from his childhood early. This is just my personal interpretation of the song.

Songs like this can be written to relate to anyone's situation and that's why i love them so much. He's going through some shit already. No need to pour salt on open wounds. My Interpretation Im not so sure what this song is about but it has a certain meaning to me.

My gf left me a couple weeks ago and a few weeks prior to that, we found out she was pregnant. She says she doesn't feel the park anymore and she does not love me like she did at first. I am doing better but I was thinking of ways of offing myself cuz the pain was unbearable and the heartache is. Thus the lyrics "no real reason to accept the way things that change". She is now behaving like she hates me and I don't know why.

Not a good one Im sure either. I can relate to the song so much cuz of all the crap and betrayal I am dealing with. She is even with another guy already and she is pregnant with my child. Breaks my heart and I can completely understand the singer if its about not wanting to deal with an unplanned pregnancy.

Crazy shit is we planned it It just did not go as planned unfortunately. I was reading your post here and just want to say please don't think that way Relationships are difficult and I can't imagine what you're going through with your gf carrying your child and not wanting to have you in her life. You have to think about that child and what you can give him or her by living! My parents divorced when I was 11, my dad wasn't really there as he had a new life with his mistress turned wife.

My mom was un-diagonosed bi-polar until I was She was my rock even though I didn't realize at the time she wasn't "always there". Anyways, she died when I was 15 due to juvenile diabetes complications. My dad abandoned my completely until i was What I know is that whether you and your gf are together or not, your child needs you. So many things I went through as an observer as my friends had their parent or parents there. Good luck. Rockershell on February 15, Its not about that at all. First of all, this song was made a couple of years ago before MJ died.

On Wikianswers, someone said that they went to Shinedown's concert and that it was about Brent Smith's grandma dying. So i'm going with that. Because Ive seen the music video, i read about shinedown all the time, and i know that its about that or something like that. If you wanna hear about the Iraq war, though, listen to Devour by Shinedown. Its about the Iraq war. Shinedownlvr25 on December 19, My Interpretation I completely agree.

Not on the fact that he was about to kill himself, but on the fact that everyone goes through extreme depression. I do feel that the song is about hope and that not anything is worth taking your life over.

I've had the pleasure of seeing shinedown twice in concert, and dispite the boose, it was two concerts that I will never forget. What attracts me to Shinedown is their lyrics and interpretation. That you can kind of take what they say for what YOU want. Because they do it this way, I personally feel that it impacts a much wider audience, and hits right home to a lot of people. Keep in mind that this was just one of their songs, but if you are an avid fan like I am, you will learn to love this band more and more as they keep puttin out kick ass song after kick ass song.

My Interpretation This song could very well be about suicide, but perhaps it could be looked at another way. Maybe this gun pointed at his head is life itself causing problems, threatening him to his face. It could be a metaphor for the problems in life. Fire on December 08, Link. I like your comment very insightful Will on January 08, General Comment I don't think it's about abortion, per se, but I think it's about a guy who is depressed over fathering a child.

He doesn't want to be a dead-beat, but he doesn't want to throw his life away on the kid, either. So he's contemplating shooting himself in the head. The "message to the unborn child" I guess are his departing words of wisdom to the kid, for when he's old enough to understand them. ApollyonCrash on April 13, Link. General Comment I agree with fire Swimming through the ashes of another life No real reason to except the way things have changed Starring down the barrel of a Good song.

General Comment I dont think that this song is about suicide or fathering a child, In my opinion its about being alone in the world and trying to find yourself and being comfortable. Staring at it waiting for it to go off. He is trying to be confortable with himself and until that happens he wont be happy sort of idea. Hope to shed some light on a really amazing song. Artists - S. Rate These Lyrics.

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