What was in the briefcase in the movie pulp fiction

By Akinoramar | 06.07.2020

what was in the briefcase in the movie pulp fiction

5 'Pulp Fiction' Fan Theories That Will Completely Change How You See The Movie

Jul 22, Online, the most popular theory is that Pulp Fictions briefcase contains Marsellus Wallaces soul. Meaning, the gangster sold said soul to the devil, and decides that he wants it back. But it comes with a price, of course, evidenced by the bloodbath that is Pulp Fiction. Many people have noted that the briefcases lock code is , a number associated with the Devil. The briefcase retrieved by Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield in the film Pulp Fiction contained the soul of their boss, Marsellus Wallace.

A MacGuffin, for those who don't know the definition, is an object that propels a story forward but, realistically, has no bearing on the story whatsoever.

Examples would be the rug in ' The Big Lebowski ', the Heart of the Ocean necklace in ' Titanic ' or - as we're now discussing - the briefcase in 'Pulp Fiction'. It could literally be anything, but it's what pushes the story along. What's made the briefcase so interesting in 'Pulp Kovie is that nobody's really sure what it is. For the record, Quentin Tarantino has said that it's whatever the audience wants it to be.

Of course, that hasn't stopped internet sleuths and movir theorists from drawing huge conclusions and theories from a finite amount ib information. The prevailing theory is that the briefcase is Fictjon Wallace's soul and that he sold it to the Devil in exchange for his prominence and success as a gangster.

The evidence? The scar on the back of his head, which is clearly visible throughout most of the film, is where his soul was taken from.

Not only that, the combination on the briefcase was - the number of the devil. This theory came about seemingly because Chinese culture has it that the soul is removed from the back of the head. There was also a rumbling that the novelisation of the film claimed it was the soul as well. Of course, there was no novelisation of 'Pulp Fiction' and we were unable to find any reference to souls being removed from the back of the head in Chinese culture, or any culture for that matter.

Out goes that one. For his part, Roger Avary, who has a Story By credit on 'Pulp Fiction', addressed the soul theory in an interview with Roger Ebert insaying that "somebody had the bright idea which I think was what causes fasciculations in the calf mistake of putting an orange lightbulb in there.

Suddenly what could have been anything became anything supernatural. How to get a ringback tone for android next theory was that it was diamonds.

This theory, believe it or not, is the most logical one. In 'Reservoir Dogs', the robbery centres around a consignment of diamonds that were stolen from a jewellery shop. In the early stages of writing the screenplay, Quentin Tarantino and Roger Avary had intended the briefcase to contain the diamonds from 'Reservoir Dogs', thus furthering another theory that all of Tarantino's films are set in the how to make custom iron on logos universe.

However, this idea was quickly dismissed as being "too predictable" and instead preferred to leave the answer open-ended. The other theory, which sort of relates to the diamonds theory, is that it's Elvis' gold suit from 'True Romance'.

The film features a scene where Christian Bridfcase character is visited by an apparition of Elvis, who wears a gold blazer. Again, that also ties it into the theory that all of Tarantino's films are connected together - even if 'True Romance' wasn't directed by him.

However, this doesn't hold much water as that mention of Elvis was in reference to a deleted scene where she and Vincent talked about the difference between The Beatles and Elvis. Another theory still is that the briefcase contains - get this - an Oscar.

This might be a little bit more tongue-in-cheek, but moive idea is that Marcellus Wallace stole the Oscar for his failed actress wife, Mia Wallace. Furthermore, the Oscar is for Quentin Tarantino's efforts.

This theory, we'd add, is a joke that circulated when the film was originally released and gathered a bit of steam in later years. Again, for what it's worth, all of these theories are essentially bunk.

There's supposed to be nothing in the briefcase except whatever we imagine, making it the perfect MacGuffin. Plus, is that what the film windows what is my mac address really about? A suitcase? Of course it isn't. It's about the interplay between the characters, the fantastic soundtrack, Quentin Tarantino's weird feet fixation, all of it.

The briefcase wasn't the focus of the film, but it's what drove the film on. Plus, isn't it better when we don't know? Seriously, what was in the briefcase in 'Pulp Fiction'? Brian Lloyd 2 years thd. The briefcase in 'Pulp Fiction' is, without doubt, one of the most well-known MacGuffins in film history. Recommended For You. The first 7 minutes of 'Mortal Kombat' drop online Movie News 19 hours ago.

"Is that what I think it is?"

Apr 10, Examples would be the rug in ' The Big Lebowski ', the Heart of the Ocean necklace in ' Titanic ' or - as we're now discussing - the briefcase Author: Brian Lloyd. Jul 11, In Pulp Fictions original screenplay, the briefcase contained diamonds. Run-of-the-mill diamonds. Just like in Reservoir Dogs. Jul 10, In a typically clear, well-researched essay, ScreenPrism lays out the various arguments. The big go-to takethat its Marcellus Wallaces soulgets a lot .

In celebration of Uma Thurman's 45th big day today, April 29, we're looking back at some of the most impressive fan theories "Pulp Fiction" fandom has to offer. Over the years, many details about Quentin Tarantino's cult favorite have been picked apart by enthralled fans, which have led to some pretty game-changing theories.

After reading a few of these, you won't be able to watch the movie the same way again. The briefcase is used as a MacGuffin, which is a plot device that moves the story forward, but ultimately has no explanation. Due to its lack of explanation, fans have theorized wildly on its contents, guessing theories such as it containing radioactive material due to the glowing or the diamonds from Tarantino's first film, "Reservoir Dogs.

Perhaps the most popular theory, however, is that the briefcase contains Marsellus Wallace's soul. Snopes has an example of this theory:. Remember the first time you were introduced to Marsellus Wallace. The first shot of him was of the back of his head, complete with band-aid. Then, remember the combination of the lock on the briefcase was Then, remember that whenever anyone opened the briefcase, it glowed, and they were in amazement at how beautiful it was; they were speechless.

Now, bring in some Bible knowledge, and remember that when the devil takes your soul, he takes it from the back of your head. Yep, you guessed it. What is the most beautiful thing about a person: his soul. Marsellus Wallace had sold his soul to the devil, and was trying to buy it back. The three kids in the beginning of the movie were the devil's helpers. And remember that when the kid at the end came out of the bathroom with a "hand cannon," Jules and Vincent were not harmed by the bullets.

It was divine intervention. In a interview with Playboy, Samuel L. Jackson explained how he asked Tarantino what was in the suitcase and got the reply, "Whatever you want it to be. The "pulp" in "Pulp Fiction" is "toilet paper. Every time Vincent Vega goes to the bathroom , something terrible happens. When Vega spends a long time psyching himself up at Mia Wallace's house, she overdoses on his heroin.

At the diner, if he hadn't been reading "Modesty Blaise" in the bathroom, he probably wouldn't have let Jules Winnfield talk calmly with the robbers. Once again, if he wasn't reading "Modesty Blaise" at Butch Coolidge's house, he would have been ready to kill the boxer on the run. It wasn't just that whenever he'd go to the bathroom, something bad would happen, Vega also took way longer than a normal person every time.

Starting to read a book in the middle of hanging out with Winnfield is sort of rude. Why did he cherish his bathroom time so much? On top of Vega's bathroom habits, other characters in the movie really could have benefitted from hurrying up a little. The assailant from Brett's apartment would have been in the room to begin with if he hadn't taken so long in the bathroom, which could have led to both his and Marvin's survival. Slightly more of a stretch as nothing changes at the diner due to her action, but Wallace, too, could have spent less time in the bathroom and not done cocaine, which led to an eventual overdose.

Jules Winnfield's Ezekiel monologue is a "misquote," but could actually be the real passage from how The Bible was written in Tarantino's universe. Before executing Brett in his apartment, Jules Winnfield says he's memorized a passage from Ezekiel and says:. The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of the darkness.

For he is truly his brother's keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know I am the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon you. This isn't how the Bible passage actually goes in real life in any translation as it's pulled from the intro of a Sonny Chiba movie called "The Bodyguard. But what if in Tarantino's universe, the Bible was actually more hyper-violent.

As Reddit user ProfessorStephenHawk points out , "If the Bible had been translated in this way, it would mean a world where more emphasis is placed on 'striking down' evil men. Even saying those who do so are blessed. That kind of change in text would have some consequences, ie. The ultra-violence in Tarantino movies would certainly make a lot more sense if Jesus was more of a Django-esque character in the Bible. The classic movie mistake of the bullet holes already being in the apartment wall before Vincent and Jules are shot at was actually intentional.

Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield are attempting to collect Marsellus Wallace's suitcase from Brett's apartment when a surprise assailant jumps out and tried to shoot them with a gun. All shots miss, Vega and Winnfield kill the assailant and Winnfield chalks it up to "divine intervention," saying, "We should be fucking dead" and "God came down from Heaven and stopped these motherfucking bullets.

In this scene, however, the bullet holes behind Vega and Winnfield that were seemingly caused by the assailant's missed shots are there before he even jumps out. Most people think of this as a huge set design mistake and it is one of the classic big ones. But what if it wasn't a mistake? The theory is that the assailant, unbeknownst to him, was attempting to kill them with a fake gun which is "why the revolver on the gun doesn't rotate when it shoots.

The movie already purposely establishes Winnfield's and certainly Vega's doubt about why God would intervene in such a situation and perhaps Tarantino was purposely adding more confusion.

As mentioned above, Winnfield's famous Ezekiel memorized passage isn't even actually from the Bible. That said, the bullet holes do not appear in the wall for the first part of the apartment situation. Wallace describes the other girls in the force, "There was a blonde one The Japanese fox was a kung fu master. The black girl was a demolition expert. These correlate pretty well to another Quentin Tarantino movie Interpret this as you will, but Tarantino has said that "Kill Bill" exists in a "movie movie universe.

This is not the only connection "Pulp Fiction" has to other Tarantino movies. Tarantino also uses a fictional brand of cigarettes called "Red Apple" which appears in "Pulp Fiction along with many of his other movies. US Edition U. Coronavirus News U. Politics Joe Biden Congress Extremism. Special Projects Highline. HuffPost Personal Video Horoscopes. Terms Privacy Policy. Part of HuffPost Entertainment. All rights reserved. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you.

Oh my, it's Mia Wallace's birthday. The briefcase contains Marsellus Wallace's soul. Snopes has an example of this theory: Remember the first time you were introduced to Marsellus Wallace. Just like "Modesty Blaise," perhaps this movie is bathroom fiction. Before executing Brett in his apartment, Jules Winnfield says he's memorized a passage from Ezekiel and says: The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men.

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