What is the record for the oldest living person

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what is the record for the oldest living person

10 Oldest Living Persons in The World (Updated 2021)

Oldest person ever. The greatest fully authenticated age to which any human has ever lived is years days by Jeanne Louise Calment (France). Born on 21 February to Nicolas ( - ) and Marguerite (nee Gilles - ), Jeanne died at a nursing home in . rows · Mar 09,  · The oldest verified man ever is Jiroemon Kimura (–) of Japan, Estimated Reading Time: 5 mins.

It's fascinating to see the ages people can reach, which is why this category is always a permanent feature in our annual book. As well as the oldest people living, we have followed a number of other records broken by older people throughout the years, including the story of Harry Bidwell, the oldest person to get wwhat at the age of in The oldest person to ever live and the oldest person ever female was Jeanne Louise Calment b.

Appearing as herself in the film Vincent and Me Canada, at the age ofshe is also the oldest actress. She lived a fruitful life, taking up fencing in her 80s and continuing to cycle in her s, but passed away on 4 August She claimed that her secret to long life was olive oil, port and chocolate; she gave up smoking at the age of Kane Tanaka Japan, b.

She celebrated her most recent birthday in her nursing home in Fukuoka, Japan with some tasty cake. Kane likes to keep her mind active, and on a normal day at the nursing home, she wakes up at 6 a. One of Kane's favourite pastimes is a game of Othello and she's become an expert livimg the classic board game, often beating how to track cookies on computer staff.

Before Kane, the oldest living person female was fellow Japanese woman Chiyo Miyako b. Since the turn of the century, 24 people have held the record for the ;erson person living — only two have been male. Jiroemon Kimura Japan, b. Oldset worked at the Post Office until the age of His personal motto was "eat light to live long" and believed it was fod key to his longevity. He was when confirmed as the oldest living person and he lived how to make peanut butter cup brownies the age of years and 54 days old before passing away.

He now holds the record for oldest person ever male. At whag time of writing, there is no current record holder for recorr oldest person living male.

Guinness World Records is currently investigating record holders for this title. The last person to hold the record for the oldest person ror male was Bob Weighton UK, b. Bob sadly passed away due to cancer on Thursday 28 May His family confirmed that he died peacefully in his sleep at his flat in Alton, Hampshire, UK. The record was previously held by Chitetsu Watanabe Japan, b.

He passed away on 23 February Chitetsu said in an interview for a local paper in January that the secret to his longevity was to "not to get revord and keep a smile on your face". They met when Waldramina went to visit her sister who happened to live in the same building as Julio. The oldest married couple have a combined age of years and days verified 23 June - Tge was born before te RMS Titanic sank.

Few of us, though, will make to anywhere near the exceptionally old age of year-old Jeanne Calment. Indeed, more humans have walked on the surface of the Moon than have provenly reached their th birthday. We all have an innate fascination for supercentenarians - it's incredible to think that there are people alive today who were born before typesetting, engine-powered flight, the Model T Ford and paper towels! Guinness World Records works with lead consultant for gerontology, Robert D Youngin the study of aging.

He has lists dating back to of the oldest people alive tbe the time on behalf of the Gerontology Research Group. The world's oldest people and their secrets to a long life By Dominic Punt.

Published 01 October Oldest person ever How to use d.o.a shrimp oldest person to ever live and the oldest person ever female was Jeanne Louise Calment b. Chiyo rwcord away on the 22nd of July Oldest person ever male Since how to use remanufactured ink cartridges turn of the century, 24 people have held the record for the oldest person living — only two have been male.

YT Oldest person living male At the time of writing, there is no current record holder for wjat oldest person living male.


Oct 01,  · Oldest person ever. The oldest person to ever live and the oldest person ever (female) was Jeanne Louise Calment (b. 21 February ) from Arles, France who died at the age of years and days old. When asked on her th birthday what she expected from the future, she replied: “I expect a short one.”.Estimated Reading Time: 6 mins. Japan’s Masazo Nonaka confirmed as world's oldest living man aged World’s oldest person confirmed as year-old Kane Tanaka from Japan World's oldest man Chitetsu Watanabe dies aged The supercentenarian was confirmed as the oldest person alive on 30 January (when she was years 28 days), and was presented with her certificates for that record and oldest woman living in a ceremony at her home.. Kane was born prematurely on 2 January , the same year the Wright brothers became the first to achieve powered flight!Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins.

According to several news reports, the current average life expectancy for the United States is At this time, the entire list features women because women tend to live much longer than men. Everyone on this list is a supercentenarian, which means they are over years old! Christine Ireland celebrated her th birthday in the beginning of and her age is currently being validated by the Gerontology Research Group.

Ireland was born and raised on a farm in North Carolina. She attended high school at a Immanu Lutheran High School in Greensboro and became a teacher in After Ireland got married, she became a homemaker, raising and educating her children.

According to her son, Ireland made sure that all her children could read and write before formally starting school. Today, Ireland lives in a nursing facility in Burlington, North Carolina. Irene Dunham is the second-oldest living person in Michigan, after Ellen Goodwill who is several months older.

Dunham celebrated her th birthday a few months ago and is believed to be the oldest survivor of the Bath School Bombing, one of the deadliest school tragedies in American history. At the time, Dunham was 19 and in her last years of school.

The day of the bombing, she had a sore throat and stayed home, but her and her mother heard the loud noise from town. Dunham, who still lives independently and has a very sharp mind, often thinks about the Bath School Bombing, and mourns the 38 children who died that day.

Despite the tragedy, Dunham married her husband Laurits not long after the bombing, as the couple were encouraged to still hold their celebration and keep moving forward in life. At years of age, Mila Mangold is currently believed to be the oldest living person in California. However, Mangold is not a California native and was born and raised in Nebraska.

The Mangolds moved to Berkeley in the s and had one son, Donald. Mangold was very active into her early s and even drove until she turned According to neighbors, Mangold would often collect oranges that had fallen from her tree and would sometimes make marmalade for them.

Since Mangold became a supercentenarian, she has been wheel-chair bound and lives in an assisted living facility. Mila Mangold comes from a very long-lived family; her grandmother lived to be 95 and her sister almost reached Regardless of the age validation, Hendricks still has a sharp mind and knows that her birth year is Additionally, Hendricks says that hard work also keeps you young and strong. Bessie Hendricks and her husband Paul, were one month shy of their 65 th anniversary when Paul passed away on May 25, Ermisna Theodore reportedly turned last Fall, but her age is currently unverified by the Gerontology Research Group.

Theodore moved to the United States in and has remained in the country since then. Maude Harris was born in Fertile, Minnesota in to a Norwegian-born father and Swedish-born mother. During the Great Depression, Harris was fortunate to find work as a schoolteacher and even taught her youngest sister. As a young adult, while visiting her uncle in Portland, Harris met her future husband Guy Harris and the two had a whirlwind romance.

After settling down in Washington for several years, Harris and her husband moved to Florida sometime in the late s and she still lives in the state in a retirement home.

Not much is known about Florence Carroll besides her status as an American supercentenarian. Carroll was born in New York, but moved to Connecticut as a young adult. She worked as a cook for some time before she married John Carroll in The Carrolls had nine kids and only five are still alive today with their mother.

The last time that Florence Carroll was interviewed for her th birthday in , she had 12 grandchildren, 16 great-grandchildren, and three great-great-grandchildren. Ellen Goodwill very recently turned years old.

Goodwill is the second oldest living resident of Michigan after Irene Dutton. Originally from Kentucky, Goodwill moved to Ohio as a young adult to work as a model. After Goodwill married her husband, Augustus Goodwill, in , she moved to Battle Creek, Michigan and has remained there since. According to E. Sutcliffe celebrated her th birthday in October at the senior living center in Omaha where she currently resides.

Sutcliffe has spent her entire life in Omaha and got married when she was Her husband died in the s and they never had any children. Hester Ford believes that she was born in and that she is currently years old, which makes her the oldest living person in the United States. However, some of her family members recently found census data that shows Ford may have actually been born in According to the census records from April 28, , Ford is listed as 5, which would mean she was born in Regardless of her real birth year, Ford is definitely one of the oldest and most likely the oldest living people in the country.

Hester Ford still has an extremely sharp mind and excellent memory, which is demonstrated by the fact that she can recite several Bible verses, including her favorite Psalm Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Spread the love. Spread the loveAlthough women tend to live longer than men in nearly every country around the world, several supercentenarians have…. Spread the loveJames Bond is one of the most famous fictional characters and his film franchise has spanned over five…. Spread the loveAlthough we have already paid tribute to the oldest active NFL players, those who came before them are equally….

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