What is the value of a model 94 winchester

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what is the value of a model 94 winchester

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Based on a John M. Browning patent, Model was the most successful centerfire rifle Winchester ever produced. This model is still in production. Values given here reflect those rifles produced before , or around serial number Model was the first Winchester developed especially for the smokeless po. Jan 05,  · Home Forum Winchester Rifles Winchester Model 94 age & value. Add Reply Add Topic. Topic RSS. Winchester Model 94 age & value. January 4, pm. [email protected] WACA Member. Forum Posts: 6. Member Since: January 4, Offline. 1. Quote. Good afternoon, Newbie here and I hope I'm in the right section to ask.

Commentary and values by Bud Bugni. Invented by William Roemer. It was in effect, at least in outward appearance, a miniature Model First American. Offered in several different configurations throughout its production. These configurations will greatly influence value: 1. Standard Grade: 26" or 28" plain or solid rib barrel; plain walnut pistol-grip stock; grooved slide handle; fitted with composition buttplate; straight-grip offered on special order basis, but is extremely rare.

Built from to This stamping is seldom seen and probably discontinued around Pigeon Grade: same as Deluxe Grade, but engraved with pigeon on lower magazine tube. Very few of this grade built by Winchester and majority were done in late s.

Authentic Pigeon Grade 42s appear to have been built between and Some estimate less than 50 produced. Rare Model Seek an expert opinion before sale. As of late, I have heard horror stories from sincere, honest, decent folks who have purchased mis-represented guns from unscrupulous sellers or sellers who simply do not know their products.

In some cases there are what is the best continuous hot water system return privileges, or buyer was unable to authenticate his purchase in a timely manner. This often has resulted in a heavy financial loss and that's a dish served cold. Contributors are listed in Standard Catalog of Firearms. These knowledgeable and dedicated people are eager to assist readers, or refer them to sources who can.

Collectors are urged to seek expert advice on these rare and expensive guns. Model 42 produced from to Aboutwere sold. Factory service and repair for this model was discontinued in February of These extra sets of barrels are a rare option. Former employees and factory drawings substantiate this fact.

However, subject of what is a factory rib and what is not has been covered in great detail in an excellent book on Model Seek expert advice before selling or purchasing any Model 42 with ventilated rib. Must be individually appraised. Proceed with caution. New information reveals that Cutts Compensators were available on Model 42 as early as This offering appeared in Winchester retail price list dated December 15, Considering this, since ventilated ribs were not offered on M42 untilone may see an original "Cutts Gun" with plain or solid rib barrel minus a choke mark.

Prices given here are, for the most part, standard guns without optional features that were so often furnished by the factory. These optional or extra-cost features are too numerous to list and can affect price of shotgun or rifle to an enormous degree. In some cases, these options are one of a kind. Collectors and those interested in Winchester firearms have the benefit of some original factory records. BoxCody, Wyoming

Fair Price for Winchester 94 30-30 made in 1975

Winchester MODEL 94 LEVER ACTION CARBINE WIN MFG C&R OK SN# Winchester $ 93 $ 10d 16h 53m Values are difficult to deter­mine, but as a general rule, add 60 percent to price of a Model 42 if it has factory-original extra barrel sets. Model 94 Centennial Limited Editions Model 94 Heritage—Limited 1 of WINCHESTER CUSTOM GUN SHOP Model 94 Custom Limited Edition New Generation. Don’t ask here. Take it to a larger gunshop that deals in new and used guns or to an auction house that deals with gun collections. And DON’T DO ANYTHING TO IT! My friend who owned 3 shops and an auction business told everyone that - just wrap it.

Login name. Remember me. Minimum search word length is 3 characters - maximum search word length is 84 characters. I'm trying to find the age and value of my grandfather's I'm guessing he got it in the 60s or earlier. It is in fair condition:. The serial number identifies it as a production Carbine. The value is based on the graded condition. If you can send me clear pictures of it, I can assess the condition and value.

Good morning, hope I'm doing this right as this is the 2nd time I've used Imgur. I dabble in stereo equipment and records and people tend to overrate the conditions of their items. I said it is in fair condition and that might be a stretch.

My grandparents were dirt poor and lived in the mountains of western NC and hunted black bear so I'm sure this gun was used and not meant for a trophy case. I notice that I can't cock the lever is that because there is no bullets in the chamber? My aunt who recently passed said it was working. It certain got used. What about the lever not working.. Have you ever opened it before? Are you certain there's not a shell in the chamber? Not saying that has anything to do with action being seized, but wanted to voice a "Safety First" statement.

The lever should cycle regardless of it having a shell in it or not. There are other folks on the forum that may be able to weigh in on the mechanics of the action and why it may not be opening. Until you get it open, treat it as if its loaded.

I'm somewhat handy and might try opening it up which I've never done. I'm almost 64 and shot it as a kid but that was a loooong time ago.

I did notice no safety on it … guess OSHA wasn't around in the 40s when the gun was made. Thx, Use a cleaning rod and shove it down the barrel, when it bottoms put your finger on it where it comes out at the muzzle, pull it out and lay it over the barrel, the end should be at the face of the breech, if not there is something in it! Do not bump the hammer, point the gun in a safe direction, and assume the gun is loaded until proven otherwise.

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Problems Bugs and Fixes. Add Reply Add Topic. January 4, pm. WACA Member. Member Since: January 4, Good afternoon, Newbie here and I hope I'm in the right section to ask. TIA - Jim. Bert H. Member Since: April 15, Hello Jim, The serial number identifies it as a production Carbine.

Bert - Win msn. Thank you I'll get those tomorrow. January 5, pm. Thank you. Member Since: January 26, Member Since: November 1, Jim Being loaded has nothing to do with it--something's broken, missing, etc. Member Since: June 4, Yeah I just got ahold of the largest gun shop in the area Guest name required :.

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