When you smoke weed what happens to your eyes

By Doukazahn | 09.07.2020

when you smoke weed what happens to your eyes

An Expert Explains What Happens To Your Body When You Smoke Weed

Marijuana has a few key effects on the eyes. One of the most noticeable occurs shortly after smoking the drug: redness of eyes. THC in marijuana lowers blood pressure which dilates the blood vessels and increases blood flow throughout the body. This causes the blood vessels in the eye to expand causing redness or bloodshot eyes. Similar to smoking cannabis, ingesting edibles could also make your eyes turn red. Again, this depends on the amount of THC consumed. Remember, it's not the smoke itself that makes your eyes red, but rather the ability that cannabinoids have to lower blood pressure, causing blood vessels and capillaries to Estimated Reading Time: 5 mins.

Tuesday January 7, Of course, you already know the basics of how to cover up a quick toke. You can hide the smell by smoking outside, minting up your breath, changing your clothes, or using a dry herb vape. While some smokers never have to deal with red eyes, they are a lucky few. They probably never get cottonmouth either. Others deal with red eye haappens first few times smoking weed and then never again.

Whether or not you get red eye has a lot to do with your genetics, the strain being smoked, and other factors. For example, the more often you indulge, the less prominent the red eye will happend.

Much like time perceptionyour body seems to get used to it and adjust the more you do it. One of the effects wben THC, the cannabinoid molecule doing most sjoke the heavy lifting in marijuana, is that it can lower blood pressure. Unfortunately, where this effect is most noticeable is in the windows to the soul, your eyes. On the plus side, this is exactly why cannabis has been used as weev medicine to treat glaucoma for years. By lowering intraocular pressure in the eye, it alleviates impaired vision by increasing the flow of nutrients into the ocular nerves.

Red eye whwn smoking cannabis will go away on its own after a couple of hours. This is of course, the standard red eye relief. Whether the owners how far is the lock bridge from the eiffel tower eye drop brands like Visine know it or not, stoners have helped to put their kids and grandkids through college since the s.

They know. Just one or two drops and your Incredible Hulk-sized blood vessels will shrink back down to Bruce Banner proportions in no time. Only use the recommended amount, though. Sometimes red eye can be caused by dehydration from other issues, such as drinking too much caffeine or not staying hydrated on emoke hot day. A glass or two of yok may help clear your whites out a little. Like some other body parts, blood vessels shrink down when they get cold. This should hide the red and also wake you up a yappens.

When you no longer look like you stared into a wind tunnel, take off the dyes and go on with your day. If red eyes are a regular issue, then the solution might be to decrease the amount of THC that you are consuming when you smoke up. Since THC is the main culprit, avoiding it should fix the problem. There are still plenty of cannabinoids and terpenes that combine through the entourage effect into a fantastic experience. You can either lie about having just watched a particularly weeed episode of This Is Us, or you can throw on some shades and be the coolest person in the room, or at least the most mysterious.

Red eye is not a huge deal and something that can be easily taken care of with a little planning ahead or a little triage in the moment. And like dry mouth, a little preparation can go a long way towards enjoying your high and the rest yo your day.

Do you have any tips for avoiding red eyes after consuming cannabis? Share your thoughts and experiences with other readers in the comments below. As the pressure lowers in your inner eyeball, the small capillaries and blood vessels running through the whites of your eyes have more room to stretch out — thus, they become much more visible. Carrying eye drops with you is always a good idea. Even a splash of cold water from the sink could help reduce red eyes. A nice pair of shades can block people from seeing your red eyes.

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Your best choice is eye drops that contain the active ingredient Tetryzoline, which is great for reducing the blood flow to the eyes, causing vasoconstriction. If you smoke weed regularly, you’ll definitely need to have these eye drops near you. Other vasoconstrictors are, believe it . Why does this even happen? Crazily enough, weed eyes have little to do with the act of smoking, even if that’s what we usually associate them with. This physical reaction occurs when your blood pressure drops and your heart rate increases, which is all due to the THC in your system. When your blood pressure drops, your blood vessels and capillaries dilate, including the ones in your eyes. This dilation increases blood flow, turning your eyes red Estimated Reading Time: 1 min. Weed causes blood vessels across your body to dilate, creating a drop in blood pressure. This is most apparent in your eyes; as your blood vessels expand, they appear red, and your pupils may Estimated Reading Time: 6 mins.

Sure, smoking weed is great, but it makes your eyes red and no one likes that. This common side effect is all too familiar to everyone in the community, casual and medical marijuana users alike, and managing to avoid it or lessen its appearance is always very satisfactory. Instead, the main antagonist here is THC. When THC comes into contact with the endocannabinoid receptors in your body, it causes the blood pressure to temporarily increase, and with that, your heart rate increases as well.

This is when you feel the initial rush of endorphins after you first inhale. However, after a short while, your heart rate begins to gradually go down, back to normal. After no more than 15 minutes, as your blood pressure decreases, your blood vessels start to dilate.

This causes an increased blood flow through your whole body, including your eye area. Most people do get bloodshot eyes when smoking cannabis. However, the severity of it will vary from person to person due to many different factors. First, long-term users of marijuana will probably be more immune to getting red eyes because their body is more used to THC and its effects, unlike casual users or newbies, who will definitely be redder in the eye area after smoking. Some people may be more naturally prone to getting red eyes, not just from the THC in weed, but also from various things, like allergies, pollution, catching a cold, having a migraine, and various other things that can cause this reaction.

The cannabis plant has hundreds of different strains, each with its own combination of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonols in varying concentrations that interact together synergically. So, some strains will probably be more likely to make your eyes look like red roses. There is no way you can know for sure in advance unless you try and see it for yourself.

Glaucoma refers to a group of eye disorders where the nerve at the back of the eye called the optic nerve is damaged, which can lead to complete loss of vision over time. Glaucoma patients usually have an increased pressure in their eyes called intraocular pressure, the pressure-reducing effect of THC is quite relieving.

Therefore, not everyone dreads getting red eyes, as for some it means relief. Smoking marijuana may come with a lot of perks, but most everyone would agree that getting red eyes is not one of them.

However, there may be some little ways you can help yourself to prevent them next time or at least reduce the redness. Your best choice is eye drops that contain the active ingredient Tetryzoline, which is great for reducing the blood flow to the eyes, causing vasoconstriction.

Other vasoconstrictors are, believe it or not, dark chocolate, cola, or coffee. All of these three contain caffeine in some form or another, and caffeine is known for being able to shrink the blood vessels by increasing blood pressure. Cold temperature is the most natural vasoconstrictor. Simply, splash your face with cold water a few times after marijuana use, as cold as you can bear, or you can even take a cold shower if you really need to get rid of the redness more efficiently.

Alternatively, you can wrap some ice cubes in a towel and put them over your eyes for about 15 seconds at a time. It may not reduce the redness completely, but it will make a big difference.

If you have time, just wait it out. In most cases, bloodshot eyes start to subside after about 3 hours, so you can give it some time, splash some water, and then move on with your day as usual. Getting red eyes is a very common side effect of cannabis use. The reason behind it is the effect of THC on heart rate and blood pressure, which causes the blood vessels to dilate.

This is most noticeable in the eyes as they are a delicate area. However, glaucoma patients get some benefit from it as it offers some eye pressure relief. You can alleviate this effect by using eye drops or drinking a caffeinated drink, as well as using a cold compress. If you want to avoid getting bloodshot eyes, you can also choose to smoke a low THC strain, or smoke on days when your schedule is clear.

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Skip to content. Fraser Horton. Last Updated on December 9, Will Everyone Get Red Eyes? The Colder the Better Cold temperature is the most natural vasoconstrictor. Alternatively, Wait it Out If you have time, just wait it out.

Conclusion Getting red eyes is a very common side effect of cannabis use. Disclaimer The information presented on this page is provided as a public service to aid in education and is derived from sources believed to be reliable.

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