What pictures should i put on instagram

By Gumi | 09.04.2021

what pictures should i put on instagram

What Should You Post on Instagram? Here Are 20 Ideas to Spice Up Your Feed

Putting Your Art On Instagram? Here are 3 Tips to Get You. Dec 11,  · Show off with product posts High-quality pictures and videos of your products will likely be one of the easiest (and most expected) places to start on Instagram. Sharing content featuring your products in all their glory will, of course, help you drive sales and promote your business on Instagram.

Instagram is booming. Last month the burgeoning social media platform announced they had hit a billion monthly active users. In fact, much faster. The unequivocal answer is yes. Whereas Facebook has been described as the social network of people you know, Instagram is the social network of people you want to know, those who share the same interests as you. But how do you get started? What should you post?

How do how to make winamp skins grow your followers? As an artist, the obvious thing to post is your artwork. But worry not! If you have a small portfolio, you can always repost the same artwork over again. What do I mean by this? Instead of just posting an image of your art as a plain JPG, have you tried hanging the artwork on a wall and then taking a snap with your phone?

What about leaning it against the wall, or placing it on a shelf for another couple of snaps? Or how about gathering a bunch of artworks from other artists you admire and creating a gallery wall? Lifestyle shots of how to upgrade printer driver are super hot on Instagram right now.

You can post about what inspires you—e. You can create simple videos about your art too, e. Seen something you love from another artist? Repost it! Just make sure to mention or tag the person who created the original post, in fact this is how relationships on IG flourish more on that later.

On Facebook, they are pretty much pointless. But on IG they are the lifeblood of finding and interacting with your tribe. At arthaus we have a spreadsheet, which we regularly update with promising hashtags. We group them by topic and image type. For example, we have hashtags for when we feature black and white photography, we have hashtags for illustration, we have hashtags for posts featuring interior design shots, etc, etc.

To research hashtags, type some queries related to the style of art you create in the search field and see what comes up. In evaluating the hashtag, make sure the content in the tag feed is relevant to you and your potential audience, and that the existing posts are of decent quality.

To find more relevant hashtags, see what IG auto-suggests for you when looking up what pictures should i put on instagram tag and follow the same procedure above. And yet another great way to find hashtags is to see what similar artists are using. You might think these are the best ones to go for, but unless your post has a lot of ranking authority i.

So as suggested above, hashtags are the simplest and quickest way to start growing a following from scratch. But one of the best ways to grow an Instagram following is simply by telling your story through your posts over time. Then, simply interact with accounts you admire. Posting comments, engaging in their conversations, and reposting their content are all great ways to do that.

Another favourite is working with influencers. These could be bloggers, art curators, interior design professionals, etc. Remember, the collaborative nature of Instagram is the reason it continues to grow!

So you could send some of your art to them, you could run contests and giveaways together, the opportunities are endless. IG pods are groups of people who help each other grow by collaborating regularly, both online and IRL, and are often grouped around a common set of hashtags.

I cannot stress enough the importance of collaboration and networking on IG. If you approach the social network with this mindset you will be set up to win new fans and customers alike.

I hope this helps you find your way around Instagram! To learn more about arthaus, click the link above or follow them on instagram. Unsubscribe here at any time. Click below to learn more! How to Get Started on Instagram as an Artist. Quick announcement - EmptyEasel has created a quicker, easier way for how to make lego scorch to have their own art website.

Click here to learn more and get a simple art website of your own! What to post on Instagram As an artist, the obvious how to make a dragon paper airplane steps to post is your artwork. Not all hashtags are made equal however.

Therefore it pays to research them beforehand. The key takeaway is make your tags relevant to the post. Growing your Instagram followers So as suggested above, hashtags are the simplest and quickest way to start growing a following from scratch.

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A plan always equals more Instagram likes, more comments, and more followers.

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Totally forgot to take photos. Instagram will have to wait until tomorrow…again. But for the rest of your month ok…probably most of it you need to have content in place to be interesting, engaging and growing all of the time.

Did you workout? Chase the kids or dogs around the house? What makes your morning hella awesome or hella stressful? Helps you stay energized? Reminds you to keep going on a regular basis? Flaws make us human, and luckily, make other people feel more connected to us too. Share why you started your blog or business.

Take photos of anything that matches your brand colors. Flowers, glassware, books, buildings. Give them a personalized shout out. Dig up something awesome for your readers. Waffles, definitely waffles. A teacher? Another blogger? Tell your followers what you share and why they should join you over there too.

So, who do you hang out with all day? Ask your followers to tag a friend in the comments and give them both something awesome. You can probably rotate 10 of them and be good to go for months. The coffee mug at brunch, the wall on the way to the post office, your new swimsuit. Head over to the Target dollar bins, T. Photograph them on a shelf, table, or a piece of white foam core.

This is called stealing and your feed will end up looking like any random feed in any random niche and it will not help your audience feed connected and get to know YOU. The only exception to this rule is if someone has tagged you, photographed your product, or used your brand hashtag. Lastly, schedule a date into your calendar to put on makeup, force your dog to sit for photos, make something appetizing-looking for lunch, and leave the house to shoot something other than office supplies.

They plan and take photos purposely so they have something interesting to share every single day. For resources on supporting the abolition of polic. Things change so fast, who knows what could be pos.

Hey solopreneur, ready to step up your Instagram captions?

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